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Understanding The Basics Of Energetic Projection

By jona bryndis, Apr 14 2017 02:10PM

In general, Energetic Projection is the act of (consciously or unconsciously) directing energy towards another person, place, time, space or the outside world. It’s an ability we all have, and something we all do in our daily lives – some in a more powerful way than others. A successful sales person or negotiator is typically a good energy projector.

So, while most of us probably think of astral projection and cool OBE experiences as means to exploring other realities or finding truth, I would like to talk about becoming aware of how we all project, the dangers of projection and how to prevent getting manipulated through outer projection.


As children, we learned to project our energies from a standpoint of ‘being the center of the universe’. For the developmental stage between 2-5 years of a child this is an important thing to learn. It is part of the process of developing conscious energetic perception and learning how to work our inner energies. 

While our ability to read energies is still on the level of survival at this age, we are programmed to 'making others like us and take care of us'. We all do this instinctually in the attempt to cover our basic needs for safety, shelter, food, play and love. So, while we cannot yet understand the overall situation, relationships or general context we grow up in (this doesn’t get to develop between 5-12 years of age) we are basically seeing our environment caretakers of our needs. This is why most of our energetic talents as toddlers/preschoolers derive around the egotistical desire to attracting attention, being loved, being praised, etc.


By applying this instinctual projection technique (which we were of course not aware of) we learned how to ‘bend’ other people’s attention and to draw energies to us for the purpose of giving us what we want (2nd and 3rd Chakra) in a very early stage. Depending on our success and the reactions of our environment, which was not always willing to ‘give us what we want’, we encountered the first major disillusionment, rejection and fear and thus the birth of our ego...


As young children we weren’t fully aware of boundaries, hence couldn’t understand the context or appropriateness of our needs/wants. Naturally, we didn’t always get what we wanted and depending on the conditioning we received through our parents, care takers, siblings, teachers and peers we began to develop (ego) coping mechanisms.


In addition, our parents/caretakers were often not very good at modeling self-nurturing and a strong inner connection, which could have helped us to find inner strength through trust and love, but instead we began to externalize our need for love and projected even more.

In order to deal with negative outer reactions and unfulfilled needs or inner disappointments or we had to modify our tactics. Some of us began to rebel and applied sheer force (->tantrums) to get what we wanted, others learn to perfect the glamour of projecting helplessness and cuteness, but for the rest of us we had no other choice but learning that it was safer to do the opposite of ‘getting attention’, which is ‘becoming invisible’ (-> withdrawing our energy). Both coping mechanisms set us up for disconnecting with ourselves and equally use energetic projection as means to manipulate how others see us.


Through reflection on your personal preference in your childhood you can clearly see how most of your reactionary mechanisms and unconscious behavior patterns are directly linked to how ‘well’ your energetic projection worked back then: Pleasing, withdrawing, shutting down, overpowering, resisting (passively or aggressively), pretending, push-pulling, etc. all energetic projecting techniques that are deeply engrained and hard-wired with our energy system from childhood - and whether we are aware of them or not still often play out as primary personal energy management strategy in our adult lives.


The big problem with energetic projection is that it can also lead to drawing in unwanted energies (-> energetic absorption) or make us a target of counter-projection – another person’s defense mechanism.


Just because we are not aware of the fact that we are literally constantly competing and manipulating another, doesn’t make it ‘okay’ to do what others do. Granted, through our collective programming, which promotes and rewards victimhood, drama and competition it has become very difficult to see through this dangerous control meme, but it doesn’t justify volunteering someone or entire populations to react or forcing them to surrender their energy to us. 


Projection puts every person without training into an energetic stress situation or thus energetically binds him/her to EXTERNALIZING how we see ourselves. 


When striving for higher consciousness the first thing we need to realize is the danger of falling for energy sucking control and projection patterns, so that we can break through our deeply ingrained conditioning of 'seeing ourselves through the eyes of others'.


