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Sunday Truth Talk - Collective Gaslighting & Karmic Aspects - December 29, 2019

By jona bryndis, Jan 3 2020 01:52AM

Sunday Truth Talk

Collective Gaslighting


Karmic Aspects

By jona bryndis, 29th December 2019

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Collective Gaslighting

Transcript/Write Up for Truth Talk

Collective Energies can be a bit difficult to understand. We are all under the effect of the collective unconscious. Like changing weather conditions, our personal energy goes through our daily inner fluctuations, as well as outer influence. Other people, places, collective events - they all affect our energy on the unseen, subtle level, whether we like it or not. That said, we are not a victim of such influences, but due to our inner energetic WIFI we are constantly exposed to collective programs, conditionings and even forces that can manipulate how we see ourselves and the world. Typically only the truth-trained individual can 'see through' these invisible layers of manipulation.
Collective Energies can be a bit difficult to understand. We are all under the effect of the collective unconscious. Like changing weather conditions, our personal energy goes through our daily inner fluctuations, as well as outer influence. Other people, places, collective events - they all affect our energy on the unseen, subtle level, whether we like it or not. That said, we are not a victim of such influences, but due to our inner energetic WIFI we are constantly exposed to collective programs, conditionings and even forces that can manipulate how we see ourselves and the world. Typically only the truth-trained individual can 'see through' these invisible layers of manipulation.

In the video, I link the layers of collective and karmic influences on our lives with the ability to see and feel truth. The main block for our ego perception to see how we are all being manipulated and mind-controlled is the systematic bombardment with social values and gaslighting that make it almost impossible to be caught in this matrix. To better understand the complexity I use this infographic about GASLIGHTING & MIND CONTROL to show these collective influences on us. I hope you enjoy this deeper look into COLLECTIVE MIND CONTROL!

However, what is propagated in one collective can be different in another. Therefore, to fully understand the full impact of gaslighting on our own psyche, energy and soul-self-awareness I am also contextualizing the effects with our Karmic Collective Aspects in us.

To better understand the expression of our Human Collective Group Karma as our tendency to violence, terror, war, fear, pain, and survival aspects. The current global collapse of cultural, racial, religious, economic and political power structures allows us to release our collective shadow and therefore represents the inevitable healing task for us as collective. If we want to learn ways to get past the negativity of the current Global Shadow Clearing and find back to our inner source of power, we need to let go of our rigid opinions and beliefs and understand the larger context of what is going on in the world.

As a result of the incremental vibrational increase of consciousness since 2012 we are experiencing is the cleansing of karmic debt on a collective level - of humanity itself. A global Healing process that allows us to evolve into higher levels of consciousness (click on link to read more about collective energies and karma.) In order to get through this predicted two year period of correctional collective clearing it is of utmost importance to understand the deeper meaning of having to go through geopolitical and planetary changes, and how they are linked to our personal struggles.

We all gravitate to a certain matrix of preprogrammed or conditioned 'ways of thinking or doing things' dictated by the collective, whether we are aware of or believe in the existence of collective energies or not. Collective developments are therefore the natural consequence of a karmic propensity to evolve - not the cause. The emergence of TRUTH as a new paradigm for understanding ourselves and the world is a radical shift, that cannot prevail unless old structures and falsehoods are transcended. However, as many of us energetically sensitives begin to realize, Collective Energies can influence our life tremendously and even determine our ability to see or deal with truth. Everything we can observe as societal phenomena, such as terrorism, peace/war, economic collapse, new inventions, ethics, progress, natural or manmade disasters, etc. can be linked to emerging layers of Collective Group Karma and Global Shadow, that need to be cleared and integrated. This is part of our inherent karmic purpose and propensity to go through a specific collective experience at the time period we were born into.

This doesn't mean that we have to go through the same misery or suffering as generations before us. With increasing consciousness levels the 3D manifestations of this transitory phase can be averted. There are ways to hack collective karmic energies so that our personal lives are less affected - but not just for ourselves.

With each and everyone one of us becoming more aware of our karmic task to individuate from Collective Karma, we are clearing the path for others to follow!

Not that there is an escape from collective karma, but just like with our personal Karma, we can learn how to decouple from our predisposed energetic attachments through our spiritual/energetic consciousness work - which will provide us with the necessary vibrational stance to avert personal disasters and havoc.

