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MARCH 2018 Energy Forecast & Tips With Jona Bryndis

By elecia, Feb 28 2018 08:00AM

MARCH 2018 Energy Forecast with jona bryndiis

transCODES Live!

Collective Energy Forecast

& Energy Tips for

March 2018


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In the February Overview I wrote "There will be times to fully enjoy life and connecting with others, especially in relationships, but it can also lead to a sudden clarity of who/what we do or don’t want to devote our energy to"

In order to fully understand this part of the ongoing collective tendency for the coming 4-6 weeks, remember that a complete self-healing process always comes as the simultaneous process of connecting, clearing and integrating.

Current energies ask us to refine our SELF-WORTH and SELF-VALUE in regards to relationships, testing the energy level of our SELF-EXPRESSION and CONNECTION with ourselves, community, society and our personal values altogether!

If we can allow this self-refinement process to happen on all levels, it will provide us with an enhanced sense of direction and ability to TRUST IN & STAND FOR OURSELVES, will basically set the stage for the rest of the year. However, from March until May we will have the opportunity to consciously attune ourselves to this highly transformational experience, guiding us through the crossroads giving our journey a very practical direction for the next 6 years.

If we are avoiding this refinement process now, we will have a hard time feeling connected to our PURPOSE IN LIFE. We will lack the necessary INNER COMMITMENT & DEVOTION to follow through with our ideas and goals, which can lead to frustration and EXTERNALIZATIONS OF LOVE & HAPPINESS.

The healing resonance for March is therefore directly linked to our ability to bring our INTERNALIZED SENSE FOR SELF into the practical. This can only happen through becoming aware of and properly expressing what our TRUE NEEDS & VALUES are. Without developing the needed SELF-DISCIPLINE to put this into action we are lacking the power to materialize our goals and turn them into measurable successes.

To avoid continued looping in escaping reality through 'waiting for better times' the coming months we need to understand that we are FREE TO CHOOSE where we direct our energies at any given moment. The power to follow through on direction and purpose we are longing for comes from liberating ourselves from internal conflicts.

Drop it entirely or go for it fully! Anything in between is wasting our energy!

If you want to enter this process with a more conscious and cleared attunement to where you want to invest your energies, you will need to embrace SELF-RESPONSIBILITY and WILLINGNESS TO COMMIT YOURSELF ONLY TO WHAT IS TRUE TO YOU..

The main energy of this month is SELF-LOVE IN ACTION.

All the best,


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All the best!



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