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NEW START - NEW LOVE (For Life) Empath Weekly 4th-10th August 2019

By jona bryndis, Aug 6 2019 05:41PM

Energy Update


Empath Weekly 4th-10th August 2019

By jona bryndis, 4th August 2019

Watch Energy Update Here

Energy Update Week 32


Hi Everybody,

After the past 2-3 weeks of heaviness and deeper internal processing we are now moving into a new wave of external expression. Unfortunately, this also brings more energy into the UNHEALTHY & DESTRUCTIVE EXPRESSION of this prolonged inner frustration and exhaustion. However, next week will bring in a POSITIVE & MORE HOPEFUL ENERGY into our collectives. There is a surprise element to this that can translate into FORTUNATE CONDITIONS for you to finally break through REPEATING CYCLES of fear or self-imposed restrictions.

One aspect that can be responsible for us to being TOO PASSIVE is our inner confusion. This confusion is partially the product of misinformation (especially New Age Misguidance about what it means to be spiritual!), but also a consequence of us not really understanding how to bring our HUMAN NATURE into its HIGHER EXPRESSION. In the video I talk about SELF-MASTERY and the need for investing into getting a better grasp on the CHOICES we have.

BEING TIRED OF BEING TIRED is one of those states that can show us that we HAVE a choice!

The main tip for you is to remind yourself that you can RESET YOUR ENERGY at any time! Resetting our energy means letting go of all binary (black-and-white) preoccupations & judgments and realigning ourselves to WHO WE TRULY ARE. It's like booting our computer - clearing our system junk and reloading what we truly stand for or what matters to us. We have six seconds to SHIFT OUR ENERGY into a different emotion. If you want to change, change the way you express what you transmit into the collective/universe!


For many the subject of SEEKING is filled with confusion. While we all share the search for deeper meaning and connection, continual Seeking as a mindset can also be an expression of inner confliction. The more we seek the more we communicate to ourselves that there is something we don't have. It can energize LACK and therefore lead us into the wrong direction. Inner conflicts contribute to inner stress, and inner stress produces more confliction and energy drainage. From an energetic point of view, it is of utmost importance to take a moment (ideally every day) to double-check on what it is that we are seeking.

If we are seeking RELIEVE from whatever is conflicting us, we might opt for SELF-SOOTHING too easily. Watching movies, binge eating, getting wrapped up in other people's dramas, social media or checking out in other ways typically drains our energy. It doesn't lead to DEEPER INNER CONNECTION, such as mediating, walking in nature, playing with kids/animals, taking care of plants, journaling or having a nice conversation with someone who matters to us! It might not lead to direct solution to our struggle, but it calms our energy enough to recharge instead of further getting stressed.

If you look at the different levels of ENERGETIC STRESS above you will notice that SEEKING (avoiding, getting, owning, needing, controlling, idealizing) tune our subjective experience into our addictions and longing. This state, that most of us find ourselves in when we feel SEPARATED FROM OUR TRUE SELF keeps reaffirming our powerlessness. It leads to choices that try to FORCE whatever it is we want to feel relief from and therefore never really brings a solution that can lead us to a more evolved state, in which we don't have to EXTERNALIZE what we need or want to others or circumstances.

The SEARCH for what we don't deem to have if approached from our Solar Plexus (3rd Chakra) leads to nothing but depletion and inner loneliness. We keep searching for what can connect us better and forget that it's not the love from the outside that can provide that for us. Others have the same problem - two how have the same problem makes it worse - not better! But two (or more) who understand that our INNER CONNECTION is what allows us to more deeper CONNECT WITH ANOTHER can feel tremendous peace in ALLOWING OURSELVES TO GO WITHIN instead of SEEKING THE NEEDLE IN THE HAYSTACK.

It isn't until we connect with our TRUE SELF IDENTITY that we can find that all we are looking for is already there - inside of us! Once you begin to feel this, MAKING THE BEST CHOICE becomes so much easier!

Seeing your options as BLACK-AND-WHITE or believing that life is about all or nothing is one of our ego's main delusions. Your ego doesn't know what 'best' for you. It only knows what is knows, and so it will feed you with choices, options or quick-fixes that either provide something that feels like temporary relief (from pain/stress/confliction) or that deludes into an idealized version of a BETTER SELF, that only exists in your fantasy. DEEPER INNER CONNECTION not only provides you with more energy, it also presents the needed inner guidance to see the next step or FIND THE THIRD OPTION - the one that is neither black nor white. It fills you with the COURAGE TO TRY SOMETHING NEW and to see the larger picture. Often it leads to higher levels of truth with ourselves and thus immediately sheds some of our illusions. Sometimes, however it also makes us see our illusions more clearly, which is exactly why we hesitate to choose inner connection over inner separation.

If the pain of staying where we are at isn't strong enough to make us overcome the fear of looking at our own illusions, then there is typically something our ego gets out of staying there...

This is what we all need to look at!

What do I get out of staying in my stress/misery?

The ability to let go of whatever keeps us glued to our stress (internal or external) comes through our willingness to SEE TRUTH. And out of the courage to see truth we develop higher levels of consciousness and ultimately INNER PEACE.

Searching for more of whatever we have already identified as stressful is not based on truth!

Looking for love, validation, money or fulfillment outside of ourselves is not based on truth!

Stressing ourselves out over what other people think about us is not based on truth!

Getting drained by trying to fix or solve other people's drama is not based on truth!

All the best next week!

Much Love,


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