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Professional Energy Healer Training Starts 1st May 2018

By jona bryndis, Mar 27 2018 04:10PM

For many the Art of Healing comes as a calling. Whether we can see ourselves to be a 'healer' or simply someone who wants to be of service to others, learning how to use our energy to enhance, deepen or bring our calling to the next level is is a smart move. When it comes to better undertanding the human condition, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually energy work can offer a whole new perspective on deseases, chronic illnesses, issues with recurring relationship issues, anxiety, depression and even lack of abundance. Integrating energy work is like learning brand new tools.

What Does It Take To Become An Energy Worker?

If I would have to describe what it’s like to be an energy worker’ in few words, I would say that the most interesting but also most difficult aspect about this line of healing work is the ultimate challenge of being forced to be real at all times. Other than most professions, there is no way to do this work without being aware and conscious of our own inner dynamics and personal limitations.

You can’t become a professional energy worker without being in touch with yourselves at all times!

If we are tired, going through something that stresses our physical, emotional or spiritual connection, we need to know how to manage our own energies, or else we cannot be of service to others.

Why is that?

And, why is it so different to work an energy coach or healer compared to other healing arts?

The main reason for this phenomenon is in how energy healing works.

First of all, we need to understand that the main purpose of energy healing is in the ability to be in and hold a vibrational state that allows for healing. In this state our energy will create a field around us that motivates another person’s energy field to resonate with our – hopefully – higher vibrational state. Energy works like osmosis. The stronger the power of an energetic field, the farther it can reach – the more it can influence another’s energy.

We all know this effect in a negative way. Being surrounded by ‘negative’ energies tends to suck our energy in. It functions like a low pressure weather system, that has an inward spin, contracting and pulling outer layers of clouds and energies in, like a hurricane. High pressure systems have an outward spin and push clouds and energies out; they can reach far while clearing the way for the sun to reach our location.

The same applies to energy work.

A healer is not someone who makes the sun appear – this is a very common misconception about spiritual healing. We cannot ‘make’ or will a person to heal; all we can do is to motivate a person’s energy to go into it’s highest possible state, which activated spontaneous healing.

An energy worker is someone who can help a person to reverse their personal energetic spin on things, so that his/her clouds can begin to be removed and the connection with the sun (->inner light and self-healing abilities) is initiated and felt again.

Now, this reversal process can and often has to occur on many different levels at the same time. We assist through basic education, allowing a person to experiment with their own energy and assist a person to build reference feelings as well as learn how to read their own energy.

Therefore, it’s understandable even for the layman, that no matter how much we know intellectually, how eloquent we are, or how empathic we are, our ability to move another person’s energetic alignment into a higher vibrational state cannot be faked, nor induced through willpower – not even through our good intentions alone.

In order to effectively help another person through remote energy or energy coaching sessions, an energy healer needs to know and be able to be in charge of his or her own energetic states AT ALL TIMES.

And so it comes, that Energy Working comes with a very unique set of challenges – especially when working with other energetically sensitive and empathic persons - namely absolute authenticity.

Not only is your personal energy in direct exchange with your client, but you are also subject to constant projection and unconscious psychic attack. Therefore, any serious training program for learning how to become an energy worker must include psychic and etheric protection and defense techniques.

The transCOACH training program here at transCODES is specialized on assisting energetically sensitive and empathic clients, the highest difficulty level in energy work. Therefore, we ask anybody who is interested in becoming an energy worker to bring in a certain level of energy management skills and personal consciousness work.

Without the emotional, physical and mental ground work of knowing our own deeper inner processes, triggers and energetic dynamics, becoming an energy healer can be draining and unhealthy over time.

The dangers of our ego getting all wrapped up around the idea of ‘being a healer’ can be a very dangerous psychic trap and is therefore not to be taken lightly! I spend most of my time with mentor coaching other energy workers, and so I have become very cautious of freely offering energy worker trainings.

If you have read any of my past articles about becoming an energy worker you will most likely asked yourself why there are so many prerequisites – almost making it difficult to sign up. The reason for that is simple:

Without proper inner work the energetic work with other people’s energy can do more harm then good.

So, while addressing people who have always felt a calling, or discovered that they have ‘talents’ in energy work, I also want to stress that there is a lot of responsibility and ethical integrity needed to become and energy worker or adding energy work to existing services.

Anyone, who can feel the sincerity in these words will understand that a career as energy worker cannot be learned within 4 weeks. The process of transcending our own ego and mastering our own energy can take decades. Many of the transCOACHES I have trained in the past have been working on this almost their entire lives.

Becoming an Energy Worker is not to be taken lightly. You may think that it’s about your abilities to see or read energies, your ‘expertise’ or talent – but the truth is that these aspects play only a minor role in the training program. There are many people with great talents, but if they are not able to feel what they see, they cannot transduce nor translate it to another’s person energy.

The transCOACH training is based on practical application, real people and real energies!

