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By jona bryndis, Dec 12 2019 03:00AM

We all seek answers to help us finding direction in life, higher purpose, fulfillment or simply hands-on guidance with decision making. Many of us already understand that this higher guidance can only come from within ourselves. We read, meditate, and constantly work on improving our Inner Vision. Some even go as far as participating in vision quests or trying to expand their perceptivity through astral traveling or plant medicines - but to no avail. We may have cool (or not so cool) experiences, but the search seems to never end...the answers we are looking for are not coming - and if they do, they are often confusing or misleading. How can we hack this never-ending cycle of seeking for guidance?

From an energetic point of view, the missing link is our inner heart connection. The only guidance that can help us to discern if incoming info is true and conducive for us is through our heart-field. Therefore, it is not the absence of info, but our inability to connect and discern that is holding us back.

So, what are we missing? Why is it so challenging to connect with our inner guidance? We can feel it's there, but somehow we still can't make any sense of it!

By jona bryndis, Jan 9 2017 12:00AM

During the one of our recent online Sacred Self-Healing Meetings Jeff and I were asked about our thoughts on how Marijuana affects a person's energy field?


From our perspective the energetic effects on our energy system through long term use of THC (the active ingredient in Marijuana and related products) tends to rip etheric holes into a person's energy field, which can drastically decrease a person’s etheric immune system, create paranoia, overall impairment of neuro-plasticity and other mental/emotional imbalances; we therefore do not recommend its use, especially not for energetically sensitives and empaths.

An energetically sensitive person already has to deal with the heightened load of feeling/seeing other people's and collective energies - THC adds stress to our energy system. We understand the attraction, as it can feel like a reprive in the moment, but the openend channels can lead to extreme overload of energetic perceptions and uncontrollable attachments to inner hell-worlds.

In our experience as energy healers with the emphasis on helping energetically sensitives and empaths these negative effects on a person’s etheric energy field can be cleared and healed over time, but it can take quite a bit of effort to do so.

By jona bryndis, Apr 22 2015 04:00PM

"A Medicine Hunter's Hallucinatory Healing" Chris Kilham - Ayahuasca Monologues 2012

shared by www.wakingtimes.com

This is a very cool sharing of the inner healing process facilitated through Ayahuasca, a popular South-American plant medicine. But when listening to this testimony, remember that this process can also happen without the wisdom of plant medicines! What it can do for us is the instant removal of layers of negativity and protection around our heart; however, this is only the beginning of our inner healing journey! Plant medicines can deliver the reference feeling for how it 'could' be, if we became an active participant of our inner Self-Healing journey!

While the use of plant medicines in the right ceremonial setting can be very helpful for some, know that you don't have to travel or be part of some special group - if you want to get past your false ego perceptions clouding your mind and heart you can start this journey right now - right here - by shifting your attention away from the rawraw of keeping up your false self to what truly matters in your life - your heart and your true self feelings.




ps. For guidance on your Sacred Self-Healing Journey check out transCODES Sacred Self-Healing Course

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