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We can’t Heal what we don’t Feel

By jona bryndis, Oct 14 2015 07:34PM

How Changing our Perception can Heal the Effects of Living in an Unhealthy World

Why does the word ‘healing’ make us cringe inside? Is it that because it makes us feel that there is something wrong with us? That we are flawed? Or is it simply because we prefer the illusion that everything is fine, that popping pills, escaping or engaging in addictive behaviors is normal? Perhaps your inner voice is telling you right now, that you don’t need healing or that there is nothing wrong with you. Of course there is nothing wrong with you!

Healing is not about right or wrong, fixing or being flawed. Healing is about balance, wholeness and expression. It implies that our original state is whole, healthy and self-correcting.

Healing is nothing but the process of reinstating our default state of balance and harmony within.

However, reality is that we live in an unhealthy, imbalanced, separated and deceitful world. Our environment does not support health, on the contrary! This is why we constantly need healing. Not because there is something wrong with us, but because there is something severely wrong with the system we live in!

A big part of healing is about our willingness to embrace truth. We cannot heal what we don’t feel. So, we can either begin to see things the way they truly are or we can continue to numb our feelings and dismiss our innate ability to sense balance. So, in order to get to the next level of perception let me rephrase healing:

Is your life in balance? Can you feel when things are starting to get lobe-sided?

Do you know what to do to bring yourself into balance when feeling disconnected?

Are you happy in most areas of your life?

Do you know what you truly need?

Do you have a sense for your purpose and how to express yourself?

Do you trust your inner guidance to navigate you through your life’s journey?

Dealing with fear, pain, anger and pride is a big part of holistic and energetic healing work but often something we fear and therefore avoid. Healing based on wholeness and balance means accepting all our emotions as part of us not just the positive. Negative emotions or lower vibratory states as we call them, need our attention no matter how ‘spiritual’ we are! The notion that ‘only positive emotions can get us into heaven’ is not only outdated but can also lead to unhealthy coping habits, such as repression and inner fragmentation. (excerpt from "Holistic Healing - Balancing Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence”)

Self-healing is the process of taking full responsibility for our state of balance and health. It enables us to respond to imbalances and allows us to take action before unhealthy patterns or symptoms manifest. All that is required to activate our innate self-healing powers is our willingness to change our perspective - really all we need to do is to look at ourselves from inside out as opposed to our conditioned judging from outside in.

To be healed means to be able to feel, sense and discern truth no matter what the circumstances are.

There is a tremendous healing power in changing the way we perceive and discern truth – not just in regards to our personal health but also in becoming able to see through the barriers of inner and outer illusions!

Once we agree to embrace truth, balance and integrity into our lives, we will most likely feel the need to finding a new way of discerning truth. If we see ourselves against the collective canvas of dysfunctionality we may think we are comparably healthy even if we don’t fully understand the energetic dynamics of healing yet. This is an illusion! The constant bombardment through an unhealthy environment requires us to act, or else we find ourselves to be swept away by systematic control memes –physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!

Awakening & Energetic Perception

Awaking means to wake-up to truth, but this can lead us to the next challenge on our journey’s quest: Who am I? What is my purpose in life? How do I know what I truly want? What do I really need? How do I know if something I desire is not another ego attempt to fill a hole or emptiness inside?

The main difficulty with being awakened is not just to know what is and what is not so true about us; albeit the majority of our ongoing self-healing and transformation work later on is a lot about identifying our true needs and what we really want – the main challenge is to discern the state in which we are at the moment of looking at the deeper aspects of our Self. (“You Gotta Feel to be Real” Energy Forecast 2015)

If you are somewhat familiar with metaphysical or spiritual writings you already know that Quest is not about finding, but about the search and the way we search. What most don't tell us, although it's kind of obvious, is that the ability needed to find answers is our deeper energetic perception. It's not enough to just wish for answeres to magically appear! To truly discern what makes us happy, healthy and fulfilled we need to make sure our discernment tools (senses) are on the same level as your energetic alignment.

The practice of aligning our energy to higher vibratory states is one of the core energy work techniques in healing and self-healing. Energetic Alignment is a skill that can be learned and is very practical. It comes through building a proper foundation of being connected within and teaches how to learn our personal alphabet of inner signals through introspection.

Thus knowing how to align or realign our inner energy is especially efficient in moments of challenge or confusion. It enables us to refocus and shift our inner energy back into the desired energetic quality. Also, realigning our inner energy to higher vibratory resonances can also unlock the remembrance of our true being and with it out true purpose and goals in life. Therefore, besides amping up our manifestation powers the biggest benefit from learning how to align our energy to higher vibratory energies is discovering what we truly want. ("Aligning our Energy to our Higher Goals in Life")

The Quest

If truth is our alignment and self-expression our goal, our quest loses all its attachment and ceases to be a quest after all. It becomes the ongoing process of self-correction and healing through being present in the moment and staying centered in our heart. Hence, anything not compatible (or dissonant as we call it in energy work) can move from our sub-consciousness into our consciousness.

The word sub-consciousness is used deliberately here, as it needs to become aware to us that our consciousness is by far superior to our inferior and often ego-bound sub-awareness. While the trained consciousness is able connect to the inner Divine pathways of holographic and energetic information, our seemingly aware ego-mind can’t. It is but a computation device that interpolates between our personal experiences in the past and anticipation of the future. As much as some of us love their mental capabilities, our mind is not designed to discern truth and is therefore not suitable as tool for the alignment to higher goals or purpose in life.

So, until we are able to read inner and outer energies, which is a default but underdeveloped ability we have, the only way to make sure we are moving towards our inner truth and highest potential then, is to eliminate what is not. For this we need to be willing to deliberately call out your ego and question our attachments. We cannot eliminate our ego, as it will always be a part of us, but we can remove its dominance or energetic charge over our consciousness. If untrained, ego tends to lock us into a certain states or opinions about yourself, our life and our circumstances, which in return typically blocks our self-expression, self-love and ultimately the manifestation of who we truly are.

One way energy work can help us with this is by learning how to become more aware of our energies and with it how to handle dissonant inner (and sometimes outer) aspects. Through this, we can increase our ability to counteract them as they arise and hopefully before they can trigger our lower energetic states. The only prerequisite is our purity of our intention!

If our honest intention is to evolve and express to our highest purpose in life no additional props or tools are needed to be/come happy. All we need is to bring our perception in line with our heart: We regard our ego as an inner propensity that attracts lower vibrational states; and we regard our thinkingness and emotionality as amplifiers of ego-illusions and the result of inner disconnection and love-lessness. Thus any opportunity to transcend ego is welcome!

Nothing is carved in stone! Everything is energy, and therefore just a momentary state of energy and an observation thereof. Through conscious training of our perception we can change any state of energy – and with it any energetic charge, magnetism and manifestation.

Practicing the discipline of allowing our perception to guide us not only helps us to overcome implants of our outer and inner matrix control, but also enables us to effortlessly sail through collective times of chaos.

If you want to learn about your energy and increase or develop your energetic perception, check out our Self-Healing E-Course*. With this 12-month in depth energy work course you can learn to increase your energetic perception to never imagined levels - and definitely change your perspective!

Have a great journey!

Much Love,

Jona Bryndis

*In our Sacred Self-Healing Program we complied a self-training course in 24 Steps, which allow the participant to learn about the different layers of inner perception and experiences through coded daily mediations, interactive forum, online meetings and a comprehensive workbook with 250 + pages of reading material and exercises to increase inner heart based connection and inner navigation. Email me if you have questions: [email protected]

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