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Shadow, Trauma & White-Shadow - Actively Working With Our Shadow

By jona bryndis, Jul 15 2016 07:09AM

When we begin to examine or look at our shadow, sometimes it is best to start with the basic meaning of the word.

The word shadow itself is typically described as a gray or black filled in outline of ourselves stretched oddly following behind us. This askew mirror image never really appears to be part of us, but never is really apart from us either.

Interestingly, our physical shadow is created when our body is blocking the light hitting us, which is very symbolic of what really happens when the shadow, described in psychological or metaphysical terms, is formed.

The psychological term shadow describes the parts of us that are hidden away or blocked due defense mechanisms, fears, or traumas occurring mostly during our formative years. These defenses create schisms in us that at first were likely very protective, but now are now causing us to be someone we are not or we no longer want to be.

Adding to this, the energy needed to keep up this façade to continually block part of ourselves begins to hamper or hinder who we are in the present.

By working through these blocks, emotions, and/or defenses we can begin to reclaim our inner strength and power as well as become more true to who we really are.

The first step in confronting or facing our shadow, is to remember that it is a part of us. It is not something to continue being denied, hidden, or shoved away.

By denying or shunning part of us, we fragment ourselves further creating more separation from our true nature and adding greater amounts of repressed emotions and mental blocks to our shadow.

It is not through denying or cutting off from these aspects that allows us to move forward. It is by facing these parts and accepting them that brings us closer to understanding and knowing.

To do this more effectively, we must face the shadow within a higher energetic state, and not the lower energetic state of the original trauma that occurred.

Fear, guilt, or shame (to name a few) are very constrictive and do not allow for much movement or change. By aligning to higher energetic states such as courage, neutrality, love, or compassion we can begin to examine these feelings and reframe them.

All of us have the ability to do work such as this as all it takes is a willingness to connect and allow these hidden aspects to come forward.

We can begin to have an inner dialogue with our hidden aspects and see what is needed to change, accept, or integrate. We can see what keeps us in them and what we are avoiding by staying within our shadow...out of the light.

By also being connected to higher energetic states, we can add to our overall level of understanding and change.

And, through learning to accept and love our shadow, we not only uncovering hidden aspects of ourselves, but we are also freeing up energy that was used in hiding or defending our hurt aspects.

As we work through our shadows we can now use this energy to manifest more light into our lives and more love. We will find more creativity, more energy, and a greater compassion for others and ourselves. We become less obstructed as our shadow no longer needs to be hidden anymore as we agree to accept all of ourselves.

It is by shining a light on ourselves that we resolve our shadow as these hidden parts of us are really a large part of the pathway to the heart.

So, for those of you who are dealing with a pattern or two that are really frustrating you or if you would simply like to begin to connect with and work with your shadow, we are offering our Shadow Work transMISSION this Friday the 15th @ 10PM MDT.

This guided meditation and transMISSION process (read here how remote energy transMISSIONS work)can really help us to not only connect with our shadows, but also aid us in breaking down what keeps us in these patterns as well as helping us to see what need we have underneath each aspect. It is a chance to stop processing the same pattern over and over again and work to move past these patterns as they come into our awareness.

And, our focus for the month is working with our White Shadow which is the part of our ego that attempts to feel accepted, respected, worthy and loved; but in contrast to truthful kindness, lovingness and joy, white-shadow mechanisms are based on outside recognition and approval and often feel like sacrifices. They require energy to be kept up...

So, for those joining in on Friday's session, be prepared to have a powerful experience as working through the more manipulative and secretive parts of us can really shed light on changes that are needed.

And, adding in the group facilitation will allow for a stronger overall intention for those joining in as well as help all to keep the energy level very high.

Click here to sign up or see a bit more information for the Shadow Work Transmission.

Come, join us in this work! What comes forward can really aid anyone in their work. Hope to have you there! We'll keep the sign up open until about 7 or 8pm MDT tomorrow.



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