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The Power of Energetic Clearing and Coaching Combined

By jona bryndis, Jan 4 2018 09:12AM

Energetic Clearing sessions by themselves are beneficial and can help those who are really working with their energy and their system for healing and enhanced consciousness and energy.  But, it is in the translation of and the work following the clearing or energy work that really has the power to effectively change a journey or where a person resonates at.

When we have experience that is impacting or spiritual even such as an energy clearing, the ability to share or discuss this experience with someone opens the door up to greater understanding and changes in perspective that can lead to 'a-ha' moments, massive reframing, or simply the ability to realize that all we need to do is let something go and increase our compassion for ourselves or others.

The development of the clearing work given here over the years has moved out of the 'healer' to more of the 'translator.'  Of course, the work entails speeding up and removing blocks to allow the energy to flow better, but it is also about feeling out what is the way so that this can be discussed with the person in detail as really our darkness, our shadow, our ego...and even our karma are just the very aspects of ourselves that need to be loved and fully integrated to have wholeness in our lives and in our journey.

If the barriers that we feel or notice can be shown in a way and in an energetic state that takes away the some of the pain associated or the fear to allow for a greater ability to transform and heal, we move into a rare space where effective change can occur and we can put some more pieces together of ourselves.

Coaching or talking about what was found or what was felt to be limiting during a session is one of the easiest ways to go about this as it allows for an interaction of what was felt, what came up, and even what to do to help continue to have change or progress.

The ability to share and talk about what comes up with someone who is neutral, even supportive, and also has an understanding of the energetic system and the patterns associated allows for new moments of insight as well as the ability to see what is needed to go past the limitations felt.

There are only 4 days left for the current special on clearing and coaching session for $150.  Come check it out or click here to sign up for a clearing and see what this work can lead you to!  And, for a few more perspectives past my own, some testimonials from recent clearings are below.  Thanks to those who sent these in and for all who have trusted in this work.

with love,

Jeff Casper

Energy Coach

Recent Testimonials

My anxiety level was very high when I decided to get a clearing by Jeff. And I must say, it was really effective. I was really surprised by it, that it worked so well. I could feel my self again, my body could relax, and my mind and emotions were quiet, I just felt so grateful.

And when the clearing report came, I felt clarity when I read about what I needed to work on. I felt it was written in a very caring and gentle way so that I could really take the unpleasant stuff.  He made me feel that the ugly stuff is okay, and that really changed my perception on that, and I feel some of the anxiety was really just about that. This has been tremendous life-changing for me.

Jeff also mentioned some of my positive aspects, which really was the hardest to understand, but it gave me the courage to start working with the issues, and I'm now started on the Sacred Self healing course.

I can highly recommend Jeff's energy clearing, you are in a safe  supportive space, 

  - Anette, Denmark


I have had the opportunity to work with Jeff many times over the last nine years. The insights, understandings, and growth that came from each of those experiences have proven to be more valuable than words can express. Jeff is a gifted healer with an amazing talent to recognize patterns of disharmony and dysfunction that appear in people which limit or completely restricts their ability to grow. Besides the work, he does during the remote healing session he also has a great ability to translate what he sees into information that can be easily understood, as well as practical suggestions and techniques on how to continue clearing oneself and staying clear after the session. I will continue to work Jeff and highly recommend anyone who is committed to their own personal growth to utilize Jeff's abilities no matter where you are on your spiritual path. 

                                                                                                              - M.B. U.S.A.



Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this phenomenal clearing session.


I approached this session with curiosity and openness as well as deep trust that I am in great hands.  The session itself started with beautiful heart connection and the whole process felt very expansive.  


The day after the session I was 'hit ' by everything that was blocking me from actually being in this beautiful state, although I wasn't fully aware of it.  After receiving a Clearing Session Report, I was happy that I received a 'road map' to lead me to deeper Self Discovery and to a deeper Healing.  This also allowed me to participate in sessions,  with pointed aspects in the report, with greater intention and curiosity to heal and thus become more whole.


Today,  I can honestly admit that the clearing session sped everything up and possibly saved me years of searching and understanding!  I truly recommend it to anyone as I wouldn't be where I am today without it!


  - with love, Malgorzata,  Illinois 




The first issue for me surfaced a little while after agreeing to do the remote healing session.  This was some residual anxiety from a DMT experience from about three years ago, which was in the way of doing deep energy work. So that in itself was beneficial, just to let that come up, confront it, and remove that barrier.


I had requested that the area around my 3rd chakra be looked at in particular, and I felt some discomfort here during the day before the healing took place and for a while at the early part of the session before I relaxed more into it.


The following day I felt quite calm, and very at ease. It's difficult to explain, but I felt I was in a different space at that time.  Again, in the following 2 or 3 days, I had some abdominal discomfort at times, before this faded.


Going forward, I feel I am in a better place and it has helped to clarify some issues that need my attention. The detailed report that followed the session was very helpful in pointing out the areas of my life, my energy body, that need my particular attention, along with some suggestions to help in this regard.


I would recommend to anyone to work with the energies available through Transcodes or Selfunification. There are many workshops covering a variety of issues that we all face.  And, a remote healing would be a great baseline from which to work from and offer great guidance going forward.


- Gerald, Ireland


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