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Shift & Rise!

By jona bryndis, Aug 13 2016 09:21PM

August & September Energies

With the approaching full moon energies (18th August) we are beginning to reach the apex of conflict building (see August Energy Report). This leaves us only little time to shift our inner energy into resolution finding, which will be needed very soon. The theme for the coming 4 weeks until the 2nd quarter of September when serious structural changes require us to consciously tune into our practical reorganization phase, is about our RESPONSE-ABILITY and the maturity of Personal Energy Management.


This may sound a bit dramatic but for the energetically sensitive and empathic readership here this is something you have been feeling coming on for the past two, if not four years already. Knowing our inner dissonances, working on transcending unresolved inner conflicts and learning about our inner energies and how they react under pressure is something that you have (hopefully) all been working on for a while. Therefore, this energy update is really just confirming what you have been feeling all along.


Never forget that in the midst of the Global Awakening Phenomenon there are also forces at work that deliberately inject programmed doubts and fears into the human collective, that is far from being aware - not to mention immune - against Etheric Manipulation (yet). The lingering feeling that you are a nut-job and that your perception is nothing but the result of a mental instability or being emotionally lost is nothing but a small part of a collective-wide crazy making tactics of the power-to-be!


Only if we can train ourselves to see through these distraction mechanisms and how they immobilize us can we recognize that repeating feelings of rejection, betrayal and heart-ache are distractions to keep humans busy in an INNER CHAOS, so that the OUTER CHAOS stays undetected by our inner higher senses.


This is what this active correction phase is now about! Since the beginning of August we are presented with the chance to dig deep into our emotional and energetic vulnerability and to decouple, clear and integrate our conditioned receptors for the Trauma, Karma and Drama of collective phantom pains, inner separation and externalization of our inner higher power.


If we, as humans want to come out of this global shifting process as sovereign souls, we need to RECLAIM our inner divine powers and thus accept our co-creatorship in this human collective drama play. This can only happen if we are willing to face our ego’s fears of the 'End-of-All-Things'. Our ego binds us in our physical – our emotions and mind – and thus limits our perception and clouds our inner heart-connection.


If we want to rise to a new level of integrity that allows for the long awaited critical mass of awakened souls to raise the overall level of consciousness of humanity, we need to approach this coming phase of human evolution with a cleared energy body, disciplined ego-mind and open heart. For this, it is inevitable to face our personal fears and to learn how to raise our vibration beyond our personal struggles.

The trick to dealing with UNCERTAINTY is to develop emotional and spiritual maturity that allows us to DISCERN – not only what is ours and what isn’t – but most importantly what is true and what isn’t. In previous articles I have referred to this as tapping into our HEART’S INTELLIGENCE, which combines our Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Intelligence through a conscious merging into our innate DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS.


But don’t get me wrong here, I am not suggesting to take the ‘higher road’ or blindly accepting that most people on this planet ‘don’t get this yet’ as some religious or spiritual practices suggest – this is an ego trap that energizes your ego through specialness of ‘being part the chosen ones’. There is no such thing as ‘being chosen’! YOU CHOOSE!


Each and every moment you choose what basic energy resonance you are aligning your energy to!

- Stand up and choose to be the CO-CREATOR of your life!

- Leave your past behind you! Forgive yourselves and others for their

  innocence and ignorance of what they cannot see!

- Accept some of your personal karmic predispositions and move on by

  integrating them rather than trying to cope!

- Become accountable for your energy in each and every moment!

- Choose who, what organization, consumer product, media, relationships

  and what energies you are allowing into your energy system!

- Ditch what is not true to you (any longer)!

- Stop trying to find lower vibratory solutions for higher vibratory



The biggest problem is that most of us are not aware that we are given this choice, and so we waste our Divine Higher Powers through engaging in religious, gender/race, emotional, mental or Etheric ego-battles that do nothing but weakening your SPIRITUAL STANCE. Only our alignment to truth due to the power of the Divine Field permeating through our heart allows to claim our power as awakened and intelligent spiritual beings.


SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE means shifting your way of seeing the world and yourselves in it through connecting with your heart’s intelligence – our god-given ability to DISCERN truth! It changes our perception of Self, the world and other people to a much more amicable view and changes our self-understanding to one in which they can see themselves as active co-creators of their life’s experiences.


Practical Application -

Love your Neighbor as Yourself?


“Being 'spiritual' doesn’t mean that we have to tolerate wrongdoings or find payoff in sacrifice or suffering pain; on the contrary! Through actively participating and consciously owning our energetic/emotional states we are communicating a new level of responsibility for our life and humanity as a whole. This enables us to fully commit to our life in a new way that allows us to take charge of our experiences.


Energetically, this shift can be a fundamental game changer. It facilitates the resonance with higher vibratory states and solution finding strategies and allows for a paradigm based on love and self-love rather than self-preservation and survival. A spiritually mature stance does not only lead to a massive shift in our subjective experience of life but also provides us with a new tool-set of being able to identify and transmute programmed patterns as we go. 


It leads to a new level of Emotional and Spiritual maturity that enables us to respond rather than react; it increases our response-ability and with it our ability to find cooperative and mutually positive solutions (win-win) - to a point where challenges can be regarded as welcome opportunities for making corrections, improvements and enhancements.” (from 'Developing Spiritual Intelligence -The Art of Responding vs. Reacting')



Love Yourself as Your Neighbors!


Voluntarily and consciously clearing and integrating our personal struggles is the part of the Art of Loving Ourselves and respecting our spiritual existence, which is nothing but expressing DIVINE LOVE in all we do, think, and feel.

If you want to be of service or simply get through this exciting time of Shift and Change stronger than you have ever been, learn how to align yourself to your Inner Higher Power by trusting in your heart’s intelligence - and RISE!


…and off we go!


If you feel you need energetic assistance or would like to actively shift & change check out our many FREE sessions coming up for this coming time period at www.transCODES.com

Much Love,

jona bryndis

Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES


About transCODES

transCODES offers a service and online community platform for everyone who is interested in exploring his or her deeper aspects of heart connection, heightened energetic perception, spiritual self-awareness and sacred self-healing. Our trained energy workers provide hands-on education, guidance and energy coaching/healing services for energetically sensitive persons and anyone who feels prompted to engage in active consciousness work and integrative self-mastery. transCODES energy work is non-religious and not bound to any specific teaching or methodology.

In remote energy session, guided meditation work, group coaching work and personal energy coaching sessions we offer hands-on support and practical guidance to those on their journey of personal growth, spiritual maturity and manifestation of higher goals. This includes energetic clearing work, karma, trauma, inner child, recovery, shadow, manifestation and spiritual integration. Our work is often perceived as highly challenging as it addresses our deeply conditioned and programmed ego attachments, which is exactly what allows a person to grow beyond their own limitations.

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