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Transcending Persistent Relationship Patterns - Recognizing Our Own Shadow & Addressing It Positively

By jona bryndis, Aug 4 2018 04:47PM

As we begin to understand that our preprogrammed idea of a perfect relationship is nothing but a incessantly promoted idealization prepping us for a multi-Billion-Dollar Wedding industry. The truth behind romanticized songs and movies is to play on our unresolved shadow cravings and inner child attachments issues. From an energetic point of view, persistent or repetitive relationship issues play directly into our unseen shadow and false self patterns.

In classical couple counseling it is not commonly seen how unconscious Shadow aspects can play a major role in repetitive relationship issues; and not just in our romantic relationships! However, deeper energy work can open up the reason why this is so difficult for us to see. Whether we are aware of it or not Shadow Traits can show in emotional manipulation, sexual projection, victimhood, specialness, superiority, disdain and co-dependencies. If we want to know how to transcend our persistent relationship patterns we need to get to the deeper aspects of our unseen energetic interaction and learn how they express in our relationships.

To see and better understand underlying energetic dynamics, you need to realize how hammering collective programming can trigger our shadow and increase our ego's illusion leading to emptiness and disconnect if we are not in a perfect relationship - and how they exacerbate your inner conflict between wanting True Love and fears of intimacy - isolation and meaningless or disappointing relationship experiences.

In our latest Shadow Work we are combining our popular remote energy based Shadow-Work transMISSION with Personal Energy Training. This modality consists of an 1 hour Remote Energy transMISSION designed to aide heart based shadow work with personal energy coaching in our forum. This energy session initiates self-healing through reintegration of shadow-aspects through heart consciousness through deeper energy workand contextualization afterwards.

For actively working on relationship issues we recommend other modalities such as:

- Karmic Relationship Clearing

- GRACE Integrity

- GRACE True Love

- GRACE Recovery

- GRACE Trauma Healing

Please click here to read more about how remote energy session work.

The power of Shadow Work lies in its combination of the guiding voices and coded visualization techniques. It initiates spontaneous heart-alignment and compassion and allows for our shadow to come forward. The created space in our heart-center resembles and leads to our Sacred Heart-Space that are often blocked by shadow-aspects.

Shadow-Work transMISSION

(by/with Jeff Casper)

In Group or Individual sessions, the field created through this transCODE initiates:

• Dissolving of disharmonic lower-self aspects

• Aligning to inner Divinity (Christ-Light/Source/God/Celestial)

• Identifying current ego patterns; facing hidden shadow aspects

• Letting go of any outside energies or attachments affecting your shadow

• Cleansing of the negative energy and charge surrounding the pattern

• Developing the ability to feel/see past the pattern to the lost part or hidden power

• Learning how to reintegrate the healed shadow back into our energy bodies

This particular session will focus on White Shadow aspects, that often motivate our unconscious realtionship patterms

In addition, for those of you who are interested in the deeper energetic mechanisms taking place in relationships I strongly recommend the ETHERIC PROTECTION INTENSIVE -

Energetic Absorption Energy Training

Energetic Projection Energy Training

Energetic Interaction Energy Training

(by/with Jona Bryndis)

In these remote energy training sessions we will practice basic consolidation techniques, learn about the different kinds of energetic interactions, and practice how to prevent energetic absorption & projection in common situations in which they occur - and how to discern them based on recognizing our own patterns within. We will practice how to control energy in altered states, and how to avoid common mistakes that compromise our boundaries and energetic health.

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Sacred Self-Healing & Couple Discount Available.

Thank you for your time.



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