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By jona bryndis, Dec 20 2016 10:37AM

The Winter Solstice time is a very symbolic and energetically rich time for reflection, letting go and allowing new energies to come into our lives. It marks the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere and the beginning of the light returning (more each day) to our world.

During this time that many hold sacred, it is a chance to let go of the old year and really allow our energy to connect deep within our hearts and allow that connection to not only come forward, but also ask it to guide us in the year to come as well as help us to reclaim all lost aspects of ourselves.

This process or reclamation allows us to not only bring back into us our lost parts, but also connects us to the power in these fragmented aspects, which usually brings about the potential for great change in our lives and our journey.

To aid in this, we have created a very powerful Grace Winter Solstice Special combining two of the Grace Cycle transmissions to allow for that deep connection to come in and also actively work to ask our soul parts to return to the heart field within us.

This 25-hour event begins at 11:59pm MST tonight ( December 20th) with a Grace Integrity Remote Energy Transmission that lasts for one hour, which allows us to really connect deep within as well as help us to clear what may be in the way and assist in the integration process. After the the remote session, we will keep the energetic Grace field open for 24 hours to further assist this process of connection.

And, when the 24-hour field comes to a close, we will facilitate the Grace Soul Monad remote Energy Transmission (starting 11:59pm on the 21st of December MST) process that actively focuses on the soul integration and returning our state to that of wholeness to finish this powerful event.

This combination of transmissions along with the field being held between the events is a chance to really connect deep within, realign and allow those energies (along with the time of year) to really aid all joining in in finding a new level, way, or sensation to help their journeys go deeper while letting go old energies. Plus, we will have the forum open for questions and sharing during this entire time to help clarify and reframe experiences, aiding further in the potential change.

Come, check out this powerful event and see what it can do to aid us in the moment and the year to come. This event normally would be $200 and typically requires prerequisites for the Soul Monad aspect, but we opened this session up as we really hope to help those interested in being able to fully embrace and connect with all of themselves.

The cost for this event is $125 ($25 for graduates). If you would like to sign up or learn more please click here. We hope to have you join.


Jeff Casper

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