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By jona bryndis, Jan 21 2017 08:13AM

Energy Update 21st –27th January 2017

This past week felt like being in the middle of a giant pressure cooker that is floating in space and time - frozen and directionless - waiting for a green signal allowing us to move forward. In last week's energy update I talked about how our navigation system is being jammed - and how it can make us doubt ourselves or lead to EMOTIONAL CONFUSION.  We feel like there is no space for our true needs and since everybody is hovering in this nowhere-land of emotional numbness and neediness, we feel alone and unsupported.

As far as I can tell, this is still going on. Many of us feel really disconnected right now. Common energetic symptoms are pressure on our Crown and Solar-Plexus Chakra  - it can lead to head aches, neuralgia and eczema flare ups, but also nausea and stomach issues.

Neurologically, the current energy band creates the illusion of an inner state of emergency. But because there is no visible trigger or relief, we don't know what do - fight or flight? - and so we freeze... 

By jona bryndis, Jan 20 2017 06:23AM

What a strange start into the New Year!

But come to think of it it's not surprising at all. We left 2016 with lots of unresolved issues and clear feeling that there is radical change ahead of us. So, this is what it feels like when ignored or procrastinated inner and outer conflicts backfire - no wonder!

As energetically sensitive persons our energy system is already dealing with the energetic residue of the topics that will have to be addressed this year – which, naturally makes many of us not all that excited about the New Year yet.

From a precognitive standpoint this year is really interesting. There are several possible timelines, all reaching far beyond this year. So, quite frankly the true nature of the challenge ahead of us will not be about the events themselves, but more so our choices and our ability to see beyond the immediate consequences each choice. Which timeline will come to play for the next 7 years and longer will very much depend on our consciousness level.

By jona bryndis, Jan 13 2017 04:00AM

The clearing, integrating and healing process of our ego, karma and trauma load is called Consciousness Work. While this sounds exhausting and complicated just by the word of it and what it all entails, most of us who are interested in the deeper aspects of our spiritual journey soon develop an embracing attitude towards our more hidden stuff. Therefore, whenever we talk about Karma Work we are talking about it the context of the greater picture we see our journey in.

Consciousness Work means ‘taking action’ through 'non-action'; through allowing our inner connection and inner perceptions to show us the way. Our consciousness has the power to not only change our vibrational energy, but also our hidden patterns, and unconscious manifestation blocks, and even our DNA - we just need to learn how to reclaim this inner ability.

Active Karma Work is closely related to Shadow and Trauma Work – we call it jokingly "The Drama of the Trauma of Karma." Through the consciousness expanding nature of our Self-Healing Journey we very quickly get to realizing that Karma is the result of our unprocessed shadows, inner child wounds and traumas - or vice versa? - this is something we get explore in Karma Work. However, the bottom line is that they are closely linked to another and that they bascially show us the interplay and energetic dynamics between our ego and higher consciousness.

Changing our Karma mainly happens through understanding and developing compassion for the purpose and nature of our karma. You will find that they are mostly about shifting our self-perception and reframing our life’s experiences, and that this is not necessarily in our ego’s interest....

Let's explore together how our Karma and Karmic Aspects can be transcended in 4 simple steps!

By jona bryndis, Aug 3 2016 04:59PM

The coming month is going to be busy!

The characteristics of this current energetic occurrence is a deep KARMIC CLEARING as we have already been feeling coming forward. (Read more about Karmic Attachments here)

Purpose of this particular time period is learning how to decouple from a collective wave of conflict, violence and destruction, so that we can continue in our inner healing process undisturbed. However, this can't happen through neglecting or denying what's going on - it can only happen if pay attention through our hearts and respond with immediately releasing our inner negativity!

For most of us the intensity level of this ongoing correction phase in this month will trigger UNRESOLVED INNER CHILD and TRAUMA WOUNDS in us (if it hasn't already) and the need to break free from outer and self-imposed restrictions.

By jona bryndis, Jul 30 2016 04:00AM

One of the most common and strongest energetic ties leading to inner fragmentation and energetic blockage we have to face on our journey is the energy bind to our upbringing and how it influenced our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual development as well as our manifestation ability. They determine large parts of our predisposition and often play a key role in Shadow-Work. Without resolving or at least acknowledging our Inner Child and Karmic Family aspects it can be very difficult to overcome our core programs and patterns in life.

By reconnecting to our inner child aspect(s) we can begin to have a dialogue with the hidden parts of ourselves to learn what it is we need to grow, heal and change in our lives. The Inner Child is not something to fear or be ignored. It is an integral part of us coming forward to teach us what we need to become more congruent, be more whole, and to have a deeper connection to our lives, our own divine nature, and ourselves.

By jona bryndis, Jan 14 2016 11:25AM

Each and everyone of us has a shadow.

Facing one’s Shadow involves the conscious process of acknowledging, accepting, letting go and healing one’s very own hidden aspects as they arise. In Shadow-Work we approach these often hidden aspect(s) from a heart level with the understanding and compassion that our shadows or shunned pieces are still a part of us. As soon as we accomplish this, we can have compassion and eventually understanding for the behaviors, negativity, and typically pain that goes with the shadow. Our self-healing can begin!

