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Sacred Self-Healing Journey - New Years Special!!

By jona bryndis, Dec 13 2018 02:00PM

Many of us are looking for communities and people that can enrich our deeper journey. The amount of Ascension Groups, Online Courses and Spiritual Blog Sites in Social Media and the internet have been exploding in the past couple of years. It shows us the need for guidance in this area of self-improvement and spiritual emergence, but how can we discern the often redundant and often single-sided information? What if we want to grow beyond channelings from 'spiritual beings' or the mainstream how-to's of 'becoming more spiritual'?

Not sure about you, but what catapulted my personal journey to a whole new level of understanding myself and the purpose of my life were not the OBE's and other cool cutting edge technologies of consciousness research I experimented with, but the hands on uncovering of those powerful layers of my ego that limited my perception of myself and the world we live in. At that time, the ever positive message of 'love heals all' didn't really make sense to me, as I was mainly caught in my mind trying to 'figure' out my emotions and why my life didn't feel true to me - not to mention deeper questions such as the purpose of my life...

On my personal journey, the deeper meaning of heart-centeredness and how I can utilize my energetic sensitivity to create a life and understanding of life that goes way beyond my mind didn't reveal itself to me until much later. In order to 'get it' I had to learn how to let go of my mind and my ego first - and so I spent a considerable amount of time chasing books, workshops, teachers and yet often running in circles. From my perspective it felt like everybody else got it - except me - which made me feel not good enough or not 'spiritual' enough. It took me 20 years to learn how to meditate, how to have a happy and lasting relationship after two failed marriages and being a single mom, to find what I really want to do after several unhappy careers and starting my life over again at least three times, until I realized that my journey is really just a repetition of the same old pattern in every area of my life.

After almost 40 years of searching for answers outside of myself, I finally understood that it's not the world, my partners, my job or the place I live in, but the way I see myself that was the problem.

(also read 'My Personal Journey of Recovery'). What I could have used was a step-by-step guide on how to approach my journey differently, but not by telling me what to do (this wouldn't have worked with me back then), but more so helping to unravel my ego and its addictions by myself. What I found was, that it was not my abilities, but my relentless dedication to finding my inner truth and willingness to uncover the tricks and games my ego is playing with me that brought my journey to a whole new level.

From then on it became easier for me to discern information coming from the outside, tap into my own knowingness and trust in my inner guidance.

There were many teachers and mentors who helped on this journey, whom I will always feel the deepest respect for, but the step-by-step guide I was wishing for was still not there. For the past ten years I have been working as Energy Coach helping others to shift their journey, and so a few years back, Jeff and I decided to compile all the different teachings and guidance that we both had received over several decades into a practical program called Sacred Self-Healing Journey.

In this comprehensive 12-Month Self-Healing Experience we complied everything we knew about energy work and combined it with shamanism, mysticism, spiritual counseling, psychology, and consciousness research. We focused on a heart-centered and non-religious approach that gently guides the participant through an amazing one year long self-healing journey, supported by ourselves as energy coaches and an entire community of like-minded people. The Journey facilitates inner heart-connection on multiple levels of our energy system, and thus activates your innate spiritual intelligence. In addition, we made sure that the program is suitable to compliment 12 Step Recovery work, as we have noticed a very strong link between addictive structure and the energetic signature of our ego. In our view, they are pretty much of the same origin and need to be addressed in the same way.

The Sacred self Healing Program is highly recommended for anyone who wants to work with the deeper aspects of Ego, Shadow, Karma, Inner Divinity and True Self. It shares hands-on energy work techniques, workbook exercises and teaches how to read, direct and manage inner energies and includes clearing, connecting and integrating modalities.

And, until 31st December, we are offering a 25% discount for this powerful program ($299 instead for $399), which makes this a great gift for anyone for the holidays or the New Year.  And, we will still offer the monthly rate at its normal cost ($39/month).  Please click here to take advantage of this savings. If you have any questions about the offer or the program please contact us at [email protected]  Thank you!

Jona Bryndis

Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES

What people are saying about the program...

"Before starting this course I first read all the changes that I would be able to achieve by the end of this; and I was asking myself how is it possible to achieve such a wonderful nature with all that I have been through in life so far. While doing the course I realised that the change is actually very subtle you don't actually realised that you are changing your perception though it takes a lot of courage because it really makes you face your Inner darkness as well. There were actually some steps that were literally making me angry and also I was trying to justify from within me why I was doing the things those particular steps were referring to; but as time went by it was as if a part of my Inner Self actually wanted to hear these things and as I have slowly came to the point where I have accepted who I was and of course who I AM today. I started addressing these issues, nothing is done by magic though, and you actually have to face these issues but from a place of Love and Compassion. Today there is big shift on my energy within and on my day to day life; people I thought I would never get along with there is harmony between us today without compromising myself of course. I could go on and on... but this can only give you the mental knowledge not the actual experience and for you to have that experience you might want to try the course for yourself."


"The transCODES Sacred Self Healing Program has far surpassed anything I could have possibly imagined or hoped for in my self healing journey. It has gone from knowing the path to walking the path... FULL ON! The experiences I am having through this course have not only been life changing, most importantly... LIFE GIVING. Through the steps I am learning who I truly am and connecting to that most sacred part of me and in turn healing at the deepest levels.

Jeff, Jona and the entire transCODES team are experienced, genuine and solid. The real deal. Anyone interested in self healing you have found the right place.

It's the greatest gift anyone can give themselves. I am eternally grateful for

TransCodes and the Sacred Self Healing Program. "


"The Course has gifted me with a new clarity, peace and prospective...I am lighter and more alive. grateful and excited for the tools to emerge from the inside out...this revolutionary path is exceeding all expectations...I am in awe. "


The sacred self-training program was developed in a cooperation between transCODES and selfunification.com. The guided energy work sessions are spoken by Jona Bryndis and Jeff Casper.

The course guides you through the latest clearing, connecting and integrating modalities in energy work, designed for you to self-train at home. For exchange, questions and discussions we offer a private forum and regular online meetings.

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