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Resolving Inner and Outer Conflicts

By jona bryndis, Dec 22 2017 10:54PM

Since 2012 the human collective is undergoing a massive transformation of old paradigms of power-, mind- and ego-mania. This dissolution of social, political and economical structures is currently displaying itself in a tragic comedy. What we see is the last outburst of exaggerated anger, hatred, violence, fear, degradation, truth-bending and socially dividing news and politics.

Before the final stages of our personal and global renewal process can begin every stone must be turned! Many believe that the renewal process will be precipitated by a bifurcation in human evolution, a process in which growth happens through a forced decision-making leading no path back to the old ways. If we choose to ignore inner and outer processes, such ‘Forks in the Road’ are unfortunately often signified by trauma, crisis or disease –an event or development that forces us to change. The more consciously we embrace change, the clearer the path ahead of us and dramas aren’t necessary for us to make the right decisions.

Some regard this dualistic split of humanity as rapture like division-line between choosing darkness or light. Energetically seen this view is rather limited, as it implies the specialness of ‘the chosen ones’ as well as a fear-based motivation for personal and spiritual transformation. Inducing fear and specialness have always been a core part of the religious redemption theme. And while it may seem like a good idea to redeem ourselves or make sacrifices in challenging times, a closer look at the deeper meaning of renewal could reveal that the concept of pleasing an externalized and thus separated divinity can also be seen as counterproductive propaganda promoting helplessness.

This is probably one of main reasons why there is so much confusion around spirituality nowadays. On one hand we want to embrace Oneness and see the world from a peaceful perspective, but on the other hand we are deeply programmed with dualistic beliefs such as ‘Our Team – Their Team’.

Solutions for our inner conflicts can only come through resolving our inner battle of good-and-bad – through unifying both principles as important parts of the same process. Healing means accepting, correcting, forgiving and evolving. We learn through pain and evolve through healing it. Conflicts arise when we resist change, which is also part of the manifestation of our ongoing inner healing processes!

The driving force of creation, which is expressed in our inheritance of Divine Consciousness, allows us to make quantum leaps by transforming pain into manifestation energy – that is, if we are willing to accept the transcendence of pain as natural part of our evolution.

“Enlightenment represents the fulfillment of the potential of consciousness in its evolutionary progression.” Dr. D. R. Hawkins I. Reality and Subjectivity, S. 418-419, 2003

Allowing change means to dis-solve ego resistance. While our ego is the cause for our inner separation and inability to see truth, it also presents a potential for the emergence of our higher consciousness. Redemption can therefore also be seen as the surrender of all pain, shadow and karma. From the standpoint of compassion and forgiveness - the higher vibratory states of healing - comparison or any other dualisms of good or bad can dissolve themselves and lead to spiritual enlightenment.

It is only through our internalized divine connection that we can allow ourselves to heal the solitude of our ego-existence and thus move towards the expanded view of Peace and Oneness with all that exists. Therefore, with entering into the conscious connection with our Sacred-Heart we are not just entering the inner sanctum of our own transformational evolution of consciousness, but also connect with the evolutionary manifestation field of our entire collective.

Personal development through conscious healing work is only a one part of our spiritual growth. The other part is our contribution to the transformation of the Whole. With each and every one of us resolving our personal inner conflicts a new anchor for higher vibratory healing resonances for our entire collective is set. This doesn’t mean that we are important or special; on the contrary! This way of thinking would make us fall back into our ego-illusion and disconnect us from our higher potential instantaneously.

Ego-mechanisms are the very the reason why transformation is often such a painful process. The moment we plug into our ego-field we are inevitably plugged back into the collective human ego, which as we know is currently ruled by a global shadow.

So, while we all understand that the planet, other people and all living things with consciousness affect another – we cannot ignore that others and the events around us affect us somehow; and since we are all part of the whole, we cannot deny our energetic influence on others, either!

If we want to resolve inner resistances once and for all, we need to look at our personal dissonances in context with our collective:

Are we honest with ourselves?

Can we love ourselves with all parts?

Do we find ourselves in a relationship, job, place that carries all signs of unhappiness yet pretend that all is okay?

Are we following our true heart’s desire?

