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By jona bryndis, Feb 5 2018 09:41AM

Reconnect, Relate, Reignite, Heal and Become Real - TOGETHER!

Our relationship provides a unique opportunity for spiritual, emotional and mental growth and even healing. But sometimes there is a point in our journey when we are not sure if our relationship is compatible with our insights, needs and visions. We've changed. We've developed a new understanding of connectedness, love and intimacy, but we don't know how to express this in a loving and compassionate way; we don't know how to integrate our newly developed our individual awareness into our marriage and how to apply new ways to our relationship life. When we arrive at this point we are often confronted with seemingly overwhelming impasses...

How can we open up our relationship so it's not lagging behind - so we can grow together?

How can we learn to become a better relationship partner and maintain our individual integrity?

How do we address our higher goals with our partner?

How can we reconnect on a deeper level and develop a more fulfilling intimacy together?

How to realign to our True Love?

How can we add joy and playfulness while learning how to communicate our most intimate aspects of our personal journey?

How can we initiate a new beginning as two liberated True Selves rather than two conflicting Ego-Selves?

By elecia, Dec 3 2017 08:40PM

transCODES Live!

Energy Report & Video Update With Energy Tips for

24th - 30th November 2017

WEEK 48 - All Places Are Here, All Times Are Now

- Reset Ahead!

24th-30th November 2017 Energy Update (Week 48) - All Times Are Here with jona bryndis

Weekly Energy Report for Empaths, Awakening and Highly Sensitive People

Week 48

24th-30th November 2017













By jona bryndis, Feb 15 2017 08:34PM

Energy Update 15th February 2017

Hi There, 

Due to current collective energies many of us are going through a deeper grieving, letting go or heart-pain process right now. Part of this is the direct confrontation with the truth of our inner patterns and beginning ability to pierce through our projections. Often, this initiates a disillusionment or deep sadness at first - we doubt ourselves, our love and worst of all our ability to love. Know that you are not alone in this right now, and that collective energies are triggering this correction process!

By jona bryndis, Feb 12 2017 05:56AM

Energy Update 11th –17th February 2017

Did you sleep through last week? No worries, you didn't miss anything of importance! Increasing energetic downloads made it very difficult to stay focused - and for anyone with energetic sensitivity this meant feeling really tired and DENSE. We are all in the process of adjusting to the FASTER VIBRATORY FREQUENCIES of energetic embodiment, which has never been as challenging as today. This is one of the reasons why it's so important to take care of our physical bodies right now! The other is that we will be dealing with so many changes, that we may as well become PROACTIVE and take our physical well-being into our own hands.

If we want to get through 2017 without major dramas we need to work on allowing our physical to become able to deal with and hold higher vibrational states!

Last week, I was looking through my energy reports of the past couple of years and realized how much incoming collective waves have been accelerating since 2012. Besides the regular ups and downs through lunar and eclipse cycles, the influx of higher dimensional energy bands seems to have sped up to a degree that can be frustrating, if we resist it.

By jona bryndis, Aug 17 2016 07:24PM

by Jeff Casper

on our upcoming GRACE True Love Intensive

One of the most simple things that we can do to aid us in our spiritual journeys is to demonstrate a basic kindness to all life.

This kindness leads to compassion, which in turn, leads to love. A love that is not bound or tied to anything as it is an energetic state and not an emotional feeling or mental concept. As this state or energetic level of love begins to permeate our system, we begin to work upon the conditions that limit the love we can feel and express as at some point the pull to do this will become quite strong.

We will see how although we can maybe feel or experience love, we still have quite a few items that will pull us out of this state.

By jona bryndis, Aug 17 2016 07:14PM

Relationships can be based on True Love or Ego; on higher or lower consciousness; on freedom or karma; on intimacy or desire or on purpose or pragmatism...there is no judgment in either of these premises – it’s simply what we choose and realistically they often have a little bit of everything. However, if we are thinking, dreaming or hoping to find our True Love, ‘Soul Mate’ or Twin Soul, or if we believe that we found our ‘perfect’ relationship, we may be in for an ego surprise ….

Perfect relationships don’t really exist. Sorry to say this directly, but to think in this way shows our ego’s need for specialness and security. What we want to see as ‘perfect’ often has very little to do with True Love! Our desire for finality or ‘foreverness’ is nothing but a collective unconscious feed towards our ego’s illusionary sense of security. Therefore, in order to open ourselves up for a happy and lasting relationship, the first programming we need to transcend is ‘Forever’.

We begin with the understanding that our preprogrammed idea of a perfect relationship as ‘made in heaven’, ‘eternal’ ‘forever lasting’ and ‘the one and only’ is nothing but a incessantly promoted idealization prepping us for a multi-Billion-Dollar Wedding industry. The truth behind romanticized songs and movies is to play on our unresolved Inner Child cravings and attachments issues. To see this, you need to realize how the hammering collective programming triggers an illusion of emptiness and disconnect in you if you are not in a perfect relationship, only to exacerbate your inner conflict between wanting True Love and fears of intimacy.

How many people do you know that settled for a relationship, just to have one? Have you ever projected your relationship as special or perfect, while knowing that deep down that it already has an expatriation date?

By jona bryndis, Nov 12 2015 08:00AM

While there has been another collective energy wave of fear and separateness sweeping through our unconsciousness the past couple of weeks, it is particularly important to invite True Love and Self-Love into our lives. If we want to utilize the shift in collective awareness, now is the time to work on our inner fears and loniless that are holding us back from truly loving!

By jona bryndis, Oct 9 2015 10:32PM

Intimacy is simply being able to be true to your feelings regardless of the situation – to stay open and willing to share concerns and talk about fears without defense or attack.

Being intimate means being willing to choose to stay connected over shutting down even if it's difficult.

Nothing allows us to grow more than intimate connections - with ourselves or others. Intimately connecting deep within strengthens our own sense of self and thus takes away the fear of being vulnerable. The art of Truly Connecting shows in our willingness to be vulnerable while being open. No matter what our mind is telling us, allowing intimacy helps us to honestly see ourselves through the eyes of another. It gives us the opportunity to grow and mature, and for our deepest fears to be healed.

By jona bryndis, Jul 4 2015 12:02PM

Summer of Love, right?

As if the intensity of incoming energies through the Summer Solstice were not enough, know that the plateau of energetic ups and downs of this summer is not reached yet. Although the misunderstandings, impatience and inertia to move forward in the past three months is finally over with (phew!), we are still asked stay alert. Liberating our heart from collective manipulation and control patterns is not an event – it’s a process!

Probably the single most important trait for coping with the increase in vibrational collective and planetary frequencies in July is to fully be in moment – to be present and to be open! This increases your chances for clarity about what you truly need and prepares you to deal with any limitation no matter what the challenge is!

Most of us energetically sensitives will continue to feel a bit restless for a bit, and while this will most likely going to continue until September, at last we are in for a little reward this month. Our inner work on balancing our inner masculine/feminine energies and integrating the Solar Principle with its demand for a liberated Feminine next to a shining Masculine in the past three weeks is now allowing for a window of opportunity to catapult our journey and relationships to the next level has been building over the past three weeks.

The overall energies for July are indicating a great potential for an increase in our capacity for love and with it a wonderful momentum for opening our heart. Those of us who have been consciously working on the inner liberation of masculine and feminine energies may well remember the next three weeks as the ‘Summer of Love’. If we are not in a relationship this is the time to gear up for meeting someone resonating very deeply with us in the near future.

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