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Understanding Ourselves as Energetic Beings

By jona bryndis, May 16 2020 11:26AM

Changing the way we perceive ourselves is a big part of our Global Awakening process and part of the immanent Paradigm Change ahead. With the growing evidence that who we are is not just a result of predisposed genetic information, gender, race, circumstances and cultural conditioning we are beginning to embrace the idea that we more than just a human-computer-system, limited to hardware and software - our life is much more complex than that!

We are the energetic expression of how we see ourselves and what we put out into this world. Our life is the manifestation of beliefs we hold in mind, our past experiences, hopes, and dreams, how we process and express our inner feelings, how we make choices, our inner integrity level, our virtues and well we connect within; and if you so choose to believe in their existence often also the result of experiences of our ancestors, karmic propensities, past lives, and other dimensional choices, tasks or agreements.

The new way of understanding ourselves and how to live to our highest potential cannot just be based on maximizing the knowledge details of our physical, emotional or mental dynamics. We cannot just see ourselves based on our 3Dness, our 5 or maybe 6 senses (higher thinkingness), but from within our inner feeling of what makes us us. If we want to understand and express ourselves from deep within our soul we must include the unseen - spiritual, etheric and energetic - aspects of our being.

Most of us cannot see energies (yet) or can't connect well enough to get past doubting that the unseen parts of us can be just as real as the visible aspects, we are unsure of how to approach this deeper part of our journey. Even those of us with well-developed energetic sensitivity often don't know yet how to contextualize what their energy body is signaling to them. Therefore, educating ourselves on our vast inner microcosm of inner perceptions, and learning how to trust in our subtle energy body can, therefore, lead to a whole new way of contextualizing our life-lessons, diseases, and unhappiness. Once we understand that our 7th (intuition) and 8th sense (energy awareness) can help and support us in translating our own soul's language we can begin to see ourselves as co-creator of our own life again and learn to trust in our inner lexicon of energetic sensations.

Energy Awareness and Energy Awareness Training will be the number one topic for self-improvement and self-healing in the years to come.

Most of us start on this awareness journey through mindfulness and learning about the power of mind. But in order to reach more Balance, Inner Peace and Harmony within we quickly realize that 'Being a Soul With A Body' requires us to walk the talk and aim for the practical integration of our Consciousness with our Body, Mind, Spirit, Heart, and Soul.

Including the more subtle, unseen energies in understanding ourselves doesn't mean neglecting our physical or emotional either! This is a very common misunderstanding in spiritual circles that often leads to an even more fragmented way of seeing ourselves. We cannot ignore the denser – or slower vibrational - parts of our energy body by just focusing on the mental or spiritual alone!

Our energy can manifest good or evil; health, wealth, beauty and love; or sorrow, poverty, struggle or darkness. Energy itself is neither positive or negative. Energy constantly transforms, changes and shifts. In order to harness our energy, we need to know our own energy and form the needed literacy around it first.

The main difference between energy awareness and the predominant paradigm of 3D-materialism is that the dynamics of our energy system are not only more complex than what can be objectively observed, but also not bound physical laws. The better the flow more exponential the amount of energy our physical system can hold and utilize. In energy work, we call this 'vibe' or vibratory state.

We can feel energized and often manage to do/perceive/feel more than we thought we could. In these expansive high vibe states, energy becomes abundantly available for us. The main task to learn about our energies is to identify and qualify it - it's resonance, alignment, and energetic vibrancy. It can open our awareness up to the unconscious and therefore unseen attachments, blocks, clogs, constrictions, diversions, pockets, enlargements, fragments, etc. that lead to us feeling stuck, not good enough, like a fraud or simply in the wrong place.

Within our energy body, there are many different energetic centers (Chakras), regulators, filters, and amplifiers that energetic flow within us. Depending on the state of our inner energetic flow - resistant or harmonic - the efficiency, quality and expression of our energy can be measured in different frequencies, which are called Vibrational States.

Whenever there is an alignment that leads to a spontaneous flow, harmony, and balance of energy, a feeling described as 'when the energy is right' we speak of Resonance. Energies between two systems can flow freely, without resistance, and without wearing out or using up our energy. Resistance occurs when two or more energy systems meet, which is not in alignment with another, when they clash, contradict, exploit or force one or both systems. This Dissonance can also happen when energies shift their speed, direction, become imbalanced, asymmetrical or blocked in their flow.