By jona bryndis, Jul 20 2015 10:22AM

Energy Forecast 3. Quarter 2015

Dealing with Energetic Sensitivity & The Discernment Thereof

Could you feel the shift around the transition from June to July? Have you noticed how people have been acting edgy and somewhat persistent to get a reaction out of you? Do you have financial issues, family or relationship problems that seem to keep lingering under the surface lately? Not to insist on the current energetic intensities around us, but if you have been busy warding off energetic attacks, deflecting a family crisis or trying your best to stay calm in the midst of a very strange uneasiness you are probably an Energetically Sensitive Person.

Energetic Sensitivity can be a blessing and a curse. The cool part about being a sensitive or empath, is that we can sense energies way before they hit us – the bad part is that we probably still don’t know what hit after it did, because we were too busy with the mental, emotional and often physical symptoms of dealing with it – often not even realizing that they weren’t yours in the first place. Now, this may be a bit too simplified, as anything that can hit us still has an energetic tie back to us, so of course it’s not always as simple as ‘Ahh, this isn’t mine!’

The purpose of Energy Reports and Updates is not to give our egos an excuse to deflect what’s going on inside of us, but to help understand why things come in clusters or why circumstances seem to conspire to bring out an inner reaction.

Energetically, this entire month of July is extremely busy! This doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, even if it can feel quite exhausting at times. As reported in the energy forecast for July, times like this can turn out to be a very productive and transformative if we know how to embrace the current correctional band going through our collective. In order to get through July and the time ahead into the last quarter of the year, when we can finally rest a bit and begin to harvest the fruits of surfing with this wave our evolving consciousness, it can’t hurt to expand on our tools for dealing with sudden energetic shifts and their physical/emotional/mental symptoms.

By jona bryndis, May 4 2015 05:00PM

Like on so many Monday mornings I realize the intensity of the past remote energy transMISSION weekend and how much all participants worked to make this an active experience of their inner healing journey. Female Karmic Debt is not a new subject, but it was very interesting how this energetic aspect came forward in our Karmic Relationship Clearing transMISSION past Friday.Everything in this following field report can also be said about Male Karmic Debt, but the practical way these play out is different.

In general, while most energy sessions are perceived as connecting and healing by participants, the energy coach reports about the deeper aspects of the session and critically points out energetic tendencies in need of our attention. After all, bringing our hidden aspects out of our inner darkness is not always a pleasurable process. It requires us to step out of our comfort zone, which is why our ego tries to keep us from this inner healing work in the first place. Many of us still go through energetic integration with heightened senses and emotional roller-coasters, as this work often continues for several day/weeks after a session. This is common for energy work and often necessary to break through existing patterns.

By sharing some of the details of this healing work here at transCODES, I am hoping to encourage you to follow the lead anc courage of these brave participants. Understanding the practical nature and use of this inner work can help us to eliminate our fears and apprehension. I will call these type of blog articles ‘Field Reports’ from now on, as they will report from the depth of work that was/can be done through self-healing with energy work.

Karmic Relationship Clearing Field Report May 2015

Dear All,

Thank you for participating in this deep session!

This transMISSION was quite interesting as it allowed for much more than ‘just’ a clearing. All participants were female this time around and so the group energies illuminated a deeper than usual karmic relationship aspect: Female Karmic Debt.

Allow me to speak as a woman here. The aspects that came forward in this session are not easy to integrate; but because they are pretty much at the core of all that is holding us back from manifesting happy and long-lasting relationships, I will address them in a rather direct manner this time.

By jona bryndis, Apr 20 2015 05:40AM

In my view Karmic aspects are the most commonly overlooked aspects in self-healing and recovery from disease, addiction, trauma or crises. If Karma can be seen as any energetic imbalance that seeks to balance itself out, then it can become more clear that the purpose of Karma is to facilitate and support the healing of any unhealed part in our energy field, regardless of its origin. There is no 'good' or 'bad' Karma - Karma is nothing but the energetic consequence of our inner thoughts and outer actions. In other words, if we begin to understand our circumstances as an integral part of our healing and recovery process, forgiveness, compassion and grieving feel more true to us than blaming, victimizing and wanting revenge.

This doesn’t mean that we have to passively swallow wrongdoings or accept everything as ‘karma’. This would be far off from what this inner knowing wants to provide for us. It can enable us to see the big picture – to move from the experiencer into the observer position and strengthens the connection with our inner Divine Consciousness. Karma work is a major step out of the hamster-wheel of repeating negative experiences and the ticket to re-instating our soul’s integrity.

Working with Karmic Aspects

Working with karmic aspects does not mean that we are looking for 'reasons' to justify or excuse any of these imbalances manifested in form of hardship or the notion of being 'doomed'. On the contrary! Trying to understand karma involves soul searching on a feeling level. We all have experienced unexplainable attractions and tendencies at some point in our life (or over and over again). These cannot be explained or processed in the classical dualistic sense of cause-and-effect. While it can be helpful for our ego-mind to understand some of our karmic propensities, they can only be integrated through accessing the higher vibratory states of our consciousness.

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