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My Way or The Highway!

By jona bryndis, Sep 15 2016 07:35PM


Energy Update September 2016 (Full Moon - Lunar Eclipse)

The end of August and beginning of September weren’t easy. While there has been a lot going on in the collective personally we couldn’t help but feel like ‘Stuck in Our Lives’. Everything and everybody is mirroring to us that CHANGE is needed, but there is no clear answer as to how? Sure, we can go into fear and get a stash of food and cash to get us through potential chaos, but frankly, why do we keep waiting for something to happen on the outside?

It’s time to realize that our FORTUNE lies in our own hands!

Get up and adjust your course! It’s not just you feeling this way, but as long as we externalize how we feel and what we can do NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE!

Many of us energetically sensitive people felt like they were getting sick with a cold or some kind of weird digestive IBS-like upset – we have been feeling immobilized and sluggish! Collectively there is a deeper STRUCTURAL ADAPTATION process that is happening right now and it is reaching all the way into our genetic, neurotransmitter and biochemical make-up. It’s like RESET.

Whatever the energetic state we are holding right now will set the stage for our energetic metabolic rate for the coming years.

If you allow your energy to be dampened or clouded by your fears of the unknown, you are letting down everything you have been working on for so many years! Open your eyes and recognize that this is not the time to hide in the woodwork or hunker down just to ‘survive’ your life! If you want your life to change, now is the time! REUNIFY WITH YOUR TRUE SOURCE OF ENERGY and come forward with who you truly are! What are you waiting for? The world to end?

And then what?!

The world is only going to end when the last conscious person on this planet as given up their inner birthright to be a co-creator of this reality. Remember Your Light! As long as there is One Light there it can illuminate the Darkness of the Global Shadow!

We all are going through a massive internal adjustment of our energy body right now, and the only way to sooth these energetic sensations is to CONNECT AND GROUND WITH OUR PLANET who is experiencing the same thing as all others that is trying to break through the veil of illusions. Earthquakes and other signs of resistance are just the tip of the iceberg of this inner clearing process. Whether or not they are part of manmade meddling is irrelevant, we are entering the time of ABSOLUTE TRUTH about what works and what doesn’t - and I think the message is pretty clear...

WHY ARE WE STILL HIDING OUR LIGHT? Truth and Light are the same – the only Way to get to a brighter future is to step up and make a stance for ourselves! So, STOP QUESTION YOUR INNER LIGHT and rise and shine through letting go of illusionary safety and ideals that have no intrinsic value other than calming your ego! Show it your finger - whatever it came up with in the past to help you cope is not working anymore!

Sure, at times it can be a good thing to focus on making ourselves feel ‘good’ and ‘hanging in there’, but this is now not enough anymore. To get through times of radical change as we are looking ahead, we can’t just tag along on the sidelines. We need to remember and bring our HIGHER GOALS back into the foreground.

This also means to become aware of how we've slowly LET DOWN OUR VIRTUES in the past. Yes! That’s what we’ve done! We made compromises, tried to be nice and play along – but this isn’t working for us anymore!

Our boundaries need to be clear now, and we need to know what we truly need. No compromises! This is about following through now and allowing CONSEQUENTIAL TRUTH AND LIGHT into our lives. As soon as we are willing to do this our stance is simple: MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY!

We are at a point in our evolutionary consciousness development where we need to stand up for our higher vibrational ethics and integrity, even if it means that we don’t fit in again - or else we will suffocate in collective mediocrity and lower vibratory fears and control! What are you going to tell your children and following generations? That nobody could see ‘this’ coming? That’s a lie! You are seeing the changes ahead, you can feel it with every single cell of your body – admit it to yourself and get going! What do YOU need to change to be able to stand up and become real?

But don’t get me wrong. This is not about winning. This is about contributing versus enabling – participating versus following. Which side are you on? Connect with your Future Self and ask this part of you what you need to do to be TRUE TO YOURSELF.


Most of our inner work is therefore currently about realizing and releasing old patterns that hold us in place - that keep us docile so to say - but that are no longer true to us, beneficial or even needed anymore.

While reconnecting with your INNER TRUTH it is important to understand that this NEW WAY OF SEEING THE WORLD AND YOURSELF will feel a bit shaky at first. It’s not stable yet. WALKING A NEW WAY always feel a bit scary in the beginning, especially since we don’t know yet exactly how we are going to manifest our higher goals and outer energies don't seem to be supporting as of yet. But exactly here, it is important to recognize that only you can make this a safe place. The longer you walk this new path - your path - the clearer your future self’s guidance becomes, and the less scary the future will feel!

Be prepared and expect that this last clearing process before coming out of your woodwork will feel a bit like an up and down between wanting to hold on and knowing it’s time to invite NEW WAYS OF BEING IN YOUR WORLD. Let go of old beliefs and views! Send your ego into a 2-year beauty sleep. It’s no good companion on this kind of journey, as it likes to stick with the familiar no matter how dysfunctional or destructive it is.

So, for the coming weeks and months into 2017 we will need absolute clarity about who we truly are – and allow our past-present-future to become one. All we really need to do is to CONNECT WITH OUR TRUE SELF and allow our light to shine light on the path ahead! As soon as we begin to experience the liberation that comes out of simply ALLOWING OUR TRUTH AND LIGHT on all levels, those things, ideas, people and perspectives that are not true to us anymore simply dissipate – poof! - and new energies, views and opportunities arise!

Thank you for your time.

Much Love and Gratitude,

Jona bryndis

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