(click here to read: Surviving Global Shadow Through Evolving Beyond Your Personal Struggle)

In order to arrive in a space where we can feel centered and calm because we are provided with enough inner guidance and procognitive knowing to be at the right place at the right time, it requires us to be 100% aligned to truth and the vibrational levels above. Without the willingness to learn how to manage and integrate our own lower vibrational states of being (e.g. addictions, denial, avoidance, numbing) we will inadvertently be pulled into collective waves and their destructive energies.

Guiding energetically sensitive and/or spiritually awakening individuals through the jungle of collective and personal karma is one of a major part of the heart-based consciousness work offered here at transCODES. Besides personal energy coaching, clearing, and energy sessions we are allocating our time to weekly energy reports, to monthly energetic adjustment sessions and over twenty remote energy group sessions per month to assist people in working through and overcoming the deeper inner aspects of their awakening consciousness.

There is no space for specialness in this process - only humbleness.

Moving out of collective karma energies can be challenging at first, as most of us have numerous hard-wired ego patterns that lead us to dodge, manipulate, lie or even deny taking responsibility for our lives and our decisions. Often this is formulated out a combination of our own experiences, family and cultural programming, our choices and of course our personal karma.

Adding to this and working against our efforts to liberate ourselves from collective energies, is the collective control matrix. Through various mediums, we are bombarded with constant information, values and toxic messages that reinforce implanted collective programs in our energy field in order to keep us, humans, in our reactionary conditioning and following what is seen as 'proper modeling for success' in this life.

This can easily be seen by watching a bit of news or advertisements, where dodging, victimizing and blaming is common, and justifying our numbness to this meme. Anything is okay as long as you have something that makes it sound reasonable or okay (relativism), regardless of how twisted the facts or distorted the information presented is.

For most humans on this planet, it is okay to be caught in collective karma, as it allows the individual to remain in a state of victimhood. This may sound a bit harsh, but the payoff is that we don't need to take responsibility for our lives. There is no questioning of the deeper karmic purpose. Following Collective Karma and staying 'unconscious' by going for what is accepted, expected or conforming seems the best choice.

If you haven't stopped reading this by now, you may have felt the inner prompting to look beyond your blind spots and it may even make you angry because it feels like a constant struggle to find your own path, but you know that there is a higher potential for yourself and others. Seeing ourselves as part of the greater connectedness and surrendering our ego illusion of being separate, special or above others is the only way to transcend collective karma.

Global Shadow is not some evil force o aliens messing with our consciousness - it's the result of culminated human darkness since the beginning of our civilizations, that is coming out of the shadows to be cleared right now. Only those of us who willingly and voluntarily have faced their own shadows can see this. If we are caught by fear and anger we are unconsciously feeding the global shadow and are therefore caught in the global shadow clearing karma.

This does not mean that the pathway of collective karma is wrong or bad, but you feel that this is not your karma, then stop feeding it! It just isn't your karma! Vilifying the collective or fighting against it is just another form of resisting the needed clearing. Instead, do what you can do to keep your energy free of collective ties by becoming true to yourself and breaking free from this Collective Gaslighting!

Working to free yourself of collective karma doesn't mean you'll leave your family and friends behind. Liberating yourself is not 'against' others, just because it's 'for' you - and so it merely means that you are willingly working to become true in nature, which cannot be accomplished by staying in the matrix.

Breaking out of collective karma is done through dedication to being real and taking full responsibility for our lives. It is the act of letting go of our ego attachments and becoming integrous - nothing more. But, it takes courage, which is why most don't choose this path. With the willingness to challenge our own reactive, emotional patterns we can see where it is we are being real and where we are still dodging responsibility or truth. In fact, it isn't possible to discern truth until we make this leap and face our own ego mechanisms.

Through exploring our deeper inner energetic mechanisms and learning how to reconnect within our Inner Power we can learn to shift our energy and feel out where our lives are not quite true.

This can be learned through rediscovering our innate higher abilities. We all have the ability to hack the matrix. But it doesn't work the way most think...

The most effective methods for breaking free from the collective matrix are found in hands-on inner ego work. Only this allows us to untangle our limiting emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, which can lead us to recognize how our ego is what binds us to the collective ego. Therefore, knowing our ego and learning how to transcend our attachments is not only our prerequisite for seeing beyond the illusions of collective mass deception but also our only way of becoming aware when we are being pulled back into collective patterns.

