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By jona bryndis, Oct 22 2016 05:56PM

Energy Update for 21st -28th October 2016 (Week 44)


I hope you all got through the 'haze' of last weeks collective energetic band. This past week we dealt with our mental and emotional looping patterns. Be aware when you are going there - it makes you more vulnerable than facing your inner darkness - in fact - this is your inner darkness! 

(Please read 'Navigating through The Underworld of Our Own Inner Darkness' below.)

Overall, we are still under the influence of very old and unresolved patterns emerging. This correction will take a few more years; so don't feel like you are 'not getting it'. The cloud layers around our heart took decades if not generations to build, so be patient with yourself!

On the other hand, don't wait with the expression of your True Self either! When are you going to start to live your life according to your higher goals? The longer you wait the harder it gets to face your inner demons! Just because you are just a small puzzle piece in this Divine Comedy doesn't mean that you are powerless! Your power is the power to feel energies and this destines you to deal with your stuff! If you weren't - you wouldn't read this energy report!

One of the things that has been throwing us off is the feeling of powerlessness. It is very common to react with hard-wired coping when being triggered by fear or anger, as I reported in last weeks energy update. The energy of uncertainty about how the world is developing caused our most unconscious and oldest coping mechanisms to reemerge; our first layer of ego-defense located in our 1st and 2nd Chakra region.

For many of you it felt like 'relapsing' the past 10 days. Whatever your personal coping mechanism is; lashing out, relief through a substance, sex, an unhealthy behavior, withdrawal, self-pity, dodging of fears through numbing or going into fantasizing isolation - the global shadow game is back on; and if you are not cautious, your inner darkness may get the best of you the next couple of weeks.

If you find yourself in a place of going back to your old patterns - stop for a moment. Take a deep breath, let out a big sigh, and ask yourself what you can do RIGHT NOW, to shift your energy into a higher vibrational state (see graph above). It is super important to ask yourself this question, as this is the only way to activate your inner self-healing powers!

We can't change the world; in fact we can't change anything other than our own energy in this very moment! This is our higher power and if we forget that we are the sovereign of our own energy, than our inner pendulum of energies will continue from super high to super low - and drain us to the core, until we are willing to give in to the matrix of inner and outer darkness. 

Outer things will continue to escalate, and so the feeling of powerlessness will further increase over the next 4-6 weeks. It is therefore of utmost importance that we don't allow the polarization that is happening in this world  to distract and weaken our energy! Stay in your heart and with your own truth!

Don't try to defend, convince or justify anything! It's a waste of time! Instead feel inside and don't be afraid of what you encounter there - those are all things that need to come forward anyway. If not now, when?

The reason why outer influences hit us so hard sometimes is because we generally perceive our environment as hostile, or at least non-compatible. Any energetically sensitive person can relate to this statement. We feel like being in this world is like a constant battle between dark and light, and so we tend to make the collective, politics, family members and other outer factors responsible for our personal well-being.

The only protection you have is you have is knowing yourself and transcending your fear of your own shadow. As soon as you begin to let go of your inner fear outer fears can't grip as much. You become able to go into your center and to respond when needed.

Whether or not you need/can do something is subject to your inner guidance - your true inner voice and not your excessive worrying, blaming or self-bashing!

Remember, polarization is a dissonance. It can trigger fear or reactions in us, and if we haven't began to work on learning how to breathe through some of the outer catalysts of our human collective awakening process, we will continue to feel our life is like a huge roller coaster.

By the end of December new hope will surface, but until then we need to really keep an eye on our personal energy management!

Energy Management Tip for this Week:

This week's challenge is to be able to stay within our center and to breathe through some of the escalating outer restriction. Lung and chest issues are likely, but also respiratory infections if we don't catch it fast enough. Depending on your geography try to align to local herbs. Drink their teas, bathe in their tinctures or make essences (Mullein, Fennel, Eucalyptus, Sage, Chamomile, Peppermint, Catnip, etc.) Gaia's herbs in your area are filled with bioenergetic photochemicals and etheric oils that replenish what you are missing to balance your immune system whenever needed!

I strongly recommend to learn centering Breathing Techniques, if you haven't already integrated diaphragm and heart breathing. 

Here a brief description of IAM Breathing, which apart from stress relief allows us to release excess mental and emotional energies.

If you want to consciously work on integrating incoming energies check out the upcoming remote energy sessions.

All the best!


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