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The Power of Non-Reaction

By jona bryndis, Mar 26 2015 07:06PM

Reflection on latest “Connect with True Self’ transMISSION

Regardless of our spiritual beliefs the true power of connecting within is the unlocking of our inner identity, our True Self. Patterns and programs, be it emotional, mental, behavioral or energetic programs keep us in the ego-illusion of our outer identity, our False Self. And so can the process of connecting within bring a multitude of uncomfortable ego reactions at first.

Inner connecting modalities like this free remote energy transMISSION allow us to stand still for a moment, to be in the present moment and to simultaneously become the observer and experiencer of our inner universe. It can bring inner content into context and furthermore trains our ability to not react.

From a metaphysical standpoint not reacting is a powerful virtue, as it gives us the opportunity to stretch time so that we can consolidate and allow for our consciousness to kick in. This then sets the stage for higher inner reflection and contextualization, and with it a new level of self-love, compassion and understanding. Without the ability to let these initial ego-auto-reactions pass by, our inner connection can become something to unconsciously avoid or prevent, which is what the majority of humans chooses to do; escapism, addictions, mindless distractions and externalization are just a few examples.

Avoidance is not the same as non-reaction!

The purpose of avoidance or any other defense patterns is to not having to face a certain aspect or mostly the pain or fear tied to it. Non-reaction doesn’t mean to become oblivious or ignorant, on the contrary! It means that we have the ability to choose what we react to. However, while inner defense and protection mechanisms are not only very common but major part of our inner needed protection and survival programs, they often stem from our unhealed Inner Child. Therefore the downside of not facing inner unresolved aspects is that it can lead to inner fragmentation or schisms felt as anxiety or not belonging here or anywhere - perpetuating inner disconnection.

From my personal observation from years of personal energy coaching inner disconnect seems one of the leading causes for disorders, blocks or even diseases. They can lower our energetic as well as physical immune system and leave us vulnerable to external programming feeding False Self projections, Shadow and many other dark or lower vibratory frequencies energies within. They prevent our ability to discern truth for ourselves and cloud our inner guidance. Hence, the ability to trust in ourselves can never fully develop. The consequences of inner disconnect are self-doubt, self-worth and self-love issues, but also a general heaviness and often an insatiable seeking of inner connection through outer energies.

While collective energies (Solar Eclipse, New Moon, Equinox) were providing the framework for renewal and transformation during our latest ‘Connect with True Self’ transMISSION, the main theme in our session was working through an inner inertia and lack of courage to ‘walk-the-talk.’ While this is understandable, as we are all still working on the one thing that can deliver us from our inner conflict, the True Self energies coming forward clearly reminded us that inner connection is not just a spiritual or emotional concept, but a hands-on-get-your-hands-dirty kind of process.

Without facing our inner darkness (for some of us in form of spiritual superiority), a reconnection with our True Self is hardly possible. On the other hand, if we are willing to make this one little step into acceptance and forgiveness – for self and others – and if we can appreciate all experiences and persons on our journey as part of our inner learning and connecting experience, renewal can and will happen spontaneously!

All that’s missing to unfold our True Self is the re-framing of inner darkness/unhealed aspects through non-reaction and consciously embracing our inertia and resistance as valuable inner signals as to where we still react rather than respond. No matter where we find our unhealed aspects, if left ignored or avoided they will eventually run the show.

Be curious! Be open! And most of all, don’t take your ego too seriously. Allow it to make a fool of you at least once a day and learn to have humor about the things that are holding you back!

Thank you to all participants of our free True Seld transMISSION for being part of learning this wonderful teaching!

Much Love,


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