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Teachings Change As We Change

By jona bryndis, Feb 11 2016 11:52AM

Recently, many people who we have been working with have been mentioning old ways or old teachings are falling to the wayside or are feeling restrictive in nature. So, thought it best to cover this a bit as it is part of the work.

As we go along our journeys it is important to keep an eye on our practices and the teachings/teachers that we surround ourselves with or listen to make sure they are adding to our connection within and our overall journey.

This is really true of anything in our lives, but very important on our spiritual path so as not to stray from our growth or overall spiritual intention.

Many times we get to locked into one way, one teaching or even one teacher/guru, which is okay as long as it serves us in expanding in our lives and connecting more and more within.

However, on most journeys, we will begin to notice at times that those teachings that brought us so far or felt so amazing at one point, now may feel slightly off or even restricting.

Other times, known ways or paths will no longer be needed, will have run their course (us learning what was needed) or simply fade away…creating in most the need for change. This can even come through realizing that the teacher we are following has limitations that we do, or that we want to go past and their way may not allow this…

These realizations and feelings are all ‘part of the game’ of feeling out what is needed in our own work, but for some it can be very frightening as that path, that teaching, or that teacher was one we fully trusted, and brought so much change in our life early on. And now, the separation or change to look for new, makes us have to venture out on our own bringing up fears and emotions that maybe we won’t find another way or the next step.

The ways of following paths where someone drags you to the door of the heart or God and hopes that you will have the courage to walk through it are fading away as this is no longer working, and never really did.

The work now is a focus of self-realization and understanding that the door is right there inside of you (as it always has been) and all you have to do is knock on it and it will open with time, dedication and simple spiritual practices.

So, feel out your current path and what you are following and ask the following questions (not an exhaustive list):

First and foremost, do the teachings/teachers feel integrous?

Do they help you go within, feel linked to your heart, and allow you to connect with who you really are without infringing or controlling?

Do the teachings search for Truth in all things with no exception?

Or, do they teach ‘secrets’ * and special ways that can only be found through them?*

Do those who teach or write express heartfelt work and have no desire to bind or control you to their ways or plans?

Do they teach self responsibility for your journey and how to accomplish this?

In general, do they make you feel more expansive and do they help you challenge your ego, your emotions, and mind?

By asking simple questions like these, you can begin to feel out what is really helping you and what isn’t. There is no need for fear as really the only thing that is occurring is you finding out what works for you!

Wrapping up, this article is not meant to judge anyone, any teaching, or any writing, but more so to make you curious and to check in within yourself as well as cautioning you against some of the more restrictive ways. Nothing more…

You know deep down, if something works for you or not. And, if not at first, it will become evident as you continue to work towards inner connection and living within your heart.

And, if you realize that a way you have been following was actually quite low in energy or very controlling, don’t beat yourself up. There was a reason for it, and now you can change and learn other ways that will likely bring so much more to your path.

So remember, feel out your path and when something no longer serves you, have courage and try new things. Let go of what doesn’t work for you anymore and trust in yourself and your heart as that is really the journey anyways.

Thank you,

Jeff Casper

Energy Healer, transCOACH & Founder of www.selfunification.com

* Secrets in a true spiritual path, do not exist. Why would the Divine attempt to hide itself from anyone or attempt to keep it locked away? It is there for anyone at anytime if they are willing to work a bit and realize that the path is within. So those that say they have the only way or have the ‘special’ whatever to get ‘there’ should be viewed very cautiously. Typically these paths are trappings of the ego and are easy ways to get people involved through specialness and power. And those teaching this, are usually into power and control as well!!

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