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Understanding Karma Work - How To Actively Change Our Karma

By jona bryndis, Jan 13 2017 04:00AM

The clearing, integrating and healing process of our ego, karma and trauma load is called Consciousness Work. While this sounds exhausting and complicated just by the word of it and what it all entails, most of us who are interested in the deeper aspects of our spiritual journey soon develop an embracing attitude towards our more hidden stuff. Therefore, whenever we talk about Karma Work we are talking about it the context of the greater picture we see our journey in.

Consciousness Work means ‘taking action’ through 'non-action'; through allowing our inner connection and inner perceptions to show us the way. Our consciousness has the power to not only change our vibrational energy, but also our hidden patterns, and unconscious manifestation blocks, and even our DNA - we just need to learn how to reclaim this inner ability.

Active Karma Work is closely related to Shadow and Trauma Work – we call it jokingly "The Drama of the Trauma of Karma." Through the consciousness expanding nature of our Self-Healing Journey we very quickly get to realizing that Karma is the result of our unprocessed shadows, inner child wounds and traumas - or vice versa? - this is something we get explore in Karma Work. However, the bottom line is that they are closely linked to another and that they bascially show us the interplay and energetic dynamics between our ego and higher consciousness.

Changing our Karma mainly happens through understanding and developing compassion for the purpose and nature of our karma. You will find that they are mostly about shifting our self-perception and reframing our life’s experiences, and that this is not necessarily in our ego’s interest....

Let's explore together how our Karma and Karmic Aspects can be transcended in 4 simple steps!

KARMA WORK – 4 Steps of Actively Changing Our Karma

1. Shifting Our Attitude Towards Karma

First, we need to accept that we are composed of energy and that we all have a certain set of karmic propensities (possibly) influencing our journey.

Hereby, it’s not important if we believe in past lives and reincarnation. If we can just accept that energy cannot disappear or go away, the transformation cycle of energy in form of karma then becomes a matter of accepting the constant transformation cycle of our energy. Our state of energy is a result of our inner sentiments, thoughts and feelings - everything we attract is related to the resonance of our energy - and just like all energies - this can change, transform, or evolve. Karma energies are no exception, but we need to see and understand them as such before we can begin to change them - otherwise we lack the ability to discern what needs to be changed.

If we can manage to accept that every event is related to our state of energy, we are not only able to connect with ourselves better, but also train our system to begin to neutralize inner resistances spontaneously. More importantly it allows for the contextualization of our karma and with it the needed inner guidance for which part in us still needs healing, so that we become able to detect the difference between unconscious repitition and necessary life lessons.

2. Identifying Karmic Patterns

Karmic aspects are not like ‘evil or dark attachments’; they are simply a parts of our energy that were 'rolled-over' into our present experience. This can be related to past lives, but often it's much simpler than that.

From an energy healing point of view investigating our karmic patterns often provides essential puzzle pieces that prompt us into the direction of where we need healing - or change if you will. If we feel that we keep getting stuck in the same pattern it most likely means that there is a part of us that recreates cricumstances to show us something...

The only way out of repeating unhealthy or dysfunctional cycles is through consciously engaging in our own self-healing. This is why I write so much about karmic aspects and offer so many educational tools and modalities around this subject. Often, we can't see our karmic ties and attachments until we drop our perception of how we see ourselves and others. Karma Work has a lot to do with being willing to accept truth!

Take a closer look at your recurring relationship aspects with others - and try to feel out connections!

More often than not we will find a pattern in our life’s circumstances, discover inherited family patterns, and begin to understand how the nature of our present and past relationships are linked to something more than just random events or encounters. Identifying karmic patterns is the main purpose of Karma Work. The energetic clearing of them is really only the cherry on top. Understanding Our Karmic Patterns means to become able to change them!

Seeing the big picture of our overall journey through identifying karmic patterns is probably one of the most unlocking spiritual processes. As soon as we can change our attitude and perception towards our karma as something negative, we can let go of the focus on ‘removing’ it and thus begin to learn how to integrate it. Our journey of conscious self-healing can begin...

3. Recontextualizing Our Karmic Journey

For most of us, including myself, contextualizing our Karmic Journey means tlooking at our life through the rear mirror; but not in the sense of retraumatizing ourselves or dwelling on our past, but in order to take an honest inventory. Reverse engineering my past relationships patterns and connecting them with my personal coping and defense strategies of my own upbringing (family & collective) was probably one of the most eye-opening steps I took on my personal journey!

While this may seem like a mental step at first, getting our ego-mind into the boat of changing our karma is necessary to a degree. This can even mean that we may feel the prompting to spend a little time with exploring past lives or working with the clearing of Family Karma. However, the main puropse of educating ourselves on inherited karmic aspects can lead to feeling new levels of compassion for our parents and relationship partners (current or past). The emotional and spiritual reconciliation that can come from such a recontextualization is extremely healing – not only because many of my personal issues/experiences/circumstances make more sense all of the sudden, but mostly because we are actively involving ourselves in a larger perspective, which can also activate deeper perception and higher levels of consciousness.

4. Owning Our Karma

As it turns out, our Karma is nothing but an energetic thread that weaves through our life’s journey creating patterns according to our individual propensities and aptitudes. As soon as begin to see it this way, we become aware of our active co-creator part in it. This allows us to own our karma and with it to realize what we need to take responsibility for that we may have suppressed or avoided in the past.

The goal of changing our karma is not to replace it with a another layer of karmic ties or attachments but to take full ownersgip of our journey in this life time, so that we can eventually liberate ourselves from predisposed, programmed or inherited tendencies altogether. This then paves the way for a future in which we can consciously choose our lessons, take full responsibility and make way for healthier and higher vibratory solutions - free of invisible ties that bind or block us.

With this new paradigm of understanding our life, ourselves and all people involved in it, our Karma transforms into something completely different from Doom or Fate. Due to our willingness to be present with our own energy, we gained the ability to evolve our Karma from seeing it as punishment to our salvation.

In conclusion, Karma Work, just like Shadow, Inner Child and Trauma Work can become a profound milestone on your spiritual journey. It does not require a certain spiritual belief, nor does it have to be in contradiction with it. Changing your Karma means becoming spiritually mature, free of programmed beliefs and conditioned patters. All we need is to open up for the idea that our 3D life is nothing but the energetic reflection of your patterns, attitudes, aptitudes, sentiments and actions combined.

As long as we feel as victims of our Karma it will do nothing but further repeating itself! Once we realize that, there is no need to judge ourselves or others – there is no punishment, sin, guilt or shame – all there is, is our willingness to accept its presence and surrender to the truth of it. Our karma is there for a reason, namely to teach us how we can transcend it and thus redeem ourselves - for our future generations, our children and ourselves. Changing our Karma means becoming an active participant in this life's journey.

It’s up to you how and when you approach your unresolved karmic aspects. But if you are curious and want to explore how karmic aspects influence your journey, remember that there is no such thing as good or bad karma - there are merely aspects that either bring you closer to your true purpose or those that hold you back from being your True Self.

For more educational info on Karma and Karmic Attachments click here.

If you are interested in joining our ongoing Karma Work here at transCODES, check out our public remote Karmic Relationship or Karmic Family Clearing sessions.

Thank you for your time.


Jona Bryndis

Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES


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