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Soulfulness - The Art Of Deeper Connecting Within

By jona bryndis, Oct 31 2019 07:16PM

In times of increased global uncertainty, our collective human energy field tends to stir up and release fear and anger energies. This invites darkness into people’s hearts. Not only do we often feel this through elevated stress and exhaustion, but we literally experience ourselves in a state of emergency without knowing why. Those with energetic sensitivity are often quite susceptible to feeling these collective disturbances, unaware that their own energy fields are being pushed, manipulated and bombarded. Without a proper understanding and discernment, it can become challenging to remember that we are a soul with a body - and not just a body with a soul.

Collectively the times we are in are characterized by an intensified correction and speeding up of deeper inner clearing processes negatively affecting especially our ABILITY TO CONNECT. On the outside this energetic condition can show in many different ways: Overall increase in pace of life (phones and social media), political and social chaos, financial crisis, integrity problems and fanatism, increased terrorisms, people erratically acting out or 'going nuts', planet responding with unusual earth changes. Internally, these collective conditions affect us through elevated overall stress, sleep and eating problems, increased energetic sensations or mystery diseases, addictions, depression, anxiety, goal-lessness, loneliness, and/or deeply disturbing inner turmoil through not being able to make sense of anything.

Self-worth issues, relationship issues, and 'wanting to give-up' are very common in times when an old paradigm is shifting into a new paradigm. It is therefore of utmost importance to remember that we are not isolated beings. We are all going through this, and often the remedy for our inner turmoil is through reaching out or communicating with others. However, the very skill that could help us to overcome the challenges of this particular time period can be really difficult when we have forgotten to connect within. 

Corrective collective transitions are always also opportunities for us to observe our own triggers and energetic charges. Every interaction with others or the world itself is a mirror for us. Without practice, training and the willingness to nurture our relations - especially the one with ourselves - we cannot expect relief from any of our internal symptoms. We need to go back to the basics and explore our own relationship with self.

From an energetic perspective, anxiety, anger, lack, disdain, manipulation, numbing, degradation, suffering, etc. are negative energy fields that are either created internally or that are sticking to us coming from the outside. However, whether or not outer energies 'stick' to us depends on our inner state. When we are low already and when our inner connection is compromised or disrupted, then outer energies stick even more and can dominate our experience. For many of us, our family set up and resulting inner child blocks  conditioned us to be more receptive to certain kinds of negative energies than others, for example when we experienced trauma or went through very difficult formative years.

For more info on Adverse Childhood Experiences and how they can affect our energy watch this: https://youtu.be/LGRH8Y26Ebk

However, the general rule is that energies resonate with similar energies. If we are allowing outer energies to dominate our views, emotions or behavior then this is even more so a sign that we are not fully connected. It means that we are not fully inhabiting our own soul body.

The deeper energetic look shows us that most of our disconnect patterns stem from either not being able or willing to listen to our own needs. The disconnect typically happens through gradually disregarding our own inner signaling, boundaries and needs resulting in mild or severe lack of self-care and love. In the presence of trauma or inner child blocks, this part was fragmented and is therefore not detectable by our mind's awareness. It requires other methods to reconnect with this part in us.

The need to CONNECT (orange) isn't exactly coming from our brain anyway (or at least what we perceive as our cognitive functions). It operates on a deeper level and therefore cannot really be controlled by our minds. Until we learn to bypass our mental fixation and learn how to CONNECT WITHIN (green) it is practically impossible for us to truly judge whether we are truly connected or not. And here is why:

The basic need for connection and belonging is anchored in our ANS - hormones, neurotransmitters, and biochemistry. Those mainly expresses through PHYSIOLOGICAL CONNECTIONS, such as being in physical presence or doing things with others. It includes all gradients of physical connection, from eating food or exercising together,  verbally communicating and expressing our feelings to sexual intimacy. Emotional connection is what most of us seek through relationships but also what is most inhibited by our ego's fears.

