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Overcoming Inner Sabotage Cycles: The Victimizer in Us

By jona bryndis, Jul 20 2016 09:00AM

The most positive outlook on life is based on feelings of connectedness, gratitude and accountability for our life and ourselves. Feelings like ‘life is a struggle’, a sacrifice or punishment can be a powerful breeding ground for depression, illness and overall negativity. We are most successful if we know who we truly are; if we love who we are; if we love what we do and if we can accept all circumstances as reflection of our inner state of energy. Okay – but how can we get there?

The trick to overcoming struggle in life is be open and honest enough to own up to our own part in our life’s experience and how we unconsciously sabotage ourselves; even if there are karmic in nature (from past lives or inherited).

According to energetic resonance we attract what we project. Therefore, depending on our overall state of energy and outlook on life our life’s experiences are heavily influenced by our inner sentiments, attitudes and beliefs. In order to unlock hardship, drama and negativity, here a brief introduction into one of the most common sabotage cycles: The Victimizer Cycle.

Success and happiness are high vibratory resonances that can only be attracted into our lives if we resonate on the same level or above. If we feel victimized, helpless and passive; or if we feel envious, hateful and jealous towards other people’s successes, our energy more likely resonates with further hardship and therefore continues to attract further disappointments.

The key to unlocking these unconscious sabotage mechanisms is to investigate what our ego gets out of staying in them. This may seem contradictory at first “who likes being a victim?”, but deep down we all get a payoff out of what we align to, otherwise there would be no point to it – not even for our ego. The most common pitfall in regards to being successful in life is the need to compensate for perceived inner lack, disconnection or unhealed hidden aspects of our personality.

Seeking success for the sake of compensating for unresolved inner aspects (or other ego purposes) lowers our vibratory rate and can pull us into the negativity of sabotage cycles. Therefore a successful and long-term manifestation of our goals, such as health, finances, relationships or spirituality, not only implies proper goal setting but also requires us to double-check on our motivation. While motivation and intention can play a key role in our manifestation process, many of our inner sabotage cycles are not aware to us. So, if we want to break negative cycles and start fresh, we need to look at some of our repetitive patterns.

One example for how unhealed inner aspects can be a cause overall pessimism and struggles of being successful in life (according to our own definition) is the unconscious Victimizer cycle.

If we project apathy, blame and guilt connected with your inner victim, we will attract other victims and more victimhood into your life. The same of course applies for projecting your anger, revenge and hate as perpetrator - we will attract other perpetrators, more injustice and more hate. Both sabotage mechanisms serve the purpose of coping for originally unhealed inner aspects, for example abuse, trauma, neglect, abandonment or simply an inner emptiness due to a lack of connection/spirituality. However, the payoff for the victim and the perpetrator is identical: Not having to take Responsibility and blaming others.

The only difference between both mechanisms is that the perpetrator seeks open pay-back for injustice and acts out his/her negative feelings directed at a person, institution or belief outside of her/himself, while the victim archetype typically internalizes negativity. Ultimately the victim finds its release through converted disdain or secret revenge and becomes a victimizer. The Victimizer in us describes the hidden perpetrator in victims and the victim in perpetrators.

This can sometimes be difficult to see, but deep down Victim and Perpetrator are nothing but the flip-sides of the same coin. So, in a way we are all both; depending on which polarity our ego prefers to identify with, we either see ourselves as victim or perpetrator - deserved or undeserved.

The purpose self-healing and ultimately integration of unresolved victimhood or impulsive perpetration of negativity is to become able to identify the victimizer in us and to heal the underlying hidden aspect through reconnecting with it.

To give an example of how deep this can go, here how you could deal with your inner Victimizer:

In Shadow-Work we can find that White Shadow often feeds our inner victim, while Dark Shadow feeds our inner perpetrator. Both have almost the exact same energetic resonance. But most importantly we can see, that either one of them is ready to flip at any given moment - openly or covertly. Just because we get more payoff through victimhood doesn’t make us less harmful energetically! If you cannot accept that your inner victim is nothing but a perpetrator in a different shade of color (and vice versa) you cannot accept who you truly are.

Why does it still matter to you how the injustice of your life (karma) has made you become a power-tripper, abuse victim, resentful controller, pleasing absorber or angry fear- and pain-dweller? Accept that you came into this world with these dispositions and allow them to help you transcend what needs to be transcended anyway! Seek opportunities that can reflect them to you, grow above them and break free of your inner sabotage mechanisms, so that you can slowly overcome your limited ego-perception of yourself!

In order to transcend those hidden success sabotage mechanisms, you need to have an honest look at yourself:

Are there aspects you cannot or don't want to accept?

Are you fully connected to the inner part of you that is in total harmony and congruence with who you truly are?

Can you feel your inner purpose and trust into your inner higher power?

Do you listen to your inner guidance to show you your way?

Do you have the courage to make the steps it takes to manifest your idea of success?

Most of us don't.

Understand that it is your inner schism and ego-perception that is holding you back from your success and feeling of inner connectedness – not the injustice in this world! Nothing will change until you change the way you see yourself and feel yourself!

Thank you for your time!




To get to the deeper levels of inner sabotage cycles the Vicitmzer Cycle needs to extended and complimented through a third archetype of our ego’s payoff and distraction mechanisms, which is called the Rescuer. In our Sacred Self-Healing Course we are working with all three archetypes, and investigate the details of the energetic implications of each state.

There are many different ways and modalities that can help with overcoming inner sabotage. Personally, I found Energy-Work most efficient to deal unresolved inner mechanisms, as there are often for us inaccessible energetic charges around our unhealed aspects. Shadow-Work, Self-Clearing, Inner Child Integration, Karmic Clearing, GRACE Integrity are just a few modalities that are offered through transCODES that can guide us through the healing process. However because they are often interconnected a simultaneous approach from multiple levels, such as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual work is often needed.

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