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By jona bryndis, Nov 27 2018 01:36PM

For as long as we can remember people have been judged for falling for addictions as a matter of lesser social functioning, over-sensitivity, lack of willpower, or self-control. From an energetic perspective this outdated view is insufficient to heal addictions. Substance abuse and addictive behaviors, such as excessive internet/socialmedia/phone use, online gaming, pornography, pain killers, dieting, achievements or consumerism are on an all-time high - still rising. Measuring our social performance as measure for functionality only applies to a healthy society. So, we are celebrating progress in financial or technological advancements our societies become more and more addicted. How can we break this cycle - individually and collectively?

By jona bryndis, Nov 1 2017 03:34PM

I often wonder how many of us cringe a bit or feel some resistance, if even only subtle, when we hear mention of recovery, as it relates to dependency, addiction or 12-step programs. Maybe you have experienced this yourself or observed it in others. Can you identify what belief(s) or perspectives trigger the reactions?

Perhaps there is a view that sees this as weakness and only for those who lack power, the feeling of threat or fear when we imagine living without some of the things that we so look forward to, or simply dismissal, with thought that my neighbor sure could use it, but not me?

In my experience as energy coach this belief needs an overhaul! We all have shattered dreams and hopes; we all have developed coping mechanisms to get us through life without fulfillment. Recovery is not just the process of healing from substance addiction but a much larger process of re-covering our true purpose and becoming real - a spiritual practice that allows us to learn higher vibational tools to face our pain, trauma and disappointments, rather than trying to mask it.

By jona bryndis, Nov 1 2017 05:15AM

All of us, at one point or another, had a few issues that arose that we didn’t feel capable of handling, and in this, we found a creative way to not face or deal with that issue. This is usually referred to a coping or defensive mechanism that originally is created to protect us from the initial issues or trauma.

There are all kinds of fancy names for these mechanisms, but they typically revolve around distraction, dodging, hiding, or even simply avoiding. And, if we feel into these mechanisms just a bit, we can quickly see that they are focused solely on temporary relief or pleasure in the hopes of not facing the initial issue or trauma.

With time, these patterns become quite strong and develop into parts of us that we may even identify as ourselves, leading to the development of a facade or false self that acts a persona and hides the truer side of us underneath.

By jona bryndis, Oct 31 2017 07:00AM

In recent years, we have observed an alarming connection between addiction and energetic sensitivity, highly sensitive persons and empaths. The amount of addictive or co-addictive patterns amongst us is extremely high, and often also very challenging to recover, as the underlying need to connect and heal is so strong, that it often expresses in the less obvious form of co-dependency. Co-dependency may not exactly show as obvious addiction, because it hides more in what we don’t do, such enabling, and the inability to feel and maintain healthy boundaries.

For centuries we have been conditioned to believe that addictive behaviors are weak, unacceptable and sinful. We regard our coping behaviors as 'temptation of the flesh', which condemned addiction as irreconcilable shadow part of our human existence. Most of us judge addiction in others, but what about our hidden addictions, that makes us look ‘good’ in other people’s eyes? What about our obsessive self-berating, perfectionism, mental looping, victimhood, spiritual specialness, power-tripping or emotional manipulation? Have you ever considered these behaviors as addictive?

By jona bryndis, Jul 30 2017 03:09AM

For many of us, one of the most powerful tools we have come to fully trust for supporting and maintaining our own natural self-healing and recovery abilities is living in direct, conscious connection with our Inner Higher Power. This Higher Power/God/Source/Divine/Tao etc., which we all have access to, is with us always, and experienced through focus and connection to our heart center.

In truth, the connection and experience of oneness with this power is our original, natural state.

However, the reality of inner spiritual connection is that we mostly feel cut off and shut out, which in return lead us to an endless search for regaining this power forming addictions and dependencies (click here to read more about deep recovery work). Do you remember a time when you felt directly connected? Follow me here, how energetic recovery work can help us to let go of unhealhty coping and addiction patterns...

By jona bryndis, Jun 23 2017 08:30AM

For many of us, at one point or another, reflection on our lives might bring us to question if there is need for change around alcohol or substance use, certain activities or behaviors, or the extent to which we might depend on others to meet our needs. The answer to this is not always straightforward and might well require review of our priorities, objective observation, open discussion with someone we trust, and honest communication with ourselves, to name a few.