With time and practice, our ties to the collective become less and we can move into a space where we feel more in control of our lives and personal energies. In our experience as energy healers and energy coaches, this typically leads to wanting to further into working towards deeper connection and learning how to consciously manifesting a life in truth - and for many also to an entirely different paradigm of understanding the purpose of our spiritual journey here.

(click here to watch these Training Videos on Youtube)

With the intention to manifest our highest potential we inevitably face the integration of their inner world into their outer. Whether we are pushed by our energetic sensitivity or pulled by our deeper inner prompting, we can feel that there is a deeper truth about the meaning and purpose of our existence beyond our minds and emotions. We call this our Karmic Propensity...

From an energetic view, tapping into our Karmic Propensity, which is nothing but the culmination of preprogrammed energetic tendencies that we come into this life with, leads to healing and transcending of karmic patterns and repetitions. It expresses in our unconscious gravity towards specific life experiences, but also our hidden talents and strengths that may need to be uncovered first.

Our Karmic Patterns can become visible to us if we take a closer look at our family constellation, cultural background, our genetic disposition and inherited aspects from previous generations or past lives. They reveal themselves in form of repeats and behavioral patterns in our life's circumstances and relationships. If we can learn to properly contextualize our Karmic Patterns and propensities they can guide us in connecting with Karmic Task here in this life-time and lead us to a greater understanding of our life's purpose. Our Karmic Task is coded into our energy field - all we need to learn how to connect with it and thus unlock it.

Our Karmic Task 'wants' to be revealed, understood and claimed! It is what we came here for!

Without looking at the different aspects that may be passed on from our parents and forefathers or the collective group we are in our personal our karmic load will be difficult to contextualize – in fact, I would even go as far as stating that major break-throughs in our consciousness journey are not possible without looking at the bigger picture of the different Karmic Aspects that influence some of our dispositions.

Follow me here on an excurse about the most relevant karmic factors to determine how much of our journey is predisposed through karmic aspects. Be prepared for a real eye-opener in understanding why we all tend to get stuck in certain patterns. More so, allow this information to permeate deeper and see if you can decode some of your energetic weaknesses and strengths in context with karmic aspects, which may explain to you why you keep having the same kind of visions/dreams or why you are prone to certain people or experiences…

Different Karmic Aspects that Influence Our Sense Of Self

1. Inherited Karmic Aspects

Inherited karmic aspects refer to any unhealed, imbalanced or unresolved aspect in our family/tribe/collective lineage. These are aspects that are not necessarily just related to us but more the holographic matrix. Inherited karmic aspects can be related to humanity as a whole or subunits, like culture, tribe or family.

1.1. Collective Group Karma

Our Collective Group Karma is often visible through similarities in our ethnic, cultural or even gender-specific belonging but can also refer to humanity itself. They can be very prevalent. The basic understanding here is that we all gravitate to a certain Matrix of preprogrammed or conditioned ‘way of thinking or doing things’. As for the overall Collective Human Karma we speak of 'The Matrix' itself.

Everything we perceive as ‘stereotypes’ can be linked to layers of Collective Group Karma. They can be identified through observing typical mental belief systems, outer markers, archetypal behaviors or simply through ‘this is how we do it/how we have always done this’. Anything that can be seen as typical for a particular group of people e.g. all men, Germans, Latinos, African Americans, blondes; or more specific groups, such as Holocaust survivors, refugees, loners, or Single Moms, etc. can be seen as Group Karma, as any type of inner or outer labeling or grouping can attract or express a so-called karmic attachment.

While these groups often show in genetic, psychological or behavioral similarities the majority of times they really are ‘just’ stereotypes. It is the reason why they tend to be subject to jokes, generalization or prejudices. Needless to mention, that this can cause an inner fragmentation and often lead to misunderstandings and practical challenges. However, there are certain energetic patterns to stereotypes that can indicate karmic aspects beyond our personal control or influence, which is why we recommend exploring this area in conjunction with Karma Work.

1.2. Family Karma

Karmic Family aspects belong to Group Karma on our closest level. They often include genetic dispositions for mental, physical or emotional patterns or imbalances; however, in the scope of all karmic aspects those are the easiest to identify and to overcome. Unresolved issues that inherited within a family lineage (typically up to 7 generations backward as well as forward in time) can include extremes, such as forceful deaths through murder, war or accidents, family tragedies, abuse, alcoholism, suicide, depression, etc., but also more subtle tendencies like addictive structure, disdain towards Femininity/Masculinity, degradation, control, manipulation, self-worth issues, superiority/inferiority, or hypercriticism. Nobody is free of Karmic Family aspects, which is why we often start our Karma Work here.

