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Maximizing Efforts by going Back to the Basics - Heart-Clearing

By jona bryndis, Mar 19 2017 01:15AM

Every person who is a master of their craft, their trade, their sport or instrument knows the power of sticking to the basics…honing their creativity by repetitively doing the initial exercises that allowed them to learn their way and their expression.

The Olympic sprinter knows the importance of stance work, form training and strength endurance work. They know the hard work in the basics pays off tremendously when it counts, in competition. Just as the vocalist knows the importance of proper warm up, breath training and voice coaching is vital to keep them ready and healthy for when they sing.

Spirituality is no different. It is an art form, an expression of our own unique connection to the Divine aspect within us, which is only as strong or effective as the amount of effort and dedication we apply to connection clearing, integration and alignment work.

By understanding that what we are doing by following simple repetitive exercises such as meditation, energy work processes, prayer or even affirmation work to replace outdate or negative inner programming that we are learning new ways, pushing our limits and creating the space for change that eventually leads to truer or healthier expressions within our lives and our relationships.

Within spiritual work, you are retraining your system to listen, feel and allow the connection from the heart (inner link to the Divine) to run our system, opposed to the old ego/mind system. It is a reframing experience for our energy, our mind and our emotions that eventually becomes the way or paradigm that we chose to live in.

Overtime, this ‘sticking to the basics’ method leads to tremendous insight and further contemplation of what is needed to expand further, go deeper, and allow more truth in our lives.

So, when going about your spiritual journey, it’s not the fancy things that really keep us in that space of alignment. Sure massive visions, moments of true connection/expansion, dark nights of the soul and huge realizations that allow us to understand years of struggle all are amazing, but what keeps us in the game and going deeper is all the little things that add to our connection and reframing experience on a day-to-day basis.

Embrace the basics, listen, slow down, breathe, and meditate with the intention of being in your heart or aligning to truth. The methods and ways will come allowing you to keep what works and dump the rest. Overtime, you will have a toolbox full of usually quite simple techniques that allow you to face and work through just about anything.

Have fun with this as your spiritual journey is your expression of the Divine Force that flows through you. It is through this relationship that we can become fully real and live without restriction or limitation.

And, if you are looking for some simple, yet extremely effective, ways to connect with your heart space as well as find out what is in the way to help direct you more in where to go next, come check out our remote energy Heart-Clearing transMISSION (available in private or group sessions).

This one hour, remote transmission event is a guided energy process (spoken by Jeff Casper) that helps to not only connect with our inner Divinity, but also work this connection to aid feeling and clearing whatever may be in the way of our inner connection.

This simple, yet effective process has allowed for so many to feel out what is in the way of true heart connection in a safe space. It has even allowed those joining in to embrace or work with these resistive aspects to broaden their understanding, compassion, and chance to change or heal increasing the trust that they have in their own heart connection.

Please click here to sign-up or learn more!

(Sacred Self-Healing and Graduate discounts are available)


Jeff Casper

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