Due to our ego's function to keep us safe any kind of inner or outer change is met with an inner resistance at first. However, as we process a multitude of sensory and unseen energetic information throughout our day, be it through interaction with others, thought, food, actions, emotions, beliefs or choices we make, the vibrational state of our energy constantly fluctuates. The way we feel and the way we perceive ourselves and others depends on this vibrational state, and as a result of all these different inner and outer energies interacting with another, we either feel ‘good’ or 'bad'. How we perceive ourselves, others or the world we live in, what is happening to us, our circumstances, or our choices can feel completely different to us depending on whether we feel ‘low’ or 'high in energy.

Even physical pain is relative to our vibrational state of energy. Within our Physical Energy System are several energetic levels of manifestation. There is, of course, our overall health, but then there is also our outer appearance and symmetry, our body’s expressions and their congruence, our life force and our physical radiance.

The least dense part of our physical is our DNA, and energetic metabolism; followed by our cells, organs, soft tissue, nervous system and lastly represented through the densest part of our physical system - our bones and its skeletal structure. Let’s begin exploring energetic expressions of resistance that can help you to utilize your Energy Awareness in identifying Physical Resistance:

Tuning into our physical systems can show us where in our lives we need to work on more BALANCE & FLOW and that we need to consider STRUCTURAL CHANGES, rather than just finding short-term fixes. The best example of energetic resistance can be experienced through how strongly our physical condition can impact our emotional, mental and spiritual energies. But even sudden accidents/injuries, or chronic flare-ups and inflammations, can also be the effect of unseen/unconscious inner resistances.

Here a list of most common physical symptoms related to INNER RESISTANCES


Associated with Control; often also showing as pain in temples or grinding teeth; can indicate helplessness, but often showing conflicts around maintaining power; often also indicating suppressed anger


Associated with inner and outer judgment; inner conflict; Masculine & Feminine balance; expressing and communicating our truth; allowing energetic perceptivity, and our general attunement to our True Self


Associated to responsibility; often felt as burdens; often holds us back; can be felt as karmic guilt; often linked to expectations and how we think others see us


Associated Balance of giving & receiving and energy exchange; imbalances in relationships with others; interaction general attitude towards others; also shows control aspects and difficulties letting go of old pain


Associated with life support and openness; often showing self-imposed restrictions; can be felt as karmic debt or not-deserving


Associated with Independence and Support from others; indicates issues with our self-esteem, but also attitude towards others (entitlement)


Associated with pace and flow of our life's journey holding us back from moving forward; shows dependencies; can be felt as persistent boundary issues with loved ones; sexual projection and sexual guilt/abuse can be located here


Associated with knowing our true feelings, but also our potential; strongly linked to identity issues, often in conjunction with inner child wounds; conflict between false and true self often plays out here


Associated with direction and congruence, but also not being able to make a stance for ourselves; often flaring up when our values and priorities are not clear to us; can be felt as constant back and forth development

Read more about the physical aspects of Energy Awareness here: PHYSICAL INTEGRATION

As for what we can do to work on resistances, anything that supports your physical flexibility will help our energy to stay in the flow - and vice versa. Like with all resistances, no matter where they originated, in our body, emotions, ego, mind, or belief system, the densest layer of manifestation is always in the 3D-physical, which is why energy healing often starts with bodywork and physical changes for many of us. As vibrational frequencies permeate the different layers of our energy systems they interact and replicate throughout all these levels of our energy body until they manifest as physical sensation as the densest and slowest part of our vibrational energy system.

Once we begin to realize that the physical is merely the last layers our inner resistances show up, we can begin to understand that working with the deeper, more subtle and often unseen aspects of our conditions can be even more effective. By developing Energy Awareness we can learn a new way of seeing ourselves as an energetic being, which can bring the understanding that our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, etheric and energetic well-being is much more unknown to us than what we can objectively perceive.

Everything is Energy.

Everything can transform.

Everything can change.

Everything can be healed.

The next level of human evolution of consciousness is the integration of all our eight senses – and with it our Science, that already recognizes the existence of human energies but can’t explain them yet!

Jona Bryndis

Founder and Owner of transCODES

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