Do we feel a calling or purpose we haven’t yet dared to explore?

Do we avoid the uncomfortable truth about hidden/dark inner aspects?

Do we ignore the need to take care of unfinished business?

Are we able to stand our ground and reclaim our freedom?

Through our individual transcendence of ego conflicts, shadow and pain aspects we become the transducers for the evolution of consciousness for all of humanity!

If this sounds a bit too new-agey for you, consider your mental and emotional bounds and limitations through conditioning and collective control programs! Once you can resolve your personal ego-resistances and begin to understand yourself as a holographic carrier of information, rather than just a black hole of emotional, mental and physical turbulences, you may feel more comfortable with this.

In order to experience the connection with all there is, we need to be able to connect with our heart, and through it surrender all our limitations and illusions to our Inner Higher Power!

Oneness is a concept of higher vibratory consciousness. Our mind is not designed to understand or to identify with this level of vibration. It is designed to insist on the safety within its own microcosm and is therefore one of the biggest barriers in connecting with our heart-field. It is directly linked to our ego and the only tool for experiencing energies larger than itself is through dissociation (“Experiencing Mind, Consciousness & Emotions”), which is exactly what created the disconnect from our heart in the first place.

Anyone with the intention to integrate their inner world into their outer, whether pushed by our energetic sensitivity or initiated by our inner prompting, can feel that there is a deeper truth about the meaning and purpose of our existence beyond our mind and emotions. This truth is out there (in us), and the moment we connect with our Sacred Heart it wants to be revealed, understood and claimed.

While the group of people consciously choosing to resolve inner conflicts and dualisms is still just a small group compared to masses engulfed in ignorant self-indulgence we realize that we are nowhere near a critical mass yet. However, energetically seen a few can compensate for many.

When we begin our inner transformation process war, consumerism and numbing of our senses lose its attraction and distraction factor. The only problem is, that we still depend on our collective to a certain degree, which is mainly controlled by ego, fear and power and survival traits.

Let’s look at our inner conflicts as reflection of our karmic collective inheritance and develop new views to transcend them (reading suggestions):

• Letting go of our hurt and fearful Inner Warrior

New View: Recognizing the need to heal the inner Shadow-Man, so that we can live in peace instead of fear (‘Healing the Shadow-Man Within’ )

• Healing Inner Pain caused/inflicted to others

New View: Recognizing the need to heal our wounded Inner Child and letting go of our need to control others (“Voluntary Vulnerability – The Art of Loving with an Open Heart” )

• Focusing on Inner and Outer Truth

New View: Learning how to build an accurate reference system for our heart’s navigation system ( “Obstacles of Facing Truth”)

• Letting go of our Mental Defense and Control Mechanisms

New View: Allowing our spiritual intelligence to emerge (“Balancing Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence”)

• Liberating the violated Feminine Spirit and reintegrating a harmonious inner relationship with our Divine Feminine and Masculine Energies

New View: Our mothers are just karmic representatives of archetypal Femininity. They were wounded, emotionally starved and angry as part of their own karmic debt. The way we experienced love through her is not the only way to experience love! (“ Integrating the Mother Principle” and “ YIN/YANG: How our inner Masculine & Feminine Balance Affects Our Relationships” )

• Reconnecting with our healed and redeemed Masculinity

New View: Our fathers are just karmic representatives of archetypal Masculinity. They were wounded, blamed and emotionally emasculated through guilt as part of their own karmic debt. This is not the only way of being a man! "Collectively Healing the Masculine Spirit Within”)

• Practicing Self-Love and letting go of distractions, inadequacy, addictions, outer stimulation and self-soothing

New View: Understanding Love and Self-Love as powerful self-healing tool; (“Facing our Critical Inner Voice" and “7 Tips that can make your Journey a Joyride” )

Most of our inner conflicts and energetic schisms are rooted in our conditioned powerlessness overcoming collective energies. But what if we already have the energetic resources to overcome this barrier of perception in us? What if the resolution of our inner conflicts is our karmic task and the very thing needed for our collective evolution?

What if we could change the world by changing our views first?

Thank you!

Much Love,

Jona Bryndis

This article was first published in conjunction with the September 1015 Newsletter. Click here to read the newletter.

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