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On Being Okay With You

By jona bryndis, Jul 7 2017 02:28PM

Practically Working With Your Heart-Energies

Developing a New Way Of Neutralizing Negativity

I have a simple question for those seeking change and aren't sure they can handle it: 

What if for 10 minutes each day you were just okay with who you are?

Not who you were or who you hope to be, but just how you were for that very moment...  

Good, bad, sad, happy, whatever...just accepted it all as is...

And, what if each month, you increased that feeling of just being  okay with you by 10 minutes more each day?  

What do think would happen? Would your life go through massive changes or become amazing different after one month?  

Likely not, but you may begin to actually feel okay sometimes, that life has a meaning and that maybe there is something different out there.  You might also smile a bit more and take things in as you go about your day. 

What if you kept this up for a whole year by just adding 10 minutes more each month that you are okay with you?  

That'd be 130 minutes a day where you were okay...not happy, not sad, but just okay with who you are.

Would that change anything?  Just might...

We all get so caught up in resisting our life's circumstances, our bodies, politics, environment, other people or our future that we don't realize how much time  and energy we are spending in fostering resentments, anger, fears or judgment - short NEGATIVITY.

Liberating ourselves from our alignment to negativity about ourselves and the world happens gradually. It needs to happen through actively moving our energy into neutrality - bit by bit. As soon as we can see how our inner resistance is feeding negativity we become able to shift our energy - a little better each time!

As the accumulative affect of focusing on being okay (accepting who you are in the moment) begins to open you to positive or self-sustaining...even expansive energy fields that in turn begin to color your world a bit differently. 

In the process of developing this new discipline, you may just give yourself a break for past mistakes, talk about things with friends or loved ones, seek out new adventures and even begin to enjoy things a bit more.

Slowly the old ways of restriction, fear and judgment will fade and be replaced with healthier ones. 

If you can keep this positive or healthy view going, you may even search out for more. Energy supportive states are more loving and empowering. They are based on courage, optimism and acceptance (being okay). As soon as you enter a state of expansive energy it will lead you to likely want more - and the needed energy to keep us going will be provided for us.

Lots of Love,


For those of you interested, the associated energy work modality for training our energy to remove negativity out of our daily alignment is our Heart-Clearing transMISSION.

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