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The Pressure is On!

By jona bryndis, Nov 12 2015 07:34AM

November Energy Forecast

Standing your ground and maintaining your inner congruence and integrity will be the main theme this month. Your freedom is challenged and your boundaries are tested. This can go really deep! Be prepared for inner wobbling and know that this is about you learning to trust in yourself!

Collectively, November will be characterized by intensified depth of our clearing processes. Our deepest wounds and unresolved inner aspects have an increased chance of coming forward and to be resolved.

This is not new, but this month will challenge us with specifically addressing our most intimate relationships. Meant are issues with our karmic relationships, which include our karmic family, best friends, children and people very close to us, as well as ex-partners with whom we may still have karmic ties or people we feel attracted to but didn’t dare to move forward yet. Will you be able to come out of this challenge with the inner strength of knowing who you truly are?

The pressure is coming from both ends now - from our inner worlds and our outer - so, it can affect your capability to trust and love yourself, as your core values will be tested, but only to allow you to realize what is true to you and what you stand for. Make sure you know how to relase this inner pressure!

Currently, the feeling of being crushed in a wave of doubt, anxiety and anger is very prevalent in many of us energetically sensitive people – especially affecting our physical! With today’s New Moon energies coming in, the physical transformation will become a bit easier! So, relax, and focus on the resonances of Beauty and Gratitude! Look back and realize how far you have already come!

During these intense transformation processes is important not to resort to extremes, such as isolation on the one hand or impulsive outbreaks on the other! Kow what can help you to balance yourself! If you feel down, make an effort to go into your heart and trust in your inner guidance to show you solutions!

Allow your bounds to be tested and your False Self and White-Shadow aspects to be shown, just so you can learn to fully trust in who you truly are. Recognize this as a New Beginning! It will support all your energy with new levels of self-love and self-esteem! Find your independence through building your own structures, things that work for YOU!

The trick to get through is to unconditionally surrender your control aspects to your inner truth and thus re-learn to trust yourself while becoming more congruent with your core values.

As old conflicts arise to be cleared once and for all, especially in the first two weeks of November you will become able to clean up all your relations (until 18th November). This will enable you to attract new people into your field or even build entirely new circles consisting of people who resonate more with you. If you feel energetic attachments or ties with people holding you backconsider Karmic Clearing processes.

However, increasing exhaustion or resisting this deeper inner healing process may have made you feel lonely and occasional ‘wanting to give up’. Know that this is part of the greater healing process initiated through higher vibratory energies entering the earth plane until March 2016. Starting in January, those exhausting cleaning processes will show amazing new beginnings - so hang in there!

As for the end of November throughout December your close friends/family/partner and new acquaintances will provide you with additional strength and trust in yourselves, but may also lead to having to drop some illusions about who your friends are. Knowing what you stand for means that you are absolutely clear about what is acceptable for you and what isn't. This can show others where they are incongruent with themselves and lead to necessary confontations if you have been tolerating degradation or your boundaries being compromised by them. Allow them to leave your field in love!

Those of you have been diligently working on resolving such dissonances and reclaiming your sovereignty in our Energetic Adjustment Sessions for example, will begin to feel stronger now and your work is going to start paying off for you now! If this is all new to you, seek an experienced Energy Coach who can help you with emotional, mental and physical clearings. If you are one with the unhealed aspects of your ego aspects the new wave of energized light coming through our collective will barely affect you or even lead you to a deeper inner connection and new levels of love you never felt before! This is the practical application of all the clearing and integrating work you have been doing – so that you can discern and adjust to the collective shift taking place right now.

Energetically sensitive people go through those shifts in fast forward. Look at these times as preparation for our energy body to go through those waves unaffected when they hit the mainstream. This allows you to stay calm and possibly be of help for others, while the collective unconscious struggles with their shadows.

Again, remember to stay in your heart and to allow your heart's capacity to work out solutions for you. Be willing to follow your heart's guidance and to observe your ego's collapse with a curious sense of knowing that your ego is what is causing the pain not the outer energies – it tries to keep everything the same and that is not working anymore!

Your inner alignment to truth is now becoming more important than ever! Any illusion, false belief or rigidity will unnecessarily prolong the clearing process! Trust, that you always carry solutions for challenges on your way!

Much Love,


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