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Reconnect & Unite Within!

By jona bryndis, Feb 4 2017 07:53PM

Energy Update 4th –10th February 2017

Collective energies last week did feel a bit lighter, but I wonder if it's just that people are slowly getting desensitized by news? Many of us energetically sensitives did indeed feel HOPE and even COURAGE last week (as reported in last week's energy update) - but in the midst of everyone else acting out RAGE and FEAR it still remains challenging to keep the FOCUS on 'what we want', instead of resisting 'what we don't want'.

We all are energetic reflections of another. As long as we rant, posture and pump fists we are unconsciously energizing the ongoing POWER STRUGGLE. The emergence of our Collective Shadow is in full motion - keeping millions of people in the state of acute anger and despair. This is the GREAT DIVIDE and it's continuing to POLARIZE our energies, families, friends, coworkers, and even countries; the created low vibratory overlay through that is difficult to penetrate.

Suddenly, our world view is DUALISTIC again - My Team Your Team; If you are not for us you're against us... The energetic dynamics of this shift into slower vibrations is simple:

The more polarized we are, the more inner DISSONANCES we experience - the less connected we feel - the more self-gratification we need - the more hostile and negative our world view becomes.

Predictable effects of this energetic downward slip are emotional rollercoasters, difficulties to hold our own energetic state and falling back into old coping patterns (e.g. addictions). Our EGO and SHADOW are triggered and thus how we subjectively experience ourselves and others is not aligned to who we truly are anymore.

So, besides the headaches and pressures in our facial, throat and sternum region, collective energy bands are making us extremely tired and exhausted at the moment. But there is a way to get through this engineered CONFUSION! If you can clear your higher senses through actively reconnecting with your HEART-CONSCIOUSNESS and let all the collective rara go through you - you will be able to hear your TRUE INNER VOICE loud and clear again, and thus allow solutions to come to you!

As highly perceptive or empathetic persons this current momentum can take us out of commission. It's just too much! Understandable, but here the reminder to keep your channels open and clear! Now more than ever! Due to your alignment to your HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS you guys are the ones that can DISCERN information - you have the ability to know when things are not true - all you need tis o remember how to get back to your inner NEUTRALITY!

You just haven't realized yet, that you are the ones you've been waiting for!

From an energetic perspective collective tension is still building throughout next week, except now it's starting to feel more organized, which frankly spoken, should alarm us - CHAOS ACCORDING TO PLAN can be a huge DISTRACTION mechanism! Even if we are fully aware of the collective SEPARATION and SEGREGATION movement on the outside, many of you have become blind to the oppressing feeling that the collective is being played into the more controllable state of INNER SEPARATION, which prevents higher vibrational solution finding within ourselves.

The only thing that can help us to maneuver global shadow aspects is through developing a discipline of RECONNECTING WITHIN, so that we can SHIFT our energy out of the collective shadow dance.

The reason why we are so exhausted is not only because of the bombardment through outer energies, but mainly due to our inner separation and INCONGRUENCE. It energizes inner dualisms, rigid beliefs, opinions and promotes ego coping mechanisms as mentioned above. So, if we are caught in anger, fear, or judgment we inevitably become subject to our own and collective shadow aspects. As long as we don't have the COURAGE to face our own unresolved 3rd, 2nd and 1st Chakra issues our personal energy will continue to be affected by 3D collective matrix programming and we won't get out of our energy wasting roller coasters! Period.

In the larger context of our EVOLVING HUMAN CONSIOUSNESS the true cause for current pain is not failed politics or religion, but our inability to recognize that it's our ego's insatiable need for instant gratification that leads to the DEGRADATION OF OUR INNER VALUES.

So collectively, while we won't yet see a shift towards LIBERATION any time soon (rock bottom expected in late April 2017) our job will be to prevent our personal energy from running dry due to the collective bombardment, energetic absorption and lack of self-reflection. This will only be possible if we can DISENGAGE from collective DRAMAS and freocus on inner HARMONY. Right now, this needs to happen is through consciously embracing and inviting the FEMININE ENERGIES of healing, nurturing, love, and compassion back into our center.

Remember, there is no way to overcome inner dualism, confusion and disorientation without recalibrating our core SOURCE ENERGY. The disconnection from Source we are feeling right now was triggered through collective memes and single-sided conditioning of expressing MASCULINE ENERGIES solely through conflict, defensiveness, victory, resistance and heroism. If we want to penetrate the delusional layers of separation and HARMONIZE CONFLICT WITHIN we need to be willing to face and feel our inner pain.

To initiate true change and higher vibrational solutions for geopolitics, environment, health, technology, equality and personal manifestation we need to FOCUS our energies on our INNER HIGHER POWER, which can only be unlocked if we learn how to live in inner HARMONY - the balance of our inner masculine and feminine energies within!

This week I recommend to make a conscious effort to silence your mind and emotion. This can best be accomplish through the balance between physical exercise (doing) and meditation (being). And for those of you who still feel seriously depleted and tired - give yourselves the SPACE TO HEAL! Sleep and rest! Claim downtimes and listen to your inner guidance when to act and when to go within.

Once your integration of incoming new and the purging of old energies is complete, you will feel like a million bucks!

All the best!

Much Love,

jona bryndis

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Published in Weekly Energy Digest Week 6

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