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Our Heart-Warrior Journey – An Inside Story

By jona bryndis, Sep 29 2018 01:25PM

Ten- fifteen years ago openly talking about ‘energy’ and teaching people psychic defense techniques was still a little woo-woo. We often felt like we had to keep things ‘undercover.’ Today, where there is an overwhelming amount of scientific and empirical data that is strongly pointing out the advantages of developing self-mastery strategies through integrating personal health, success, love, spirituality, creativity and intuition, we almost feel like ‘mainstream’ – even though we realize that our teachings are still kind of ‘way out there’ for most.

Recently, an active Heart-Warrior asked me if Jeff and I knew what the Heart-Warrior Program would do for people when we first introduced it. My answer was no. The truth is, we had no idea! All we knew was that all the different energy work modalities we offer can support a person tremendously, but up and till this year we pretty much left it up to everyone to book sessions with us whenever they felt they wanted to work on a specific aspect of their personal journey – like a-la-carte healing work so to say.

We were and are still amazed, and did not anticipate that this would be what our clients will take out of their Heart-Warrior Journey! All we did was to listen to our inner guidance, that has lead us to our own ability to regulate and hold our energy levels on a higher vibratory frequency. Follow me into the inside story of how the Heart-Warrior Program became not only a wonderful self-mastery tool how it evolved itself into a new movement here at transCODES...

Looking back, the only thing we have always been aware of was that a big part of the success of our energy work was the interactiveness, authenticity and applicability we can offer; but we could have never anticipated how the growing number of awakening people would change our energy work practice so drastically!

The only regular tools we ever recommended were participating in the complimentary TRUE SELF transMISSION sessions, maybe a yearly Energy Clearing Session and joining the 24 Steps Sacred Self Healing Journey. Only if a person expressed the wish to go deeper, we would encourage her/him to join remote energy transmissions (in group or private sessions) for active integration work.

The true value of regular Personal Energy Coaching Sessions was mostly something that only those realized that had experienced the power of live coaching or spiritual counseling before working with us. We never really promoted those, as we felt that the desire to have a ‘personal trainer’ for dealing with energetic sensitivity was something that has to develop out of the resonance between the client and the energy coach.

All self-healing tools that we offer are designed to provide a person with an internalized healing experience, meaning the opportunity to directly experience his/her own inner higher power; and thus to learn how to reconnect with his/her inner self-healing abilities, so that an external ‘healer’ is not needed anymore.

For years I have been publishing regular energy updates, etheric protection strategies and educational energy work articles to empower energetically sensitives and empaths around the globe to feel more confident about their hidden talents, but we never saw the necessity to suggest a ‘program’ other than a self-study course.

However, the most prevalent thing we noticed over the years, was that most people feel insecure about talking and sharing their deeper inner experiences, especially when it comes to communicating challenges that come with being energetically sensitive or empathic. Talking about personal energetic sensations, visions or precognition is still regarded as a somewhat ‘hippie-dippy’ kind of thing and doesn’t feel comfortable for someone who sees him or herself as open-minded, but not stupid to fall for a guru of some kind.

What connects us highly sensitive people is not that we are gullible or naïve, on the contrary! We often have an above average sense for truth and no hesitation on acting on it. However, we also share that we typically feel a bit lonely or isolated from others, not only because we don’t really have anybody in our immediate circle that we could exchange our experiences with, but mostly because we perceive the energy of others (especially crowds) as draining and often even hostile. Joining big events, seminars and groups isn’t something that attracts us. It feels too intrusive.

As energy workers we can relate to this very well! It is the reason why we changed the focus of our energy work from direct to remote energy work – not only are we able to reach clients from all over the world in this way, and without them having to spend money on traveling or leaving their safe space, it also allows us to provide a self-healing experience that is clearly based on the person’s internal powers and not just something that happens in physical presence.

What we had learned observing and accompanying people’s personal consciousness development over the years, is that highly sensitive people who are able to connect and communicate their inner guidance are often also highly successful people. All they needed was a vehicle and ‘training’ partner to unlock their true potential.

While the focus of our work has always been to create independent self-mastery tools, so a person could work on building their personal lexicon of inner sensations, we always offered energy coaching as an additional tool, mainly to assist with the transcoding/translation process that is sometimes needed. Building a vocabulary for our inner journey allows us to have more conscious experiences when meditating, visioning or simply trying to find higher vibrational solutions in life.

Here, it feels important to add, that the inner processes we are talking about, such as unlocking our manifestation abilities, overcoming unconscious sabotage mechanisms, addictions, chronic health issues, intimacy and attachment aspects, or simply the need to develop higher levels of spiritual and emotional connection are usually life-long processes.

When we first introduced the concept of transCOACHING, a combination of remote energy work with counseling, shamanic, healthy living, NLP life coaching, and spiritual healing techniques we had no idea how fast this integrative approach would help a person to unblock their deeper problems in life! All we knew was, that engaging in ongoing group or private remote energy transMISSIONS, online trainings, regular energy coaching sessions, workshops and forum community can make a really big difference for a person’s journey - but we never thought about actually giving out a ‘prescription’ for a more effective self-mastery journey.

However, there was one thing that was clearly sticking out for us. We observed a drastically accelerated learning curve and success rate of some of our clients who regularly engaged in transCOACHING and who attended workshops and seminars. It became clear to us that a heart-based person-to-person experience can make a whole world of a difference; especially since highly sensitive people often tend to isolate their inner world from the outer.

