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By jona bryndis, Apr 15 2017 07:00AM

Weekly Energy Digest Week 16 & 17 - Energy Update 15th-25th April 2017

What can I say? The past two weeks went by as expected...so, I sat out the last report not wanting to waste your time with sounding like a broken record. Shadow stuff and Inner Child got us well last week - inner conflicts were reigning our life making many of us feel like GETTING STUCK IN INNER DARKNESS. It felt like nothing resolved but just repeated; in addition, most of us dealt with HEAVY PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS, such as continual tiredness, dizziness, nausea, shoulder and stomach issues - with some of us even getting temporarily locked up with disc issues and lower back/hip pain.

So far, the month of April has definitely been up there on the list of rough times... The tiredness and/or insomnia is seriously wearing us down and so, it's no surprise that e all feel a bit run down through STAGNATION. However, while these times in which collective energy bands force us to do an internal reality check suck, they also provide a great opportunity for healing - that is from an energy work perspective. As we are finally getting sick of ourselves, our tiredness allows us to pierce the veil of EGO ILLUSIONS and brings us into the position of recognizing that "if we don't change anything, nothing is going to change."

By jona bryndis, Apr 14 2017 12:22PM

Last week we had a lively demonstration of what it feels like to be in resistance from within. While it was pretty obvious to energetically sensitive people that energies had been building and that there was going to be some kind of obstacle ahead, it it could still hit us really hard,. This made HOLDING OUR OWN SPACE almost impossible last week.

By jona bryndis, Apr 4 2017 11:08AM

In general, collective energetic cycles we've been observing since last November are continuing:  correcting - integrating - self-reflecting - correcting... There really hasn't been a lot of time to cool down and implement in between those wave-like correction phases, so most of us energetically sensitives, empaths and consciousness seekers find themselves like turning in circles. This particular coming week will feel like being BACK AT SQUARE ONE. This makes it a bit tough for me to write this report - I feel like a broken record...

I guess we will all have to ACCEPT that this entire year will feel like a Mary-Go-Round.

By jona bryndis, Mar 25 2017 04:41PM

In a recent discussion in our forum comunity her at transCODES the question was raised of how Addiction and Recovery tie in with Ego, Inner Child, Karma & Trauma? In this following personal reflection of this subject, I am going to share some of my personal background with you and explain how this connection became clear to me.

In context with Recovery, Inner Child and Karma aspects are very important topics. As you all know, we don’t just regard substance abuse or obvious addictive behaviors as subject to Recovery – from an energetic standpoint, shadow, ego, co-dependency and co-addiction resemble addictive behaviors just as much as a full blown drug addiction and therefore always need to be a part of self-healing. The reason why Ego, Inner Separation, Inner Child and Shadow cannot be left out of our journey of recovery, is because they are karmically tied to our energetic expression, as they can for example increase or decrease our propensity to addictive coping bechaviors in all areas of our life!

By jona bryndis, Mar 4 2017 06:05AM

Weekly Energy Digest W 8/9/10Energy Update 18th February - 10th March 2017


These past 2 weeks brought up a lot of inner and outer TURMOIL - you don't need me to tell you this: Nothing seems to be working anymore; old emotions and fears are kicking and screaming; old patterns are back and all our good intentions went out the window -  just for us to see the futility of our rigid old ways.

Many of us experienced some kind of loss or a big LETTING GO these past weeks. It's like as if an old cycle wants to come to an end. And so, here we are - our triggers were pushed and once more we feel like running in cycles.

While this letting go pain activated our raw LIFE FORCE to spike up again, it also brought some of our SHADOW ASPECTS back to life. This required and continues to require us to be the OBSERVER  and CONTEXTUALIZE our inner energetic reactions, rather than judging them. This was and still is tough for many … and even if we were able to see exactly what was going on, it could still trigger LONLINESS and SELF-DOUBT.


By jona bryndis, Feb 23 2017 10:58PM

As we work to connect within and heal, at some point along the way, we will face various aspects of our ego that are linked to our understanding and expression of sexual energies and sexuality.

Sexual energies are normal and part of everyone’s life. The drive within these energies is normal and primal in nature, linked on a very basal level to our sensations of pleasure and a need to prolong our species.

The actual act of sex itself is an energetic expression of human life force, nothing more. But, that expression can be expansive or contractive, healthy or unhealthy, and typically, we have had a bit of all of these in our lives.

By jona bryndis, Jan 5 2017 09:39AM

The willingness to face and interact with our limitations, fears and blocks is a very important part of the journey, especially early on as it is through facing our coping/defense mechanisms that we being to learn what is in the way for us to connect as well as understanding more and more who we truly are. This ability to be courageous and say please come forward to anything that limits or restricts our inner connection or lives in general is a valued stance to a spiritual seeker as it is through being courageous that we being to move towards neutrality, acceptance and eventually truly letting go through the power of our heart.

As in the heart, we are not resisting or fighting our restrictions but more so embracing them and through surrender allowing the energy here help us to understand what limits us as well as reframe it in a different light. With time, our resistances become a great strength and are the doorway to a reality not twisted by judgment as in embracing all that we are or all that is within us, we agree to align more and more to truth, which slowly allows us to release what is not true to us anymore.

By jona bryndis, Nov 8 2016 05:00PM

Global Awakening is not a concept. It's not about wishfull thinking either! For energetically sensitive persons this is been going on for a long time, and often with extremely challenging practical side-effects - sometimes even physical. The nature of this global 'Awakening' process is a revolutionary shift in our consciousness - spreading like virus and overcoming generational as well geographical limitations. What I am referring to is the subtle shift in our energetic receptivity and the awareness, that we are somehow all connected.

However, with this evolution of consciousness also comes with a dramatic shift in perception, albeit often only sensed by the forerunners of our collective movement (empaths and other neurodivergent persons).

It forces us to see truth. At first, it comes the feeling of being crushed in a wave of doubt, anxiety and anger not knowing who we truly are and what we stand for. If we can get through this shift without succumbing to the emotionality of our inner fear, we will begin to feel the strength of our True Self emerging. This is the purpose of Global Awakening – to wake up to a new reality. A reality void of the illusions of our ego perception.

By jona bryndis, Oct 22 2016 12:00PM

by Jona Bryndis & Jeff Casper

Recently, you may have noticed that there is a strong influx of inner darkness resurfacing - within and around us. Some of your old shadow traits or deeper aspects of your defensive structure and coping behaviors are creeping back into your life even though you have been really working to integrate, heal and let go.

This does not necessarily mean that you are regressing or going backwards, but more so it is a sign that you are reaching the deeper into the layers of your ego that limit you. While this is a necessary part of our spiritual and consciousness journey, it also brings up a serious challenge to stay centered and aligned to our heart and letting go of the past.

To consciously navigate through and heal darkness we need to do is shine our light where there is none. Without reconnecting with our inner light, activating our own heart-space and connecting with our True Self, we it is difficult to deal with our inner dark aspects.

The fastest way to deal with inner darkness is to directly face it – to allow it to come forward and slowly agreeing to own it. This is not always easy. For many of us allowing Inner Darkness and Shadow aspects to come forward is a scary thought, often influenced and oppressed by religious or societal programming. Most importantly, to navigate through the 'dark night of our soul' we need to be willing to let our beliefs and judgments go, so that thoughts such as ‘I am a bad person’ can be reframed with healthier inner statements.

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