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Remembering the Feeling of not Constantly Longing for Something or Someone

By jona bryndis, Dec 29 2015 08:09PM


GRACE Recovery – FREE Holiday Service

For those of you interested in how to apply spiritual and metaphysical concepts into your practical live I am occasionally sharing so-called Field Reports. They are session reports of our ongoing group transMISSIONS here at transCODES showing how we do this energetic ground-work. In case you have been wondering what Remote Energy transMISSIONS and how they work, these reports allow you to peek in to and feel out for yourself how we work on our inner aspects in groups or individual remote energy sessions. (For more info about Remote Energy transMISSIONS click here.)

These session reports are posted in our transMISSION forum after a session to give all participants the opportunity to compare, comment, reflect and share. Our energy coaches keep a protocol of each attendant’s energy field during a transMISSION, so that they can answer or respond to personal aspects as they arose in context with the session.

This particular session was offered on Christmas Day as part of our FREE Holiday Healing Service to those in their personal recovery from addictions or any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual challenges. We regard our inner separation as one of the main causes for pain and the constant longing for a source of energy from outside of us, e.g. through relationships, money or substances. In this session, we were energetically prompted to experience our inner Higher Power first hand and to explore our inner connection with Divinity. Regardless of our personal religious background, program or belief-system we allowed ourselves to internalize our inner feeling and perception of what their original state would be...

The essence of recovery with energy work is the healing of all blockages that prevent us from being who we truly are and who we can become in our healing process. In continual integration of our re-covered inner connection we not only further increase our conscious experience of self-love, but also elevate our vibratory rate into enhanced states of consciousness.

Please read for yourself how we utilize Divine Healing Resonances, such as GRACE in our practical energy worksummarized in this beautiful Field Report written by Roger Schwartz.

Much Love,


Session Report GRACE Recovery 25th December 2015

Hi all,

The group was much larger than we anticipated which is wonderful. Both Jona and I recognize how great it is that so many of you took the time, in the middle of all that is going on, to join in, whether it was for self-support or just to be a part of the group on that day. We are both aware of the holiday challenges, especially for those of you with children, in clearing even an hour of space. Everyone adds something to the session, so thank you all for your efforts and dedication!

The session was very multidimensional and quite beautiful as mentioned, in feeling, and for some of you, probably visual, depending on your perception style. The group field was of very high frequency so if you drifted off or in and out, there is no reason for concern as this is quite common and is sometimes needed to bypass the conscious mind to allow the deeper processes that often occur within the faster frequencies to take place. No worries that you missed anything, our higher selves know exactly what's going on and what's needed.

One of the deeper and most beautiful processes that we went through was that of remembering our original state of inner connection – a state in which we suddenly feel whole - void of longing for something or somebody.

There can be a bit of heaviness during this process as we release the nostalgia upon our return to who we truly are. It is somewhat similar to opening the front door after being away and missing home. It is important to realize the significance here as once forgotten, this perceived disconnection is the root cause of much of the disharmony we may experience in our lives.

It is really not difficult to understand, with a little knowledge, how we get to this place of forgetting. Many of you are well aware that we are never shy about stressing the importance of learning and practicing connecting to our heart center. The reason for that is simple:

The connection to our heart is the gateway to our Inner Divine connection and our Original State of Oneness.

In this state, longing is unknown- Wholeness is our experience. The complications often start to develop when we come into our 3d lives and shift from an existence of Oneness to that of separation and duality and begin to look outside of ourselves for fulfillment of our needs, including the Unconditional Love that we always were.

Of no less significance, are the energetic protection mechanisms we often unintentionally develop, many out of concern for our own survival or to prevent recurrence of painful or traumatic experiences, and place around hearts. These protections, along with stored unprocessed emotional energies, are like clouds that now restrict or block us, not from the sun, but from our hearts and therefore, our Original State. More clouds = less whole = more dependence on things, actions, substances or others external to us. Beyond the few true human needs, there are none to be met from an external source.

The holidays may at times seem like they were created for the sole purpose of bringing all of these issues into the spotlight for recognition, which can cause some complications but let's make the choice to view them for the opportunity they provide as reminders or insights as to where we may be seeking perhaps, in the wrong location. 

If you long for Wholeness in the Love from another's heart, recognize it as the mirror that it is, and see that the Love is there within you and always has been. What you search for cannot come from another....good to remember.

Many of you may feel now, that once again, you are at a new beginning. This is in part, a result of allowing ourselves, during the session, to align to the resonance of Forgiveness and the Letting Go that spontaneously occurs there. It is like cleaning the slate. Take advantage of this and allow it to support you into your next fresh step forward!

Again, I would like to express our gratitude for all of you joining in, and mine personally to Jona for all her work in providing the platform and services needed to allow this session to be offered. As many of you already know, we are offering another Holiday Service Session on New Year's Eve so if you can open the space, it would be cool if you could all make it again. If any of you are involved in a 12-step program please feel free to invite acquaintances to participate and if any are unable to manifest the voluntary energy exchange fee, they can email me personally at [email protected] for discussion.

An extra thanks to those who shared in our transMISSION forum! The forum will be open through the holidays and beyond so if you get an urge to post later on, please feel welcome!

With Love,


Energy Coach & Director of our Remote Prayer Group

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