2. Karmic Debt & Set-Up

Karmic Debt refers to a person's personal holographic/etheric energy signature. Based on the assumption that all memory and information of all existence in all dimensions is holographically stored in our energy field, unhealed soul aspects from current, previous or alternative incarnations (i.e. past lives) can build up and bring forward the need resolve them in this lifetime. Examples for Karmic Debt can be things like having been a perpetrator in a previous life and thus needing to experience victimhood in this life to recreate balance. Other examples are broken oaths, vows or energetic contracts (aware or unaware) that need to be reconciled within.

They can play out as very specific energetic charges or problems in certain areas of life, for example, problems with sexuality as a karmic debt from a broken chastity vow in a previous incarnation as monk or priest. These karmic charges then often result in a particular energetic resonance that attracts specific circumstances, other people or experiences to facilitate this inner reconciliation process – only to provide the highest potential for healing in this particular lifetime.

A common way this shows in form of our Karmic Set-Up (the family constellation, culture, country, circumstances, etc. we were born into) and can be best transcended by contextualizing our Set-Up and reverse-engineering the purpose of these circumstances.

3. Karmic Relationship Aspects

Karmic Relationships are not just those we have or had with our friends, family or partners; they basically include all interactions with others and the world around us (including institutions, money as well as places sometimes). Our karmic propensities are composed of our need to resolve karmic debt, the generated specific karmic set-up, and group of family karma inheritance, but they mainly manifest in our interactions with others. They often play out in a complex web of karmic role-playing, choice of profession, Inner Child patterns, choice of partners, Shadow aspects and so forth. The more fragmented our soul the stronger the affinity to re-enact karmic roles or attract karmic partners into our lives.

An example of one of the most common karmic relationship ties is reflected in our choice of partner and the often repetitive nature of our relationship regardless of the individual persons involved. Most of us pick a partner resembling the parent/caretaker with the strongest unresolved karmic tie to us so that a healing of these aspects can become possible. While partnerships often provide the perfect platform for optimal growth (or failure), most of us are not aware of their karmic purpose.

It is therefore important to become aware of the fact that Karmic Relationships are directly linked to our family constellation (set-up), karmic family patterns and ‘unfinished business’ with certain karmic groups.

Transcending karmic relationship aspects means to heal those inner aspects that are played out in our relationships, not the relationship itself. However, as those aspects begin to heal within us our relationships typically do as well - or break away – as they are not needed anymore. In the same sense, exchanging partners does not guarantee karmic healing, on the contrary; it quite often leads to repeat of similar relationship experiences until our inner aspect is fully integrated.

I’m sure it can sound a bit disheartening - that is, only if we interpret karma and karmic aspects from a fear-based life view. Through active Karma Work, we can learn to become aware of how these aspects influence our life and to recognize our hidden patterns, beliefs, and attachments. We begin to feel empowered to change our karma by consciously breaking through these patterns. A major game-changer is changing our view to a more compassionate and forgiving view - with less judgment and prejudices - for ourselves and others. Only so we can realize that resisting our karma only reenergizes it.

To evolve beyond our predisposed karma the single most important step is accepting that we have these propensities and that we have the power to transcend them!

I’ve worked with many couples that were closed to getting divorced or separated, who after they learned about the nature and purpose of their karmic relationship, felt empowered to transcend and work through these aspects together – leading to a whole new level of intimacy and compassion.

In other words, while karmic aspects can make us aware of certain tendencies or hidden agendas within us, we may feel a bit restricted at first. Through allowing a more heart-centered view we can become able to see the gift in our personal karma. All we need is the curiosity to explore our inner worlds and the willingness to let go of our ego pay-offs.

Active Karma Work can have a profound impact on our life - more than all conceptual, spiritual or metaphysical knowledge we ever provide for us!

For more info on Karma and Active Karma Work please click here:

Understanding Karma – Can We Change Our Karma?

Understanding Karma Work – How to Change Our Karma

Much Love and the best of 2020!

Thank you for supporting transCODES!

Jona Bryndis

Founder and Owner of transCODES

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