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No Compromises!

By jona bryndis, May 18 2016 12:04AM

Energy Report May 2016 (Full Moon)

For an Urgent Energy Update on Full Moon Energies 19th May 2016 click here

So far the month of May has 'blessed' us with an interesting mixture of deep self-reflection and grounding reality check. We were literally asked to go back to GO and revisit some of our unresolved 3D aspects from January and February. Once again, the ups and downs of inner purgatory tried to pull us back into this limbo of not knowing where to go, what to do.

While this was and still is testing our patience on many levels, these last two weeks were really eye-opening. Most of us have been in a haze, busy with a mixture of deep frustration and yet excitement about new energies coming in.

After all, be assured, this all wasn’t for nothing! When we need to go back or feel like we are standing very important integration processes are happening within! Of course, it would have been nicer to finally see progress, but this is not what this Reality Check was about! It was about PROGRESSION and understanding that sometimes the (seemingly) wrong choices can bring us to the right places regardless!

It is in the nature of our selective and often distorted ego perception that we cannot see the purpose of going through things over and over again. This is part of our human limitation. So, if we want our blinders to come off - energetically sensitive or not – we need to clean up, let go, and re-center – in all areas of our lives!

There is no point in sugar-coating our illusions, they still are illusions!. If we fail to respond to our inner prompting to check on things with bone-crushing honesty, we will miss the train and get lost in our personal hell-worlds of beating ourselves up and whining about how things never work out for us.

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Seriously! This is not the time to continue doing what we have been doing! Big shifts and long-term changes are already on the way and it's time for us to prepare. If we refuse to BECOME REAL through our own volition, we are going to be in for a rude awakening!

So many of you have been diligently working on removing obstacles and connecting within. Beautiful new things were beginning to unfold for you – but then what happened? Did you get fixated on the problem and forgot that solutions are not always in immediate results? If you didn't fall for this ego trap your life is probably already on the fast lane now! Keep going and don't look back!

Life is the continual unfolding and reflection of your inner energies. The more congruent you become with your true needs, your true wants and your True Self, the more your life can manifest accordingly.

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For the coming 5-week period until the 2nd quarter of June we will be asked to develop a stronger sense of who we are. This requires us become more aware of what's true to us and what isn't, what our boundaries and priorities are and who we want to trust and socialize with.

Our relationships will be tested and if there wasn’t honesty to begin with then it may be the time to cut toxic people and relationships loose. On the other hand, this grounding course can also lead to a beautiful clarification of suspicions or mistrust. Give it a chance!

Starting by the end of May we will be lead into clarifying of our inner most values and views – and this time it’s going to be even tougher than at the beginning of year! Use this time to find your True Inner Voice by standing up to your Inner Critic! We all have a Critical Inner Voice, but this doesn’t mean that it’s always right!

When the going gets tough in your relationship or with other people that are important to you, speak up! – Speak from your heart and stay with your own feelings - but most of all: Never Assume! Assumptions are based on your (often blinded) ego-perception and lead to nothing but more misunderstandings!

Don’t leave things hanging! Clarify!

Allow your heart’s voice to become real!

Furthermore, it is time to actively renegotiate compromises that don't work for us anymore; to claim our freedom and our true values! Use this momentum to consciously break through some of our old patterns!

Let go of your ego’s payoffs that keep you in your karmic wheel of repetition. Double-Check if your choices are healthy and congruent with what you truly feel deep in your heart – if not, let them go! There is no use of hanging on to the old just because it feels familiar! Our environment has become so negative that ‘familiarity’ is not a good sign for inner truth anymore. Actually, it never has been ;) Just because something feels familiar doesn’t mean it’s safe or good for us – all it means is that our ego agrees to it because if feels in control

Becoming Real with yourself means allowing for antiquated or outdated structures, opinions, coping strategies and comfort zones to correct themselves. You have nothing to lose – they are not getting you any closer to what you truly want anyway! Instead, learn to trust in your self and listen to your heart’s voice.

Sure, it’s scary for your ego, but this fear is exactly what you need to tackle now.

Trusting yourself means that you know that you can rely on yourself. If you prefer to run away from it or keep avoiding taking responsibility for your life, your love, your passion, your energy, your physical health and financial freedom, you cannot experience yourself as trustworthy or reliable. You will forever blame the system, other people or God for your suffering – and you will find yourself swept away or controlled by collective and global corrections that are advancing in light speed now.

Global Awakening brings in a powerful new paradigm in human consciousness development – it affects us all - personally, environmentally, politically and financially. If we are not getting real now, how can we ever trust in ourselves and others when we need another? How can we ever be of service to anybody? Not to mention our children who will have to carry the burden of our ignorance in the past?!

Forgive me for my direct words here, but spiritually maturing and ‘ascending’ is about taking responsibility for your own energy, your thoughts, hidden sentiments, emotions and actions. There is no space for dithering, blaming, half-hearted compromises or wishy-washy commitments!

If you want to experience your true Inner Power you need to let go of holding on to your fear of making mistakes and trust your heart’s guidance!

If you are willing to trust that you will be at the right place at the right time – with the right people!

Go for it! No Compromises!

Much Love,

jona bryndis

Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES


This Energy Update was published as Session Focus for our monthly Energetic Adjustment Session - a remote energy session to adjust to current collective energy bands. If you are interested in how the Energetic Adjustment works click here.

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