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Preventing a Total Eclipse of the Heart

By jona bryndis, Sep 27 2015 11:42AM

Energy Update September 2015/Forecast October 2015 – Lunar Eclipse

Actually, there is nothing to add to the media craze about this year’s last Lunar Eclipse-Super Moon – Convergence. I’m sure you all have heard about this rare celestial event coming up this Saturday/Sunday by now. The visibility of this Eclipse in the northern hemisphere makes it a media spectacle. It activates prophets and doomsday believers, unfortunately instigating an artificial wave of collective fear and fire adding to the already sensitive state of global energies. The importance of these cyclically occurring natural events is of course not in their publicity but in their energetic affect on us. Therefore, it is essential not to get swept away by these outer ups and downs, be it through media or inner sensations!

If you perceive the world around you as surreal lately, know that you are not alone! High Frequency bands of energy are not easy to ‘metabolize’ – for many this is a time of feeling emotionally charged, anxious due to ‘weird’ energetic symptoms and mental worries – so, if you perceive others or yourself as a bit unpredictable or even schismatic right now chances are they are under the influence of this current energetic wave.

As for our relationships it is very important to be patient and compassionate right now. The majority of people on this planet is going through this correctional time without awareness and is therefore challenged with intense unforeseen inner and disturbances in life. Try to stay calm and tend to mending and healing rather than escalating. Express your gratitude for all that is going on right now, even if you feel explosive at times.

Prevent a total eclipse of your heart and try to get through the next 3 weeks by focusing on inner peace and balance, no matter what others do!

The incoming energies for October have been building since December last year and will continue for another 2 years. Therefore, just getting by won’t do it - many of us find themselves in a somewhat forced ongoing phase of resolving persistent inner and outer conflicts. Energetically seen, we are steering towards an all time high of high frequency waves hitting our planet (WAVE X), in which the current wave will peak at the upcoming Eclipse tomorrow.

Albeit difficult to see right now, but purpose of this collective regrouping and correction process is to optimally equip us for the coming evolutionary shift of the human consciousness.

As you may have noticed already this renewal process is not happening without resistances. There are some very concerning political, environmental and social-economical threads swelling right now that could well turn out to become another historic stepping-stone of our evolutionary development for the coming years. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to add to the overall chaotic tendencies, but denying, shutting down or withdrawing from overall processes is not a solution either.

It’s obvious that there is no positivity in promoting chaos and insecurity - global dynamics are already in full gear for that. What matters is our individual handling of inner and outer crises and that’s the only thing we really need to focus on. It is not in our control how or if wars, economic break downs, natural disasters or civil uproars develop, but we can control how they affect us.


While our inner state of energy mainly depends on our ability to balance ourselves, outer energies are like the background color in which we perceive our own energy. So, what happens around us doesn’t really determine what we feel, but it can influence the way we perceive our feelings depending on which context we give them. If we are imbalanced global developments look frightening and disconcerting; if we are balanced within the world will look out of sorts, but we know that our strength comes from within and that we don’t waste any energy on things we cannot control.

We might be concerned and alert, but we understand that our energy contributes to the overall energy of this planet and that we can best serve if we manage our own energy so that we can help others through radiating with peace and balance.

When it comes to Inner Energy Management, and through it the stability of our personal energy system it mainly comes down to how many tools or skills we have acquired/learned to balance, consolidate or ground our various states of energy.

Good Energy Management Tools ideally combine physical, psychological, communicational and energy work techniques.

For example knowing how to ground one’s energy

- Physically through certain foods, exercise and water

- Emotionally through seeking honest inner and outer communication

- Mentally through meditation, inner silence and avoiding worrying about things we cannot control

- Energetically through conscious breathing and regularly applied clearing techniques

Despite the growing number energetically sensitive people like yourselves only very few of us are born with the built-in knowledge how to direct and maintain energies. This is a major issues right now, as sensing energies usually means that we become more sensitive and often also increasingly susceptible to outer influences. Since Personal Energy Management this is not (yet) a topic that is taught in school, our ability to read, clear, balance and transcend energies mainly depends on how much time, attention and dedication we are willing in learning these energy management tools. (If you are interested in a self-training course in learning how to manage your personal energies check out my Sacred Self-Healing E-Course in which you can learn energy work for $39/month.)

Dealing with events like this upcoming Eclipse in a highly corrective and transformational time is a very exhausting process for energetically sensitive persons. Some of us willingly, others without knowing that this is what’s going on function as physical filters or transducers of planetary energies. This can be extremely uncomfortable for our body, and can make it difficult to maintain our own mental, emotional and energetic balance at the same time. Without proper energy management tools it is possible that we feel very disconnected internally, which as you probably know if you followed my transCODES blog posts and energy updates, can affect your energy more negatively than anything coming in from the outside.

The best advice I can give you for times like this is to consciously seek your inner connection 24/7!

Through becoming proactive and reaching out to your True Self you are enabling your personal energy field to adjust quickly and withstand the confusion of a our collective inner and outer renewal process - and most importantly, you can be fully present and still feel your heart!

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In this energy transMISSION (from your home) you will be able to explore the deepest aspects of your inner connection with your Higher/True Self. The energetic transformation is in full swing.

If you are not afraid, come and create a powerful energetic grid with attendees from all over the planet!

Thank you for your time!

Much Love,


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