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Side-Stepping Collective Energies & Phantom Pains

By jona bryndis, Jun 19 2018 04:02PM

For many awakening souls and energetically sensitive persons it is becoming more and more obvious that our energy is not totally independent or separate from others, the environment or even planetary influences. However, this doesn't mean that we have to feel like victims of a global conspiracy or that we're doomed to live our lives feeling trapped in the prison of the human collective unconsious! The awakening to this kind of knowing can be a bit harsh (as shown in the Matrix movies) - but if we can contextualize our individual journey as part of a greater, we will begin to understand that there is not only a major shift that's happening within ourselves, but for humanity as a whole.

The hardest part is to overcome our ego's illusion that we're the only ones who can feel the pain and thus realizing that victimhood is part of our collectively conditioned specialness. The system is not 'out there to get us' folks! - the system is what it is - if we want to live and manifest a life in truth and love, it's our responsibility to stand up and claim our right to take full responsibility for our personal energy!

One way restrictive or manipulated collective pain manifest in us is through the constant bombardment of negativity. The majority of us humans perceive our lives as restrictive and the journey as ‘hard’. We feel in opposition to life and find resistances and dramas ‘normal’. This leads to an unconscious accumulation of fear, frustration, anger, blame, shame and helplessness and a deep pain within the collective - PHANTOM PAIN, as my mentor Patricia St.Clair so adequately labled them many years back.

Collective fear and pain stores in our human holographic memory field. It lingers and permeates us, and depending on our level of liberation from the collective energy field (matrix) affects our personal energy. Right now, we are under the influence of heavy external energetic bombardment through high frequency global energetic waves on the one hand and increased collective manipulation through single-sided information, media and news on the other. It’s time to realize that our personal energy is under attack! Even if we are aware of the ongoing battle of resonances, without conscious personal energy management and decisive actions that help us to decouple from collective negativity, we will continue to struggle maintaining our energy and often feel blocked or even regressing.

Personal energy management means to be able to know the difference between inner and outer energies; to be able to discern our inner aspects that we still need to work on from collective untruths, and receiving inner guidance as to what needs to be avoided and how to prevent energetic absorption. Without this inner discernment your personal energy is exposed to the unconscious absorption of collective energies.

The best way to side-step out of this negative collective perception of life is through re-contextualizing our life’s journey:

Our journey is the path to remembering of who we truly are and what our true purpose is, and knowing how to express and manifest it.

Without proper education on how to prevent the collective phantom pain to affect you, and how to access the abundant Divine Energy permeating through you instead, chances are you will continue to feel exhausted, alone, drained and helpless like mostly everybody around you. Your ego will dominate your perception, and your thoughts and your emotions will be influenced by external energies. The trick to minimizing the effect of the collective ego matrix to affect you is to actively and consciously decouple from it and realign to the Divine Energy Field also around and within you at all times.

The creational energy of the all-encompassing Divine Field is expansive, life supporting, and liberating. It resonates on the level of abundance, beauty, joy and love. If we can align our personal energy to the power of our sacred heart we begin spontaneously begin to resonate (oscillating in harmony) with the Divine field and its high frequency energies. By deciding to be in this resonance at all times in our lives, we are able to directly access the highest source of energy provided by the totality of the Divine within you.

Divine energies are not outside of us! Those of you who have been working on connecting with their True Self/Inner Divinity have heard this many times – it’s not a matter of believing it, it’s a matter of aligning our to it, which makes is real!

We all have the ability to access this gateway. It resides right within our heart-center. Anyone who can feel their ‘heart’ can become one with their Inner Divine Source of energy! All we need to do is relinquish our ego/mind/emotionality-control mechanisms that filter our perception and created the inner imprisonment in the illusion of collective phantom pains – the separation from Source/God/Divine in the first place.

Liberating ourselves from collective phantom pains doesn’t mean to fight ones way out of our inner restrictions or killing the wards and agents of the matrix. However, while standing our ground can be necessary part of our inner liberation process, the essential meaning of true Freedom is to claim the right to create your own space, in harmony with existent conditions/circumstances.

Self-Liberation therefore means to be able to transcend our ego’s perception of an external cause for our inner limitations and restrictions; it means to be able to make peace with others, to reconcile our story and to accept the limitations of system we live in. It doesn’t mean that others are our enemies! To reach a deeper understanding that it is not the collective, but ourselves who created the prison walls in the first place, we need to realize that our karmic and collective programming merely delivered the stage, script and supporting actors for the robotic role-play of our ego-show.

What allows our ego to decouple form collective ties and unlock the expansion of our true nature, is not our stance against it. This would lock our energy to its low energy frequency. The only step that can make peace with the matrix and to leave the collective pre-disposition for pain, anger and fear behind us, is to side-step out of it and learn to trust in inner discernment, powered by our alignment to the Divine Field.

Each of us can become the creator, writer and director of a new heart-based script of our life, if we choose to. The key to open the door of our life’s prison cell is already in us!

There are many different aspects to our journey, and many can be addressed through the energy work offered here. transCODES is dedicated to providing a platform and services that support our self-liberation and healing as needed. If you are interested in actively cutting collective ties and decoupling from matrix pains, check out our upcoming KARMIC COLLECTIVE CLEARING remote energy session .

Thank you for you time.

Much Love,

jona bryndis

Energy coach & Founder of transCODES


transCODES offers a service and online community platform for everyone who is interested in exploring his or her deeper aspects of heart connection, heightened energetic perception, spiritual self-awareness and sacred self-healing. Our trained energy workers provide hands-on education, guidance and energy coaching/healing services for energetically sensitive persons and anyone who feels prompted to engage in active consciousness work and integrative self-mastery. transCODES energy work is non-religious and not bound to any specific teaching or methodology.

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