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The Heart - Outerlimits Radio Interview with Jona Bryndis & Jeff Casper

By jona bryndis, Jul 22 2016 12:02PM

In this 80 min radio show Ryan McCormick, outerlimitsradio.com discusses the physical and energetic aspects of a healthy heart and heart connection.

After a fantastic overview on physical heart-health, preventing heart disease, life-style choices and aspects that can compromise our overall health and wellbeing with Cardiologist and Psychiatrist Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Ryan interviews Jeff and I in regards to the many different energetic aspects of our Heart-Connection and the importance of our heart-field for our physical, emotional, mental and energetic health.

Besides the many aspects of High Vibrational Living and why it is important for us to learn how to be present in our hearts, we discuss how a 'too open heart', which is something we observe very frequently especially in newly awakend Energetically Sensitives and Empaths can lead to uncontrollable absorption of emotional energies.

For more info on the mentioned 24 Step Self-Study to learn how to connect and work through some of our inner barriers to connect with our heart click here. If you are interested in actively working on your inner connection and healing the deeper aspects of your heart-health and wellbeing check out our 90 Day HEART-WARRIOR PROGRAM.

The Heart-Warrior Self-Mastery path allows for a customized but self-responsible journey of learning how to feel, connect and live your life successfully as a heart-centered awakened individual.

The healing guidance we offer is integrative and thus includes physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual healing aspects. Through combining the different healing arts and specializations of our transCOACHES we can effectively assist our clients on their personal journey of breaking through where they get stuck! Read more about Being a Heart-Warrior here.

Once we can truly feel our heart reaching higher levels of personal happiness, performance, success and fulfillment in life is only a matter of time...

Enjoy listening to the recording of this super informative radio show at outerlimitsradio.com !



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