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The Healed Healer - Enrollment For Our Upcomping transCOACH Training in 2018

By jona bryndis, Mar 16 2017 10:32PM

This is a message to those of you who are considering becoming an Energy Healer & Energy Coach - or transCOACH as we call this healing art.

In order to become an Energy Coach based on transCODES modalities a healer has to become healed first. This is not meant as judgment, but should be seen as a healers investment into themselves and their energetic safety. Without proper inner healing groundwork, being of service to others is limited.

The transCOACH training program here at transCODES is specialized on assisting energetically sensitive and empathic clients, the highest difficulty level in energy work. We therfore ask anybody who is interested in becoming an energy worker to bring in a certain level of energy management skills, ego transcendence and personal consciousness work.

Our certified transCOACHES assist their clients in all areas of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and is not limited to barriers of traditional therapy, treatment or coaching. The list of prerequistes we ask for ensures not only that the transCOACH in spe is personally integrated enough to actually be of service, but also sets an ethical standard for guiding a person through their deepest aspects of their transpersonal soul journey!

In 'What does It Take To Become An Energy Healer' I wrote:

"First of all, we need to understand that the main purpose of energy healing is in the ability to be in and hold a vibrational state that allows for healing. In this state our energy will create a field around us that motivates another person’s energy field to resonate with our – hopefully – higher vibrational state. Energy works like osmosis. The stronger the power of an energetic field, the farther it can reach – the more it can influence another’s energy.

We all know this effect in a negative way. Being surrounded by ‘negative’ energies tends to suck our energy in. It functions like a low pressure weather system, that has an inward spin, contracting and pulling outer layers of clouds and energies in, like a hurricane. High pressure systems have an outward spin and push clouds and energies out; they can reach far while clearing the way for the sun to reach our location.

The same applies to energy work.

A healer is not someone who makes the sun appear – this is a very common misconception about spiritual healing. We cannot ‘make’ or will a person to heal; all we can do is to motivate a person’s energy to go into it’s highest possible state, which activated spontaneous healing.

An energy worker is someone who can help a person to reverse their personal energetic spin on things, so that his/her clouds can begin to be removed and the connection with the sun (->inner light and self-healing abilities) is initiated and felt again."

Energy Healing & Coaching is not a pathway for feeling 'more spiritual' or superior to others, on the contrary! The main quality we are looking for in candidates for our transCOACH training is empathy, integrity and humility. The training is based on practical application, real people and real energies! Hence, our selection process for the limited amount of 10 spots for the upcoming training in February 2018 is based on a person's willingness to transcend their ego attachments, and not on how well they 'can see' energies.

Learning how to read, see, and work with energies in order to heal another person will be taught in this 6 month training course, but the willingness to overcome our own ego attachments has to happen before we agree to teach sacred healing techniques.

The fastest way to face the depth of our own ego attachments on the level that we deal with them is through going through the 90-Day Heart-Warrior Boot-Camp, which covers all prerequisites and allows us to recognize our personal pit-falls and ego-traps. With this level of gained self-perception we are well-equipped to develop your energetic talents into a professional skill.

The enrollment for our next transCOACH Training starting Feburary 2018 will open in April 2017.

Spaces are limited.

To read more on what this 6-12 month certification trainings entails click here.

Here a detailed descrption or the training program and our prerequisites:

transCOACH LEVEL I Training

transCOACH Training FAST-TRACK Prerequisites

Heart-Warrior Boot-Camp


Jona Bryndis

Founder of transCODES

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