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By jona bryndis, Jul 24 2018 03:59AM

Waking up to our inner worlds often means discovering and dealing with forgotten, repressed unloved or hidden inner aspects of our personality – in self-healing we call this Shadow Work. For most of us it can come with another uncomfortable revelation – the discovery of our sexual shadow aspects.

Becoming aware of sexual shadow traits in oneself is a natural part of our self-transformation and ascension process and is should not to be judged or condemned - nor excluded. The fact that we are becoming more aware of our shadow traits doesn’t mean that we are ‘bad’ or that we have been bad in the past; it simply means that we have a higher consciousness level now and, that we can live a more aware and responsible life from here on.

What we weren’t aware of in the past is past – it's part of our learning curve and all this means id\s witnessing our naiveté in the past - but what we have become aware of in the present is now a part of our consciousness and therefore needs to be dealt with.

By jona bryndis, Jul 24 2018 03:41AM

Since the publication of the short announcement of our upcoming Healing Circle Workshop ' Energetic Aspects of of Sexuality" and a previous article “Dealing with Sexual Shadow” many emails and forum posts have reached me, asking questions about Sexual Shadow and Sexuality in context with Spirituality. Here a few examples (abbreviated):

“What does my sexuality have to do with my spiritual journey?”

“I am in a happy relationship with one partner for more than 25 years. How does sexual shadow apply to me?”

“I haven’t had sex for many years, why do you suggest to work with my sexual shadow?”

“I love my sexuality and don’t feel there is anything wrong with expressing myself through sex. Why do you call this ‘part of inner darkness’?”

“ I am a devout Christian and believe in sex for married couples only. I am not married. Do I need to work on my sexual shadow?”

“Do I need to feel bad about masturbation?”

“Is homosexuality part of Sexual Shadow?”

“I have been sexually abused when I was younger. As a result I never found pleasure in having sex and have been trying to avoid it. What can I do to work on this block? How can shadow-work help me?”

“ I have sexual dreams. Is this a sign of an energetic attachment or simply my sexual shadow?”

“I keep having sexual thoughts about other people. Does this mean I am sexually projecting or projected at?”

“I have sexual feelings during mediation. It this a sign of sexual shadow?”

“How does watching pornography affect my spiritual journey?”

By elecia, Jul 28 2017 10:00AM

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By jona bryndis, Feb 23 2017 10:58PM

As we work to connect within and heal, at some point along the way, we will face various aspects of our ego that are linked to our understanding and expression of sexual energies and sexuality.

Sexual energies are normal and part of everyone’s life. The drive within these energies is normal and primal in nature, linked on a very basal level to our sensations of pleasure and a need to prolong our species.

The actual act of sex itself is an energetic expression of human life force, nothing more. But, that expression can be expansive or contractive, healthy or unhealthy, and typically, we have had a bit of all of these in our lives.

By jona bryndis, Jul 12 2016 09:00PM

Whenever we feel attacked we often think of great conspiracies or evil forces, but the truth of the matter is that most energetic battles are fought without us noticing or unconsciously attracting it. One of the most common but least questioned etheric attacks we experience in our daily lives is through sexual projection and fantasizing.

Sexual projection and fantasizing is a very common form of energetic infringement, be it through media, other people or from within ourselves. It represents one of the most damaging energetic conflicts and contributor to inner fragmentation and promotes susceptibility for other external or internal imbalances.

Whether we are aware of them or not; no matter how much training in energy work a person has, survival and sexual energy will affect every person’s energy field! Just like an immediate threat to our life, hunger or tiredness, the energetic frequency of sexual energies resonates with our desire and pleasure centers thus their presence will automatically induce amounts of neurotransmitters and trigger physical and often also mental and emotional responses.

From an objective point of view, there is nothing wrong with the existence of sexual energies, fear of survival or pleasure of eating. They are integral part of our life force and all needed. On a subjective level however, wanted or unwanted sexual energies can trigger unresolved or fragmented inner aspects and leave us open to be controlled through lower energies coming from our Shadow or Inner Child: Guilt, Shame, Addiction, Power, Degradation, Emotional Manipulation, Co-Dependency, Narcissism, etc.

By jona bryndis, Aug 23 2015 01:37AM


One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is: “What does it mean to have sexual energetic and Out-Of-Body experiences?”

In general, sexual encounters in a dream state or during mediation often indicate unresolved or imbalanced lower chakra aspects in our 1st , 2nd and 3rd Chakra. In advanced stages of energy work it can also mean the release of such imbalances and indicate that a free flow of Kundalini energy is in place. While it is pretty common to have sexual fantasies and occasional releases of our pent up sexual energies while dreaming, the energetic view differs a bit. But before I go into the deeper aspects and concerns about sexual energy encounters, I would like to add that the most important aspect about these kind of dreams/visions is our inner emotional/mental attitude towards what we experience and how it makes us feel. So, my first response to this question during an energy coaching session is always: “What are the inner feelings you’re having while you are facing your sexual energies in dreams or visions?”

Many of us have unconscious energetic blocks that prevent our energy from following through with our sexual fantasies, be it in dreams or daily life. Typically, this is an energetic protection mechanism we put in place, as the acting upon our fantasies may unconsciously collide with our deeper feelings, opinions and commitments in regards to sex and marriage, etc. On the other hand, it can also mean that we are repressing our sexuality, be it due to the lack of a partner, trauma or reluctance to be intimate. Therefore our inner alignment towards sex, our physicality and sexuality play a major role in evaluating the true deeper meaning of such inner experiences.

I do not share the general view that sexual experiences during meditation are harmless or even something to be sought after. From an energetic viewpoint sexual encounters of the etheric kind can be just as dangerous as in real life, especially if we are not fully aware of our own inner energies yet. In fact, due to our fixation on physical sex most of us underestimate these dangers and think that just because there was no physical contact, nothing could happen...

Unfortunately, this is far from true. But without waving the moral finger, the reason why this is the case is because of the underlying unhealed lower Chakra issues as mentioned above. As these are often rooted in our lower vibratory regions such as survival, lust and power they can form etheric docking stations for very negative or dark energies.

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