The following brief list is of behaviors or tendencies that may indicate current or potential issues with substance or alcohol dependencies or hidden addiction, including living with someone who shows addictive patterns. (Click here to read more about hidden addcitions)

If needed, this is a good place at which we might start with some honest reflection.

By jona bryndis, Mar 19 2017 09:47AM

As humans, we have the need for communication and interaction with others. There’s something in the mirroring that soothes us, that reflects to us that we are here, we exist, and that it is ok. But what if our interaction with others is blocked through a deep feeling, that we are not good enough or worthy; that we have nothing offer; or worse, that there is no point in even trying? We feel in shame of even existing and guilty for not being abale to do better than that.

For many of us, the inability to be intimate with others can become quite painful and something we come to regret. We may realize that much of what gives meaning to life is passing us by as we observe from the sidelines. Whenever our basic needs are not met, or the pain of dealing with our reality becomes too overwhemeling, it requires us to resort to our conditioned coping behaviors, be it to distract, numb the pain, or get our needs met. Options are many but common are victimhood, substance use, gambling, materialism, extreme risk, pornography, control and sex - and so we get stuck in an ever repeating cycle of shame, guilt, separation, pain, coping, and shame and guilt again...

What energy in us can be so strong that it can keep us from opening up and expressing ourselves - dismissing our most basic need to to connect with others and isolate ourselves ?

Besides classic recovery treatment and therapies which can help us with overcoming the outer layer of our addictions, I would like to invite you to take a look at how Energy Work can provide the missing link that can show us new ways out of our guilt and shame cycle and how to address often misunderstood human wound to regain a more healhty and fulfilling outlook on life.

By jona bryndis, Mar 10 2017 03:42AM

Although the focus of “Recovery” in this modality may lead our thoughts instantly to abuse or addiction involving drugs, alcohol, sex or gambling perhaps, and the desperation those issues often include, the scope and intent of GRACE Recovery go much broader. It is probably safe to state that more of us than not, live our lives under the influence and restriction of some form of addiction or dependency, often outside our awareness and much subtler than we might imagine.

If we are on a spiritual path or interested in unfolding our true potential, we need to look honestly at the impact of a range of issues, beyond those which society often perceives as less than desirable and may condemn. There is usually only minimal observation needed to see excesses and sometimes the negative effects of a variety of activities and behaviors that are considered acceptable and even “normal”.

Some examples might include materialism, co-dependency, idolization, extreme focus on career, health, appearance or physical condition of the body, and a number of ego reactions and behaviors. Perhaps you are familiar with comments like “well, it’s much better than” or “not as bad as him or her doing this or that”. The perception is often even very positive; excessive focus on work might be seen as dedication or co-dependency as true love for example.

All of these issues have some things in common: they are an attempt to restore a feeling of inner peace or wholeness or distract or numb us from the discomfort of the lack thereof. What if we have been misguided though? What if the solution was not at all in things external to us, but instead, within us, within our own hearts?

By jona bryndis, Dec 24 2016 05:00PM

Once again we are nearing year's end, which for many of us, is the most joyous and love filled period of the year, with a more defined focus toward family and loved ones, reflection and gratitude for the experience of this life, and excitement for where our path may lead us in the upcoming year.

So, for a lot of us, this time also brings a heightened sense of anticipation and the demands of preparation for one or more of a number of holidays that will celebrated by many throughout the world. Even though we may look forward to and truly enjoy these holidays, the stressors that we may encounter, whether they be related to our family dynamics, ours or other's expectations, additional financial burden, or extra emotional expression (perceived as positive or negative) for example, can have a significant impact on us personally and weaken our energetic immune system. Even if we are well practiced at maintaining congruency and balance, the constant force of the collective during this time is something we would do well to stay aware of.

It is a common phenomenon that Energetically Sensitive People and people in Recovery perceive this time as bombarding and rather challenging - after all, half the world is in a state of energetic uproar. However, there are other ways to deal with this time than locking ourselves up or feeling anxious...

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