You will very soon discover that the main thing it takes to be a good energy worker is not your ability to diagnose but to help a person to reconnect with their heart and their own abilities…

So, what does it take to become an energy worker?

Egolessness and the willingness to grow beyond your personal limitations!

In the past, I had to reject many people who were interested in becoming a transCOACH, which lead to the development of a program that can do both at the same time, provided a person is willing to invest in their own authenticity and transcendence of ego.

Before we can be of service to others, we need to learn how to heal ourselves first.

With the upcoming begin of the enrollment process for our transCOACH LEVEL I program (which starts 1st May 2018), we are now also offering a fast-track prerequisites package, which basically allows someone to start from scratch already learning the basics of energy work.

For those of you who have have attended the HEART-WARRIOR Boot Camp and who have been workeing with their own energies in remote energy sessions, regular meditations and energy coaching with us this package is not needed!

Applicants for our new LEVEL I training in 1st Feburary 2018, or anyone seriouslly thinking about Remote or In-Person Energy Work as an alternative profession or addition to existing modalities we recommed to get prepared now.

If you are interested in learning how to become an Energy Worker through our transCOACH Training the fastest way to bring al requirements is our Heart-Warrior Boot-Camp.

The enrollment for our new transCOACH training cycle opens 1st May 2018. If you have any questions about the LEVEL I , II or IV transCOACH training, please email me at [email protected]

Here the links for more info on the sign-up our transCOACH Training programs:

transCOACH LEVEL I Training (starts 1st May 2018)

transCOACH LEVEL IV Training (starts 1st May 2018 - only for LEVEL II Graduates)

transCOACH Training FAST-TRACK Prerequisites (can be booked simultanously with 1st May LEVEL I)

Read what previous trainees have to say about their experience:

"When I signed up for Level 1 TransCoach Training, it was based purely on the direction of my Inner Voice...my Heart. I had no idea of what to expect, no idea of where it would lead, and certainly no image of myself as an energy worker.

The experience was completely AMAZING! I was constantly held in a space of Love, and met where I was at, while abilities I didn't initially know I had were gently and firmly brought forward and made known. The guidance and care provided by Jona, Jeff, and Roger was extraordinary! The training far exceeded my expectations, has led me to realize the many possibilities that now exist for me, and has allowed me to believe in my ability to be an Energy Worker. "

I am so glad I followed my Heart! Thank You.

Rick – USA

"Going through the transCOACH training not only enabled me to work on a much more deeper level with my clients - it took my own evolution and understanding of myself and "reality" to a whole new level. It wasn't always easy (usually because of my own unresolved issues), but definitely worth it. If you're looking for a way to help others and at the same time work on your own spiritual progress - this is the way to go."

Boris - GER

"It's been such a pleasure and an honor to have been involved in Jona's Level 1 training program. I must admit though, at the beginning I really had no idea what the program would entail - let alone where it may lead me. It took me many weeks of deliberation, mentally going back and forth and questioning my abilities, before I finally took the leap of faith and signed myself up.

Looking back now, I actually can't imagine my life without having done this training. The insight gained here has changed my life completely. It's a super-charged course in 'knowing thyself'. A place full of rapid learning, hands on energy work and terrific networking with other energy workers from around the world. It felt like we very quickly developed a loving, supportive nest, where we were all willing learners understanding the depths of the human condition. It has opened the door to brand new friendships, a brand new mindset and brand new career opportunities. What a life changer! Highly recommended."

Eloise – AUS

"If I were to go back and reframe my expectations of where and how the coaching would fit into my professional and personal world...I would completely eliminate any of the questioning of "how" The transCOACH training itself IS the tool that is opening me up to all the possibilities and higher vibrational applications.

As I grow with the program, so do the potentialities and my direction. It has, and continues to be really challenging as there is no way to progress without getting real with oneself. It is literally an unfolding "from the inside out" to live my hearts calling...which sounds lovely, but is not without gut wrenching challenges and tears at times.

Thankfully, Jona and Jeff are living their calling in teaching this work, as no one else could so delicately yet firmly handle such a huge transformation in others with such loving direction. Their belief in me and the support of the other coaches in training has been the fuel to get through some of the rough spots in learning... and for this being a personal journey, the sharing and opportunity to learn from other human heart resources has been very touching and more than I imagined.

I would say to anyone exploring transCOACH training, that the pondering itself is a call towards the journey for a reason. And it is beyond all you can imagine.

A thousand times, yes! I would do this again."

~r harrison- USA

"For anyone interested in the transCOACH training a few words from me. If your just thinking to further your understanding of energy work or are opening your self to a new line of work this training goes way beyond any other training I have learned.

It teaches the understanding of not only self awareness but understanding people in general and teaches how to be able to move around your space without been afraid to walk around other peoples energies. Also very healing not only to yourself but others you are around.

The training has been very rewarding for me! Thank you Jona and Jeff for the great training I have received from you guys. Much love"

-Maryanne, USA

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