In context with learning how to deal with our energetic sensitivity the most important part of preventing the energetic ramifications of inner or outer projection is knowing ourselves! We need to know our ego and what triggers its perceived weaknesses, pitfalls and specialness. As soon as we can accept those, they will become our etheric shield!

Depending on our disposition and unhealed inner aspects, we develop different mechanisms for dealing with the feeling of being energetically intruded or challenged. 

For example: When dealing with an ‘energetic vampire’  many of us will try to play along. We pretend to be sympathetic and stay for as long as it takes to appear ‘nice’; the rest of us will react to this energetic challenge with trying to counter-act the other person’s attempt to drain our energy through overpowering them emotionality or mentalism. Trying to ‘top’ the other is a very common defense mechanism and reflects our disposition to wanting to win this energetic battle.

The only 'safe' way out of this kind of energetic challenge/attack is to stay neutral, set clear boundaries and to get out of this person’s energy field as quickly as possible!

The bottom line is - don't expose yourself in the first place! Not with victimhood or 'projecting love onto others' either! Any kind of projection exposes your ego!

The more we project our energy – the more we expose our energy to other people’s and collective energies - the more vulnerable our energy field become!


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Understanding The Connection Between Energetic Projection & Absorption

Understanding the energetic dynamics of projection and absorption can play a major role for the energetic sensitive or empathetic person, as daily exposure to energy draining environments constantly attack our energy field. Here an excerpt of what I wrote about Understanding Energetic Absorption, which from an ETHERIC PROTECTION standpoint is intrinsically linked to Energetic Projection:


We all know the feeling of being with in the presence of extremely pushy, loud, emotional or mental people – energetically seen this is an intrusion of our personal energy field.


Whenever a person is pouring his/her sob story over us or is venting their anger they are projecting their emotions or beliefs/opinions onto us he or she is projecting their energy onto us. Whether we are aware of this or not, it can drain our energy, pull us in or make us do/say/feel things that don’t really reflect our true feelings  - and thus compromise our energetic integrity. Most people don’t know what they are doing to our energy, same as with those who do, deep down they don’t care about us, as the main purpose is for them to get what they want or need – which is attention, admiration, commiseration, empowerment or simply the desire to feel good/better about themselves.


While most people are not aware of the fact that their energy is actually battling over our energy in this moment, we cannot really blame them. However, more often than not, like any battle, the goal is to win; and winning means that someone will be left defeated, conquered, controlled or somehow degraded in their energy.



On the other hand, when dealing with outer energies as an energetically sensitive and empathetic adult today, we need to understand that our programmed energy management strategies from our childhood are main contributors to absorbing energies. Without going into detail of inner child, trauma, karma and shadow aspects, I just want to point out that energetic absorption is a two-way street, which means that no matter who or what situation is draining our energy, we need to ask ourselves which part of us is allowing this to happen.


If we never learned how to consciously develop energetic consolidation techniques, unresolved childhood or karmic issues can be the main cause for energetic blocks and attachments and prevent us from feeling our heart, connecting with our inner higher power and often prevent our energy from expanding altogether. In interaction with others this can mean that we may have developed strong protection mechanisms that are now preventing true intimacy - or that we unconsciously absorb other people’s energies.


The most common cause for energetic attacks through outer energies (and therefore one of the main causes for us to suffer from collective energy bands) is hidden in our coping mechanics and unconscious Energetic Projection!



In order to learn how to prevent unconscious energetic absorption, we need to become aware of our inner dynamics when interacting with others. Projecting to be ‘nice’ or agreeing to do something that isn’t true to us, etc. creates an energetic dissonance in us that weakens our energy field and opens the door for the projections of others.


Every time someone vents their emotions or dumps their mental chatter onto us, we are in danger of absorbing the other person’s energy.


Therefore it’s imperative for us to learn strategies to constructively deal with our natural empathy (see below) but more importantly to identify what it is within us, that attracts projection from the outside!

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Thank you for your time!



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