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Understanding The Unseen Aspects of Energetic Interaction & Communication

By jona bryndis, Apr 18 2017 05:45PM

Whenever we communicate, think of, write to, fantasize about or get in touch with others we are connecting and thus interacting with the energy of another person.

Energetically sensitives and empaths are very familiar with the phenomenon of sensing a lot more than just the acted, spoken or written word. We respond to subtle energies, resonances and dissonances, intentions, stored memories, energetic residues and even etheric interaction. When we talk or think of another person, we can see their projections, can feel stabbed in the back while being complimented; pick up when someone doesn’t speak truth; see where energies go and how the subtle energy body of the other acts. In short, our range of communication includes not only the seen but also the unseen.

We all can we can pick up on emotions, thoughts, physical sensations and even pictures when we are talking to or thinking of another person or situation. Are our inner reactions to others really all our own or is there a form of interaction going on, that is outside of our normal radar?

As we become more aware that some of our own energetic patterns and behaviors are not all conscious to us; we must assume that there is a big part of our interactions with others do not just occur on the emotional, mental or behavioral level.

Some examples of the unconscious energetic exchanges are energetic projection and absorption. More general examples are feeling contracted, overwhelmed, nauseous, head pressure, feeling attacked, drained or agitated when in contact with a person, place or item.

Examples for possible energy exchange in daily energetic interaction are:

- People, and their conscious and unconscious emotional, mental, physical and behavioral energies, including their etheric energies

- Outer Spaces, such as Places/Buildings/Nature/Surroundings and their energetic condition

- Items, and their stored energies

- Inner Spaces, which includes our personal perception, beliefs and our energetic condition, such as the energetic state we are in, but also dream space, visioning or Aluna (multidimensional mirror world)

- Collective Energies

- Astral Energies, such as ghosts, deceased people's energies

- Energetic Entities

- Cosmic Energies, such as the Divine Field, Celestial or Astrophysical Energies

In order to fully understand how our inner energy works we need to understand the basics of energetic dynamics: The way energy flows through us, how it’s transferred, how it can get stuck, how energies can attach and what can make our energy centers (where our energy is processed) imbalanced. The way we can learn this is through practice and feedback so we can begin to feel and sense energetic dynamics within ourselves first.

The more familiar we are with our own dynamics the more congruent and integrous our energetic interaction become.

Once we accepted that our energetic experiences reflect our inner integrity we will begin to understand that the energetic interaction with others is much more complex than our physical, emotional, mental and behavior interaction.

When trying to understand our own Energetic Interaction with others or theirs with our our energy, we need to shift our perception to seeing ourselves as energetic beings first. This requires us to see ourselves with a new level of honesty and willingness to accept our part in the energetic exchange that happens when we interact. Energy always travels both ways, which means we cannot separate our own programming, predisposition or attachment from that of energetic dynamics of others.

We all interact based on our individual propensities formed through a complex grid of karmic aspects, gender specifics, astrological tendencies, collective manipulation, emotional conditioning, mental programming, spiritual/cultural beliefs and the resulting energetic alignment through our life’s experiences. All these represent the complexity of our energetic interaction and thus influence our perception of reality.

As we all know, there are multiple layers and levels of interacting and communicating with others: through words, voice and body language – but what about the unseen levels of communication?

In general, the dynamics of energetic interaction and mechanics of energy exchange between two people or entities in the etheric realm is based on the same principles as direct interaction in the physical; with the one exception:

The majority of information transfer between people in our 3D reality happens in the unseen or subtle realm - in the etheric realm - where, with training, (almost) everything can be seen !

The reason why I strongly suggest to learn about the Dynamics of Energetic Interaction as part of learning Etheric Protection strategies is because in order to protect our energy we need to first learn how to see our inner reality as reflection of a greater outer reality. So, while we were thrown into this new way perceiving ourselves and others, we will not be able to sufficiently protect our energy, until we understand our own dynamics.

This then questions our ‘version’ of reality and naturally challenges our ego...

On many occasions I have talked about how tricky our ego reality can be. This is not because we are not ‘good’ enough to see through our ego, but because it messes with our perception.

We can only see and respond to what we perceive on the level of which we perceive it (and lower).

If we encounter a fragmented part of ourselves (for example trauma, inner child experience or karmic aspects), it is basically impossible to not be triggered in our lower vibrational regions. The very purpose of our ego is to protect us from retraumatizing ourselves! Therefore, it’s not only counter-productive to go into self-beat-up when trying to learn how to withstand energetic bombardment, it also shows you exactly where your weak spots are!

If you want to know how to protect yourselves energetically, you need to know what you are dealing with!

Being concerned about negative or demonic energies coming from others or the collective is really secondary, if not useless, because unless you know what it is that these dark energies latch onto you have zero chance to withstand them!

As long as your perception of your own energetic reality is conflicted, shut-down, incongruent, fragmented or delusional, the majority of your protective energy is blocked and you are like an open invitation for other people’s junk! Instead of building an effective shield it feeds into hiding, covering-up, projecting, pretending, separating or attacking yourself,

Therefore, suffering from energetic absorption and projection through others is not the cause for your misery – it is the energetic consequence! The main lesson that can be learned investigating what’s ours and what isn’t, is that it doesn’t matter what triggered the collapse of your etheric immune system, but how you coped with it!

Granted, since all this is new to us, it isn’t easy to see through all of these new paradigms of energetic reality. So far, most of us empaths have most likely been under the impression that ‘the world out there is dangerous’ and that we need to protect yourself from others…this is how our ego prefers to understand its reality. The truth is however, that it is exactly this view that prevents you from getting out of your head and your fear of not being ‘good’ enough!

At this level of energy work, the only thing that can get you past the clash of ego/physical and energetic reality is surrendering your attachment to how you belief reality is supposed to be/look like.

Our ego makes up this deceiving false reality that if we leave it unchecked, binds us to our lower vibrational perceptions, emotions and ailments. If we want to learn how to protect our energy from negative outer energies more efficiently, we need to learn how to transcend them internally, so that they can simply go through us without having anything to latch on to.

The way out of this conflict is through accepting our energetic reality and to adept accordingly. As we allow our physical reality to reflect on your energetic reality we are asking for signals that communicate to us when there is an incongruency – when the way our ego perception sees things doesn’t match up with our energetic perception.

This doesn't have to be frightening at all! With a little guidance and willingness to self-heal everyone can decode the deception of our ego reality in the safe space of our heart-consciousness. This not only allows us to protect ourselves more efficiently from outer bombardment, such as collective energies or or entities, it also leads to a deeper connection with our true self purpose, and thus leads to a higher level of energetic integrity.

Energetic Integrity means to be fully one with all aspects of our existence and therefore in a state of non-resistance with whatever reality.

The best way to go about this initial inner confusion of what is real and what isn't is by assuming that our perception or reality is limited by ego delusions.

Until you've reached the point of better understanding your own energetic integrity try not to give any meaning or judge what you are experiences, since you simply can't know for sure!

So, in order to fully accept the subtle etheric and often unseen nature of our experience, we need to learn how to merge our internal and external processing with our energetic processing. If we can see all of them as real, we can begin to better discern them.

I know this is a bit of a mind bender, but from my perspective as energy healer and coach this teaching is pretty much summed up what comes up when a person really wants to learn how to break free from etheric binds, energetic attachments and ego delusions.

If you are interested in more, check out our Sacred Self-Healing Program, our specifically developed energy processes Energetic Absorption, Projection and Interaction or browse more articles in the ETHERIC PROTECTION section of my blog.

Thank you for your time!



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