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Nonresistance - The Power Of Letting Go

By jona bryndis, Jan 12 2017 09:01AM

by Jeff Casper, www.selfunification.com

If you have read either this site or transCODES for even just a little bit, you know that Jona and I discuss letting things go quite often. We may phrase it differently with surrender, turning things over to our heart, allowing our link to the Divine to show us new way, but in the end it is all the same…letting it go.

Why this focus?

Why trust in this simple process?

Well, first and foremost, it has been talked about and discussed for a long time throughout various religions and self-help groups as the way to face anything, to get through any pain, trauma, or suffering, and even to show you a different way to live.

Secondly, anyone who has hit the point where nothing else has worked to face things or to heal, and gives any form of letting go through the heart, to a higher power or even God a decent try, will see change.

They will to some degree, no matter how small, feel something different.

At first, that difference may actually be even more intense feelings/emotions or fears as the ego will jump in and begin to trigger the emotions, memories that are behind whatever it is that we are trying to let go.

This is not because we are so bad or what is behind our defensive ways is so dangerous or devilish, but more so because by agreeing to turn things over to our heart, we are signaling the end of the ego’s delusional dominance.

The ego of course will fight this as it is fighting for its life, and because most of us believe that our mind/ego is truly us…we feel this fight as a fight for life itself. Or, we feel that we are losing who we are.

The death of the ego is another story all together, but chipping away at the ego’s control programs and automatic responses begins to give us a feeling or view of what life could be if we keep going with this process as long as we have the courage and devotion to keep going.

We notice that as we keep going with this process, that we begin to feel lighter, new insights into why we act the way we do or how our various developed come forward, and we even begin to have more compassion for ourselves, even others as we sense and feel how our coping programs were created out of necessity that now are no longer needed.

This all stems from what the true purpose even power of letting go is, which under it all is simply agreeing to allow your heart, the Divine, higher power or even God to show you a different way.

Or, in more basic conditioning terms, it is an act of simply reprogramming our system one step at a time, removing old ways, old systems, emotions, and all the triggers attached, and while this occurs allowing that power within each of us (Divine Spark) to reform things. And, because this is a pathway of nonresistance, eventually we stop fighting, judging and defending our old ways…more so through letting go we are accepting them, or embracing them allowing them to be viewed or felt through different ways.

Nonresistance and nonjudgment allows for reframing to occur as when we do not fight/resist, we are not rigid, limited, or stagnant. We can sense and feel these limitations differently, which in turn fuels not only the trust in this program, but also the belief in its power. Eventually leading to excitement in letting go and facing deeper and deeper layers of our mind or ego.

Letting go through our heart is one of the most effective and simple ways to really add to our journey. If you are unsure or a bit afraid, that is normal. But trust those who have gone there before you until you have the trust or feeling within yourself and give it a try.

With time, you’ll be amazed the changes that will occur.

Coming up this weekend we are hosting a 2-day event this weekend that practices this very technique of letting go through the heart process. The focus of this event is the inner child and karmic family both of which can have numerous patterns and emotions that hinder or limit our energy and our journey. By connecting with them in this non-resistive way and letting go whatever feels no longer needed…the changes that can occur or come forward in our lives, can be life-altering.

Click here to learn more or to sign up for this powerful event.

With love,


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