So, as we began to develop the basic formula for this new program experience we needed a name. We starting by comparing our protocolled data of these motivated individuals and tried to make out the main characteristics that differentiated them from our other clients. We found that the one common denominator, regardless of socio-economic, gender, ethnic or spiritual backgrounds, was that they had internalized how to connect with the power of their heart’s intelligence, and managed to access this higher ability without feeling vulnerable anymore.

What were the traits that connected these different people with another?

Lots of Courage

Willingness to Let Go of Ego-Attachments, Control

Willingness to Accept Truth

Willingness to Commit to Oneself

True Desire to Become Authentic

Willingness to Become Accountable

Dedication to One’s Own True Self

High Levels of Sensitivity

Allowed for Change

Wanted to Truly Connect

Sought out more Purpose & Fulfillment

Wanted to understand Inner Power

Respected Others

Ability to Stand One’s Own Ground

Conviction to Align to Higher Goals


Had a Good Sense of Humor

…in other words, someone that is willing to make a stance for their own Heart-Connection…and so, the name HEART-WARRIOR was conceived.

When the idea for the Heart-Warrior Program was first born we could only think of creating a 90-day BOOT-CAMP for anyone who would like to kick-start or bring their journey to an entirely new level. Within these 90 days a boot-camper would be provided with an intense remote energy session schedule, weekly transCOACHING sessions, training tools and constant follow-up, which would allow a person to actively build new inner pathways in a much shorter amount of time than usual.

As soon as we began offering the new Heart-Warrior – as sort of personal training program for people who are tired of building a momentum and then losing it again through their daily 3D drama, we very quickly realized that this format could not only support a person in breaking through persistent inner blocks, but also that it could unlock an entirely new level of inner perception – especially in relationship to others and the world we live in.

The next challenge for us was to find a way to teach the graduating Heart-Warriors on how to hold this momentum and further expand their positive energy on their own. The answer came quickly. Although we had originally only thought of offering the boot-camp once a year, we agreed to come up with an option to continue the program, but for a minimal monthly fee or yearly flat-rate. Even though the number of hours we have to put in for this continued support is almost the same as for boot-campers, we were dedicated to create an affordable vehicle for those who had already gone through the initial part of their Heart-Warrior Journey.

Another surprise we had to learn to adapt as we began with the active Heart-Warrior work, was the development of a personal bond between with the Heart-Warriors. I have to admit that when our first boot-camp ended, it felt almost like having to say good-bye to new friends.

While this inner sentimentality felt a bit uncomfortable at first, since this could violate the ethics of our profession, Jeff and I had to realize that we had developed much more than just a positively flowing client relationship with these Heart-Warriors. We acknowledged that we had also gained a new level of momentum within ourselves, and that this had began to really motivate us! After all, spending this intense boot-camp time (roughly 150 hours) with the energy of these brave individuals, we noticed there was a synergy that had developed between all of us. We discovered another level of interactive Energy Work!

Therefore, at this point the decision to let the program continue for all graduating Heart-Warriors wasn’t that difficult at all. We created the month-to-month Continued Self-Mastery Rate that allowed all graduates to continue with the regularity of remote sessions and bi-weekly personal energy coaching. And so we offered every boot-camper to continue their journey with us all year around - if they so choose to.

As the number of Heart-Warriors continued to grow, the Program evolved into our most cost effective overall self-transformation program at transCODES, only comparable with a yearly flat-rate for unlimited yearly energy session and coaching packages.

In retrospect, if we knew what we would offer here, we came to the conclusion that the true power of this program is not only in the combination of so many different self-mastery tools or our ability to translate a person’s energy into applicable ways to implement these new techniques for him or herself - but in teaching a person how to implement all their heart-connection skills intuitively to transmute into tangible life, manifestation and people skill success.

Through the heart-based consciousness work a Heart-Warrior engages in he/she learns how to face his/her inner demons that typically keep our energy in lower vibrational states, and actively learns how to master their higher vibrational manifestation abilities.

But probably the most transformative aspect of the Heart-Warrior’s pre-selected session schedule (roughly 25 sessions per month) is in forming powerful new self-mastery skills and disciplines, which can allow a person to become more active, self-loving and self-responsible. They will feel empowered and equipped to make life-changing decisions and thus develop a much more positive and optimistic outlook on life, other people and the purpose of our journey altogether.

It takes a trooper to start this program, but it takes a Heart-Warrior to continue.

Through having learned this wide array of hands-on energy management, self-reflection and manifestation tools, a Heart-Warrior has not only learned how to master his/her own energy better, but also feels encouraged to trust and apply our now naturally growing heart’s intelligence. And as we become able to reconcile our intuitive, creative, cognitive and even mystical parts of ourselves with our practical lives, it unfolds as a deep inner healing, something our ego could have never made up.

With this internal paradigm shift and totally new way of experiencing ourselves we have created a new navigator for problem solving, be it in life-style, career, relationship, parenthood, spiritual fulfillment and physical health questions!

In a nutshell, we learn how to feel more connected with the world we live in, lose the fear of making mistakes, facing daily challenges, and reclaiming our true inner voice through developing a functional inner guidance system.

If this speaks to you, we hope to personally welcome you to our Heart-Warrior Journey soon!

The next Boot-Camp starts at the first of the month. Click here for sign-up info. Click here for our Couple Boot Camp 'NEW BEGINNING'.

Much Love,

Jona bryndis

Energy Healer & Founder of transCODES

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