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New transCOACH Training Cerification LEVEL IV: Remote Energy Clearing

By jona bryndis, Oct 2 2016 03:00PM

by Jeff Casper

Hello Everyone,

The power of individual clearings lies mostly in sensing how our energy feels when it is in a more clear and aligned state as this gives us a new reference point in how we can feel. The power in this is in knowing that if we can feel like this once, with time and a bit of work, we can feel like this more and more. (Read here about the difference between energetic clearing and healing.)

Those of you familiar with the power of remote energy clearings have integrated regular or occasional clearing work into their personal energetic hygiene and management routine. This isn't usually something we share with others, but more and more people are waking up to the need of becoming more aware of their inner energetic make-up, possible blockages and advice on how to proceed with their individual journey. The demand for energy workers who are able to perform but most importantly coach a person in their personal energy management is drastically increasing.

The challenge with energetic clearings on their own is that without continued work or knowing where to start, this feeling fades with time in those receiving these sessions.

Because of this limitation, communication is key with clearing reports and personal coaching sessions being added to give the most opportunity for effective and long lasting change.

This kind of energetic work, often also called Etheric Surgery, that is done in the method I use is not for the light hearted or those looking to see only their 'good' aspects. It is a powerful reflective method that cuts to the chase and utilizes multiple methods of helping a person not only see what is in they way, but also begin to take action to break through the blocks and enhance understanding.

And, because of the effectiveness of this work, it is with great excitement to announce that we will be offering a coaching class through transCODES to add in Individual Clearing Training into the already powerful transCOACH LEVEL Training Program.

This program is geared towards helping an individual not only understand their own energy first and foremost, but also develop the talent to work with energetic fields and of course with individual energetic fields to enhance, clear and aid inner connection with the aim of helping people move forward in their journeys.

This program will consist of very intense individual development (prerequisites required), supervised facilitations of energy clearings, individual coaching sessions with me and live group webinars with Jona and/or I to help understand remote energy work, etheric protection, clearing techniques and even group facilitation.

More to come on this soon, and if you are interested in learning more check out the shop section for transCOACH Training LEVEL IV.

The training for Level IV and LEVEL I begins Nov 1st, 2016. Depending on which level of prerequisites a trainee comes with the training takes 5-12 months. For beginners we now offer a prerequisites fast-track package. Click here to get more info on the prerequisites.


Jeff Casper

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