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Q&A - Clearing Trauma from Past Lives

By jona bryndis, Feb 24 2015 09:06PM

Q: I have come across the information that I carry several past life traumas in my energy field. Can the GRACE Trauma Clearing modality erase my past life trauma? ~ A. Denmark

A: Dear A.,

The main thing to understand is that karmic aspects are a part of us, just like having blue or brown eyes...and wanting to 'remove them' does not serve the purpose of healing. This counts for any of our inner dissonant aspects (Shadow, Inner Child, etc.). The most important part of healing is acceptance! So, while information about past lives can be helpful for our mind to understand certain triggers, it doesn’t justify anything. At the end of the day we still need to learn how to transcend triggers, no matter where they are from. The reason why I am hesitant to emphasize past lives in any of my writings is because it's too easy to get hung up on them, or drift into specialness.

On an energetic level, past lives are not more relevant than other dissonant aspects even though many of us feel like we have brought a karmic trauma load into our present life. Our ego likes the idea, because it makes us feel that we are not responsible for them, but the opposite is true. Any karmic/past life related aspect is a result of the holographic recording of our entire existence!

This doesn't mean that we cannot transcend these aspects in this lifetime, it just means that we brought some trauma into this physical existence for a reason… If you want to learn from it, try to feel out how circumstances in your life seem to repeat or gravitate towards one particular aspect...and ask for guidance on how to change your response, so that you can transcend this aspect. Energetic Trauma Clearing can help with that, but it's not designed to 'remove' karma!

The GRACE Trauma Clearing modality provides a tool to clear all your energy fields from trauma, including our karmic ones. The transMISSION downloads the resonance needed and in transCOACHING you can practice the application of this tool as Catherine will go through all those energy fields with you together. So, yes it can be a beneficial modality for clearing past life trauma.

The essence of this subject is, that dealing with past life/karmic aspects is no different from dealing with present life aspects, as the purpose of our life's journey is to learn how to heal/transcend any dissonant aspect so that our karma (past and future) can be resolved.

Yours, Jona

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