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September 2018 Collective Energy Forecast

By elecia, Sep 22 2018 10:33AM

Energy Updates

September 2018 Forecast

By jona bryndis, September 3 2018

Watch The Video here

New Beginning - New Miracles


Dear All,

We are three days into September and Incoming Energies are started to take form with this weekend 1st September 2018. As preempted in the 'Incoming September Energies' we will be asked to ACTIVELY ENGAGE now. Indecision, wavering or whining is not going to help us through a larger evolutionary SELF-TRANSFORMATION that will be SET IN MOTION in September.

The hardest part, besides physical tiredness perhaps, as September Energies feel a lot more earthy and solid, is to LET GO of what is no longer CONDUCIVE, even if we don't have all the answers or 'a proper plan'. SURRENDER to our Inner Higher Power means to allow our LIMITATIONS OF THE PAST to no longer stifle us. If we want to come up with HIGHER VIBRATORY SOLUTIONS we cannot HANG ON OR ENERGIZE THE SAME OLD!

I've laid out the aspects involved in this in the video. Below, I would like to share with you what this INNER LETTING GO PROCESS looks like when people choose to actively engage in the practice of it. Throughout the last three days we facilitated an Energy Session Marathon to train emotional and mental surrender. If you have the time, read in the Field Report what the practical difficulties were we encountered:

GRACE Integrity Marathon September 2018

This marathon was 'hard work' until the last minute! What a great learning experience!

Throughout our 9 sessions we went through the culmination of our physical, emotional and mental patterns that resist SELF-LOVE AND TRUSTING OURSELVES in all its hidden and self-braying shades of our ego. It was truly amazing to consciously WITNESS OUR EGO PATTERNS in the full awareness! In the end there was nothing left untouched and yet there was this SILENT/CREEPING/LINGERING KNOWINGNESS that all of what we 'thought' we had let go of - is still there.Bummer!

But not from aaa energy work perspective!

The ABILITY TO DISCERN and CONSCIOUSLY FEEL what is holding us back or blocking us (attachment) from going where we want to go (alignment) is HUGE guys!!!!! To realize that we have blindspots, and that they are directly linked to our wounds/traumas/karmic aspects is a PROFOUND REALIZATION! It proves that we cannot see what our ego cannot see - only our consciousness can WITNESS OUR EGO, but that this is tricky. Through actively connecting with our hearts over and over and over again provided us with the necessary CONFIDENCE TO TRUST that there are HIGHER VIBRATORY SOLUTIONS in us, just not in the current state we are in. In other words:

There are no resolutions where your ego is looking for it! All your ego tries to do is to find a solution that can reenergize itself (ego payoff). We all gained a better understanding on why we are looping back and forth; and why it's 'so hard' to hold these higher states.

Throughout the entire marathon our energies were going in and out - letting go and PULLING BACK IN - rhythmic almost. We couldn't help but notice it - relentless and consequential! It felt impossible to hold our oneness state and impossible to stay in our ego state...a constant witnessing of our own EGO PATTERNS and how we keep pulling them back in (battle between 3rd and 4th chakra).

On our first two days, there were glimpses of total calmness, freedom and peace within - but then again we observed how our ego was immediately going back to WALLOWING/COMPLAINING/WHINING/FEELING LIKE A LOOSER OR VICTIM. Our ego acted like a junky. This happened not because we didn't want to see, but because we have never consciously encountered the TRUE NATURE OF OUR EGO before! The 'infantile' aspects that Jeff reported about are not just some theoretical problem. They determine our PERCEPTION OF SELF and with it our daily choices!

"By facing the infantile within, we face the narcissistic aspects that as an ego we all have, allowing for a more mature, healthy, and truer state to come to fruition within us. That, in turn, allows new solutions to arise with time as we continue to accept, let go/surrender and be responsible for all that we are...and take action to move towards what it is our heart guides us to..."

In our last three sessions we learned how a more unified and compassionate perception of our ego and all its coping mechanisms helps to ACKNOWLEDGE them as INTEGRAL PART of us, so that this eternal battle between our higher and lower self can reside.

For as long as we regard our ego as 'bad' or 'unwanted' we keep energizing and RETRAUMATIZING our own wounds!

The main lesson of this Marathon appears to be our ability to RECOGNIZE this and align ourselves to the RADICAL TRUTH (and often sadness/grief/pain - the emotion that so many of you fear and yet need to acknowledge) of our ego patterns, rather than trying to FIGHT, DENY OR OUTPERFORM THEM. Our ego is NOT the enemy! It is there for a reason. It helped us to cope in the past. So, is not only an integral part of us but also represents exactly the part that was TAKEN AWAY, GIVEN AWAY OR LOST in the process of maturing.

In order to fully connect and heal, the realization that our ego is a lost, given away or taken away aspect of ourselves - a small, lost and hurt child - and that we need to have compassion and forgiveness for ourselves in order to heal it - is the main take away from this marathon. It leads us to the unlocking of our blindspotted and often resented KARMIC & INNER CHILD ASPECTS that are still hidden behind our EGO COPING MECHANISMS.

So many of us have difficulties with SELF LOVE...this is why. We fight ourselves believing that it would give us an edge over others or that if we just try harder, we will find the fulfillment or love we are yearning for. Without the willingness to LOVE OURSELVES REGARDLESS of our wounds/traumas/perceived flaws new 'resolutions' won't be possible! So, in the end we all need to learn that 'healing' is not the same as REMOVING, ERADICATING, DENYING, AVOIDING, FIGHTING (ego coping) but UNCONDITIONALLY LOVING that which disconnects us, so that this part of us can calm down and feel BELONGING again.

Healing is the ACCEPTANCE OF ALL AS IS - including our resistances, ego payoffs and patterns.

Once we begin to feel this, there is NO KIDDING OURSELVES ANYMORE - and we can begin to heal. Does it feel good to our ego? Heck NO! Our ego wants to blame and have justifications - it will never be satisfied NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY (3rd chakra). It doesn't want to be RESPONSIBLE! After all, it sees itself as what got you here... It wants to take credits for all the 'good' results and it externalizes all 'bad' results. See?

The trick to getting past all this resistance we discussed here in length is in AGREEING that the transcendence of ego patterns requires the ACTIVE AND CONSCIOUS ACT OF LETTING GO and SURRENDER - and the realization that it won't happen on its own (the ego cannot transcend itself!).

The big revelation of this marathon and the fantastic work that you all did is that we have come a step closer to having experienced how our ego handles HIGHER VIBRATORY STATES. It resents, fights and avoids them, because they reveal the HIDDEN PAIN of not feeling connected with our hearts. However, experiencing our ego's KICKING AND SCREAMING when entering these higher states (through meditation or transMISSIONS) isn't easy! It's threatening and traumatizing - and so it does (seeks resolutions) the way it always does (ego patterns).

You are here because your inner prompting has guided you to look into these hidden aspects. During the entire marathon you asked your True Self to:

Reveal all that needs to be revealed.

Heal all that needs to be healed.

And this is what you received. Just not how your ego 'wanted' it. Whatever the expectations were, through your first hand experiences Self-Healing has a NEW MEANING for you all now. It cannot be half-assed...and that it requires a lot of COURAGE TO STAY WITHIN ONES TRUTH.

Most of us perceived this marathon therefore as either really exhausting or really liberating - and perhaps both at the same time

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