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The Three Graces - Gaia’s Awakened Children

By jona bryndis, Dec 27 2016 01:15AM

Advanced Self-Healing through Reconnecting Within

In the final act of relinquishing our deep-seated inner abandonment from Divinity that is typically expressed in our disdain, fear or anger for the conditions of humanity and our ego-selves, we recognize the need to forgive ourselves for our limitations and begin to see the Divine Wisdom in all lessons we have learned.

At this stage of our spiritual journey we become able to recontextualize all perceived flaws or challenges as 'The Mother of Healing'. We understand that every crisis, no matter how painful, is pregnant with the opportunity to grow and evolve - in fact, instead of fighting it (former wounded masculine within) or succumbing to fear and victimhood (former wounded feminine within); and we become able to embrace our excursions into our darkness as invitation to fully engage in The Dance of Creation .

As Gaia's Awakended Children, we dedicate our Devotion to Evolution represented in Gaia's process of correcting and evolving herself. We begin to see how every crisis is nothing but a specifically designed and alchemically concocted medicine for our personal and global healing process.

In the process of consciously allowing inner and outer chaos to emerge and to fully engage with the lessons taught through it, we are learning to embrace dis-ease and dis-order as catalyst for our personal evolution of consciousness. Instead of feeling punished or abandoned from our Higher Power (former wounded inner child) we become able to see the miraculous Wisdom and Divine Order in all personal or global challenges!

With this understanding and the internalized experience of soul-integration through GRACE as healing resonance we are witnessing the rebirth of our Divine Soul. Within us emerges the deeper understanding of the mystical meaning of the THREE GRACES as Gaia's gift to us in order to attain Wisdom.

The Three Daughters of Gaia - named HOPE, CHARITY and FAITH in mythology are the personified healing processes we have to go through to overcome the challenges of our humanity.

Without being aware of it, by voluntarily engaging in your personal sacred self-healing journey you aligned your energies to Gaia's Healing Codes, which are commonly called Virtues"

1. HOPE (aka: Tenderness, Joy, Elegance, Selflessness, Reverence):

Integrity, Recovery, Trauma Clearing, Sacral-Heart-Fusion -> Integrating the Divine Feminine -> Liberating fear and pain in form of conditioning and implants -> Freeing the Lower Self -> Resurrection

2. CHARITY (aka: Respect, Kindness, Charm, Non-Judgment, Humility):

Mental-Heart-Fusion, Redemption, Power Clearing -> Integrating the Divine Masculine -> Transcending anger, disdain, judgment and the need to fight -> Freeing the Ego Self -> Salvation

3. FAITH (aka: Generosity, Trust, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Beauty, Creativity) :

Manifestation, True Love, TwinSoul, Soul Monad -> Integrating the Divine Child -> Healing of Loneliness and Separation -> Trusting in Divine Perfection -> Rebirthing the Higher Self -> Devotion

Depending on our level of consciousness we may see The Three Graces as the Three Furies, Fates, Norns, Nymphs, Muses, Charities, etc. - but once we understand that each of them symbolizes nothing but our individual stages of evolutionar Self-Healing, we will begin to remember the knowing and wisdom that lies within our very personal journey!

"Humility, gratitude, reverence, and investing in your knowledge and understanding, along with action and responsibility are the way to go. These things are your ticket to the bridge of flowers. In my book The Art of Redemption I talk of the three graces which I list as the warmth of tenderness, generosity and respect.

Beyond the holocaust of pain and difficulty there is a bridge of flowers. We see it in visions all the time, hundreds of times. Beyond is the bridge I speak of, your bridge. It is very real it takes you another state of being, an evolution that helps you evolve through a state of grace to safety."

Stuart Wilde, Three Graces, 2009

This voluntary self-correction process is the highest expression of our Divine Trinity and reveals that redemption is far more than just emotional and mental clearing of unresolved psychological Mother, Father & Child principles. Without an inner energetic reconciliation on this fundamental level of composition of our existence we cannot apply our awakened consciousness into our practical or etheric lives, nor see it in the larger context of becoming one with our Divine Consciousness, which after all is the ultimate the goal of this inner consciousness work.

Typical for this work is the spontaneous or cathartic release of energetic attachments and etheric implants. Anyone who feels the prompting to engage in this deeper inner work of exploring his/her consciousness knows to expect to revisit your personified Inner Child, Karmic Set-Up and especially Mother aspects. While the punitive understanding of redemption is typically already transcended, it can still challenge us on all levels.

The purpose of this deeper level of redemption work is to experience a reference feeling for the whole you, absolved from conditioned, self-created or forced altercations of personal/collective ego temptations spiritually elevate or degrade yourself.

In context with the sacred self-correction process through the GRACE resonances here at transCODES we activate the inner fusion of our Trine Divine aspects consciously working with the mystical levels of Truth, Love & Light, represented in the processes of:

1. RESURRECTION: Fusion with your inner Feminine Connection

-> Liberating from Projections of Suffering, Sacrifice, Fear & Degradation

2. SALVATION: Fusion with your healed inner Masculine Connection

-> Experiencing Inner Merging

3. DEVOTION: Fusion with your inner Creation Connection

-> Applying Unconditionality, Gratitude & Beauty

Once we are able to feel a true inner connection with our Divine Nature - only once - we can begin to understand that it's not the content of our wounds what causes our pain, but the fact that we’ve given away the power that separates us from within, and thus from healing our fragmented soul through claiming our wholeness (holiness).

For more information on the GRACE Gaia Sophia modality please click here.

Thank you for you interest!



p.s. Please check our private and public sessions for GRACE Gaia Sophia and our upcoming Mindfulness Marathon here.

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