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Navigating Through the Underworld of Our Own Inner Darkness & Shadow

By jona bryndis, Oct 22 2016 12:00PM

by Jona Bryndis & Jeff Casper

Recently, you may have noticed that there is a strong influx of inner darkness resurfacing - within and around us. Some of your old shadow traits or deeper aspects of your defensive structure and coping behaviors are creeping back into your life even though you have been really working to integrate, heal and let go.

This does not necessarily mean that you are regressing or going backwards, but more so it is a sign that you are reaching the deeper into the layers of your ego that limit you. While this is a necessary part of our spiritual and consciousness journey, it also brings up a serious challenge to stay centered and aligned to our heart and letting go of the past.

To consciously navigate through and heal darkness we need to do is shine our light where there is none. Without reconnecting with our inner light, activating our own heart-space and connecting with our True Self, we it is difficult to deal with our inner dark aspects.

The fastest way to deal with inner darkness is to directly face it – to allow it to come forward and slowly agreeing to own it. This is not always easy. For many of us allowing Inner Darkness and Shadow aspects to come forward is a scary thought, often influenced and oppressed by religious or societal programming. Most importantly, to navigate through the 'dark night of our soul' we need to be willing to let our beliefs and judgments go, so that thoughts such as ‘I am a bad person’ can be reframed with healthier inner statements.

Without a proper accountability for who we are, we are unable to trust others and build lasting relationships and our mind and ego-control create a complex network of justifications and control mechanisms to alleviate our deep pain and confusion.

What is Inner Darkness?

Inner Darkness is the culmination of all our unresolved or disharmonic aspects within.

Darkness within does rarely has anything to do with evil energies. However if we allow our inner darkness and its coping mechanisms to dominate our thoughts, emotions, views, judgments, behaviors and actions - our energy will not be able to fully unfold or expand; thus Darkness can begin to reside and spread into all our energy systems and worst of all – our perception.

Perception based on darkness does not only obscure the way we see the world and others, but also reconfirms our ego-beliefs and manifests in further inner darkness. One of the most common misperceptions resulting out of our inner darkness is that the world is dark, and that all people are ‘just out there to get me’. This can lead to a never-ending inner and outer struggle, and often causes a hostile outlook on others and life itself.

Another reason for inviting in or being tormented by dark energies is an inner fragmentation. Soul-Fragments are often parts of ourselves that we gave away (e.g. addictions, co-dependency), were taken away (abuse) or that we lost through trauma or other painful experiences. Some of us are born with a fragmented soul due to unresolved karmic aspects.

The main thing to understand is that fighting your inner darkness (or that of others) can lock us further into the struggle of accepting who we truly are. And as this is very tiring energetically seen, it actually strengthens the darkness within us and ultimately others.

Holding on to our Inner Darkness, be it through resenting it in ourselves or others is nothing but another form of externalizing our inner higher power!

Fighting off outer darkness or going against the system can allow a person to see a bit more, to become aware and feel a bit more, but in the end we all have to do the ground work to change from within. So yes, pushing back the dark has its uses, but unless we work on facing and healing our own inner darkness, chances are we are that we end up resonating with our inner darkness more than with our inner light.

Our Ego’s Investment in Inner Darkness & Shadow

These are examples for how our ego acts when we trying to work through old ways and challenge the dominance of our inner negativity. Our ego believes it has to be a part of this process and regurgitates the past. But, it will only give so much ground before attempting to challenge you in one of many variations, for example the relapsing of your shadow aspects. The ego’s job is to maintain the old ways and so it will try anything to see if you will succumb to the temptations and payoffs it so needs to sustain itself.

It isn’t that you ego is the same as your inner darkness, it’s just that represents the gravity to it!

The craftiness and complexity of the ego is stunning. Many times, regardless of how trained we are, we do not realize when our ego trickster causes this subtle shift towards negativity in us.

And, scarier yet, when we realize this, typically we begin to judge or bash ourselves for not seeing our ego jump in or not being able to stop it, which is just another layer that works to solidify the hold that our ego has over us.

Getting Through the Hardwires Between Ego, Shadow & Inner Darkness

We all have these times when we dive into our own underworld of the ‘Dark Night or our Soul’. How to handle these times when our ego and the various shadow traits within flex their complexity or depth of expression?

Contrary to our adapted coping behaviors, the trick to getting through our perceived inner negativity and to stand our ground is agree to accept all that comes forward! And so, to actively face and search for what keeps our Shadow going in us we need to decode our ego’s investment in it first. We need to investigate what we avoid by acting out on our darker traits.

What triggers you not wanting to feel or see certain things about yourself?

Which part of yourself prefers to delve into your personal underworld of not being able to connect with the energy of your heart? And what is it getting out of staying there?

Which traits come forward when you do? Which inner need that is obviously not fulfilled or met is showing through this?

And how could you use these energies in a healthier or more productive way?

Through Shadow Work we can not only learn how to overcome our fear of getting stuck there but also discover how embracing our inner darkness as desperate attempt to soothe ourselves.

Shadow-Work is not about looking at our flaws and reminding ourselves how ‘bad’ we are, on the contrary! It’s about liberating ourselves from how our ego deals with our perceived shortcomings!

Facing our inner darkness becomes a vital tool to learning how to recognize and prevent the absence of our inner light to spread. Shadow-Work is one of the most transformative processes on our journey. It can greatly add to our lives and open us up for the deeper inner connection within.

The only thing that can get us to this point of realization is the courage, dedication and willingness to connect with our shadow and ego alike, so that we can demystify what restricts us. No ego pattern, shadow trait, emotional or mental loop can stand against the willingness we have to face them from within the space of our hearts!

Once we learn how to bring Light back into our Inner Darkness, we can easily experience how only the alignment to our spirit has the power to override and help reframe any energetic constriction, block or contraction within us.

Remember, whenever we feel our inner darkness attempting to challenge us - action is needed! It is the last call for activating your inner light!

This action cannot be the re-traumatizing of yourself through trying to further cover up your pain! Self-bashing or giving up on yourself just leads to more inner darkness – the action we are talking about is a heart centered inner connection, showing you how to find the inner path towards integration and healing.

Here, at transCODES we combine the transformation power of remote energy, high vibrational fields work and deep meditation with so called transMISSIONS. One of our most popular modalities is the Shadow Work transMISSION. During group or private remote sessions (can be done from hom) we accompany you through this inner healing process. This guided remote energy process (spoken by Jeff Casper) leads you through how to connect with and work through various ego/shadow traits that are affecting you at this time. Along with the process itself we offer forum access to share and ask questions regarding what you experienced or talk about your personal process in skype energy coaching.

Come check out the Shadow Work Process and what is can do for you!

Thank you for your time!

With love,

Jona Bryndis & Jeff Casper

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