Not everyone is willing to truly connect with others. In fact, many empaths aren't really interested in connecting with just anybody, as it often comes with an emotional backlash or absorption. Once we become aware of how much emotionality and negativity can come from others, the more selective about who we socialize with become. Besides the obvious emotional vampirism or narcissism, it is difficult to tell or prove whether negativity, sadness, self-doubt or victimhood is something we picked up from somebody else or if it came from our inner negativity. The energetic truth is, is that it's irrelevant where it came from! If you are resisting it, it's yours! 

TRUE CONNECTION comes from the ability to be and stay connected within. It requires TRUST, UNCONDITIONALITY & ALLOWING VULNERABILITY. If we want to change our relationships we need to start with clearing up and reconciling with our INNER RELATIONSHIP.

The ego, as well as our thoughts and emotions have their use and cannot be cut out or be removed – only their dominance over our perception can be altered. Although it often seems as if the ego functions like the 'anti-consciousness' it still has its purpose in securing our physical existence. From an energetic perspective, our lower chakra energies symbolize our human-ness - our vulnerability and weak spots, our passion but also our reactivity and emotional attachments. Therefore there is no point in wasting energy on judging ourselves for our 'negative' emotions. All that really matters is that we learn who to discern our perception so that we can differentiate and integrate all emotions, feelings, and sensations - so that we can connect with ourselves again.

For many of us, this differentiation is new. We regard having certain emotions as 'lower', 'negative' and 'not spiritual', spiraling in our unsolvable conflict between body, mind, and spirit. Mindfulness techniques, such as meditation, contemplation, spending time with nature and studying Energy Awareness can be of great help in such times, but the main thing to remember is that it's about 'coming home' to your own soul body, so that outer energies cannot affect you. We call this SOULFULNESS and teach it through deeper inner energy training and healing sessions. If you are interested in how this could help you to become more 'soulful' check out our upcoming SOULFULNESS MARATHON (Grace Sacral Heart Fusion Marathon this weekend, starting Friday morning. All sessions are done remotely and can be joined form home or wherever you are at the times of energy sessions.

Thank you for your time. 

Read below what this particular energy work modality can do for you


jona bryndis

GRACE Sacral-Heart Fusion is initiates emotional and trauma clearing through the heart-center and practices energetic fusion of lower emotions (including sexual aspects) with body and the heart-field. GRACE Sacral-Heart-Fusion is an integral process of the GRACE Integrity® Cycle. The work associated with the Grace Sacral-Heart is geared towards emotional and trauma clearing and reprogramming of our systems shifting from lower vibratory reactive choices to the heart.


As this focus takes hold, we will begin to sense and work through where we still have reactive, emotionally charged decision making. Survival based programming will also be cleared with higher vibratory solutions coming in to enhance our overall energies and choices. And, activation of heart-level based energies will begin to reprogram our systems from this paradigm.

The power of allowing this connection can aid anyone in letting go of not only excessive emotionality and reactivity but also allow for us to learn how to align further to high vibratory energies of the heart and the Divine Connection within.

Each day will have a different focus and meditative practice combined with the group field that is quite stunning and beautiful to follow, adding very powerful understanding and experience to our journey. The three main actions of this session are:


*Lower Chakras – the focus here is to release blocks in our lower chakras typically linked to fear, anger, desire, and control energies allowing a healthier flow of our energy

*Solar Logos – a practice of utilizing the Divine aspect within us to heal and rewrite our own systems (very cool process!)

*Hieros Gamos – here the focus is utilizing strong grounding techniques and reframing exercises to allow any leftover resistances to be cleared via this process


The field created through this transCODE transMISSION initiates:

- Dissolution of remaining disharmonic lower-self aspects

- Alignment to inner Divinity (Christ -Light/Source/God/Celestial)

- Fusion of all sexual and survival aspects with heart-center

- Clearing of remaining Masculine/Feminine dissonances

- Reprogramming of stored emotional memory to higher vibratory resonances

- Anchoring of Sacral-Heart in physical body

- Kundalini Activation

If you are interested in this inner work check out our public or private GRACE Sacral-Heart-Fusion sessions or want to join our Grace Sacral-Heart Fusion Marathon this weekend.

For more info on Understanding Energy Healing and Clearing click here.

For more info on Basics of Energy Work click here.

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