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Look For Synchronicities!

By jona bryndis, Dec 16 2016 10:40PM

Energy Update 16th - 23rd December 2016

Welcome to the Year End Energies building!

Last week's energies were irratic. Many of us are consciously experiencing the a powerful inner clearing cycle while exiting 2016. For now, try to calm your nerves - things should settle down a bit for the weekend. In those states it's very important to not buy into the our hard-wired fear. Right now is still a very cool time ride the wave of good fortune - if we are willing to face what is keeping us in our insanity.

As mentioned before, there is no real beginning or end of a year from an energetic point of view, only what the collective associates with it. If at all, the energies in our direct environment are influenced by seasonal aspects our planet goes through at a specific time of the year, so by getting closer to the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year in the northern hemisphere (and the longest day of the year with the Summer Solstice in the southern hemisphere) we are approaching the climax of energies that has been building over the past 6 months and the entire year.

If you are working in public service, healing arts, sales or taxes/accounting and you know that you are energetically sensitive, pay extra attention to clearing your energies before you come home or socialize! Listen to soft music on the way home, stop by a park/tree or take out your dog right away. Do anything you can to release the tension of the day before you spend time with yourselves or your loved ones! Otherwise, your energy will progressively go down the drainer and you will continue to more feel sick, anxious or depressed. Try to look at this week as a big PURGE. Do not take anything personally!

Looking back, to describe the energies of 2016 with one word it would be COMPLETION - the end of an old cycle and the beginning of a new cycle - however, just because most of us are still in TRANSITION this doesn't mean that we are not complete yet! It just means that we still need to make minor or larger CORRECTIONS.

Within every cycle is smaller cycle - and a larger cycle - replicated through space and time. One of the reasons why many of us have been feeling ERRATIC SHIFTS and weird states of sudden physical agitation or emotional irritation this past week was that we were feeling the energies of this inner and outer transition process, but that we couldn't put a finger on it yet, as to what these needed corrections are...

Let me drop a hint so you know where you need to look: Remember the beginning of this year when it was the time to work on NEW STRUCTURES? First, physically, then communicationally, and finally financially, so that we could EXPLORE NEW POSSIBILITIES of manifesting a life more congruent to our true being.

How many of the insights you gained in March and April have you actually resolved or changed in the course of this year? Oh well... then get on it!

Of course, when looking at how current energies are affecting us we can't just be fixated at the calendar. We need to look at our personal cycles in conjunction with the seasonal cycle of nature around us, collective cycles, the planetary cycles of the planet Earth and the larger COSMIC CYCLES.

Our personal cycles are often influenced by our schedule and perception of time and abundance. Most people have a daily rhythm based on their sleep cycle, a weekly rhythm based on their work days, a monthly rhythm, based on their paycheck and bills, a yearly rhythm based on the calendar year and taxes and a life cycle based on age and rites of passage and collective programming. The way we feel our inner abundance at a given time is therefore often controlled by outer factors we silently accepted as given.

It is in the nature of energetically sensitives and empaths to feel these cycles more than others; but in our attempt to deal with the physical and emotional symptoms of outer cycles we often try to avoid or control our inner energetic sensations and emotions - and often shut them down altogether. Here is the problem...how can you feel/hear/sense your INNER GUIDANCE if one of your coping mechanisms is to shut down inner perception? How are these signals supposed to get through to your awareness? By yelling at you?!

And so the unconscious resistance to wanting to hear it is now replicating into your physical systems, which causes your immune, endocrine, neurotransmitter and hormone levels to shoot through the roof - wearing you out and learing you drained. This is what's been happening for many of you these past weeks - you were getting yelled at by your True Selves - because it's time you listen!

But not because somebody says so, but because this has been your goal all along - so now all these deja vu's, synchronicities and subtle TRUE SELF INTERVENTIONS your inner guidance has been sending along your way are not enough anymore. You need to change something - and you know it!

Here another hint: Think back at the end of 2010...what started then that needs to be completed before you can move on to the next level of manifestation? Look at the RECURRNG PATTERNS in your life and finally take responsibility for them!

The way you feel about yourselves and your life is not 'caused' by anything outside of you - it's the consequence of your energetic alignment and congruence in the now - and all past nows. If you still foster negativity, fear, anger and envy in your thoughts, actions and inner sentiments, how is your energy to respond other than with erratic ups and downs - or worse CHRONIC CONDITIONS?!

Go back to the basics! Learn how to ground, center and clear yourself. Align to the FEMININE WAY of approaching life and agree only to what's energy sustaining and life promoting. Allow your alignment to softness and beauty back into your life and most of all - Look for synchronicities!

Pay attention to everything around you! Where/when can you recognize your True Self talking to you? Do you even take enough time to communicate with yourself? Or are you still caught up inner judgment and self-berating?

This new cycle you are entering can only be mastered if you are willing to take full responsibility for your manifestations - all of them!

Over the years many of us have developed different sleeping, eating, working and living patterns than others - in order to find more efficient ways for us to sustain our energy. More often than not, these patterns appear as COUNTER CYCLIC or 'not like the norm', but deep inside we know that this is the way for us to create more well being and energetic stability. This is our SAFE SPACE, and if we were able to manifest this already, we can look ahead to a new year of ACTUALIZATION.

Everything we have been working on the past years can now be brought into FRUITION - our growing self-awareness, increasing need for integrity and our HIGHER GOALS IN LIFE are beginning to converge.

A big part of learning how to MANAGE OUR ENERGY is to learn to live according to our inner prompting, even if it leads to clashing with what's considered to be 'normal'. For highly sensitive people it's very common to decide to work from home, for example, as collective energies in corporate or public workplaces are often overwhelming or draining for us. The same applies to our relationships with others. But just because there are more tools available to connect with others nowadays, it doesn't mean that we can isolate ourselves! Go out - express who you truly are, but know when to retreat and take care of your own energy!

Listen to your inner promptings - unconditionally!

If you feel you have to leave a situation 'right now' - do so! It will keep you safe! Please listen to your inner guidance! In this coming week it will be more important than ever before!

If you feel like you want to make changes to your life and daily exposure to outer energies and patterns, this is the right now! We are still in a good position to set the course for our future - that is, if we can face the unresolved aspect of our ego attachment to inner and outer CYCLES AND PATTERNS.

Time to take care of things...

In order to counteract the energetic drainage of our system this week we need to learn how to calm our energy. The first step is always to breathe (click here for energetically efficient IAM Breathing Technique). The next thing you can do is to align your energy to nature. Especially during this Solstice week it is very beneficial for our energy to bring our personal cycles into coherence with the planet. The more time you spend in nature the better. If you are familiar with clearing, connecting, centering and grounding techniques use them as often as you can - until you feel more stable.

It is very important to understand the link between outer stress/bombardment and inner reactivity. No matter how 'good' we are with managing our personal energy they can wear down our systems, because they are linked to our Autonomous Nervoussystem. As long as our energy is caught in the perpetual cycle of emergency responses DISCERNMENT of true feelings and emotions is not possible!

Therefore the focus of this week's energy work should be on strengthening our Parasympathetic Nervoussystem, which activates the release of stress-reducing transmitters through our Vagus Nerve.

So, when it comes to observing and reflecting our emotional and energetic patterns we need to realize that most of what we perceive as emotions are indeed physical reactions. Emotions are tied to our nervous system and are often perceived through strong inner physical/somatic reactions - these reactions are based on neurological pathways formed throughout our lives - through our emotional, physical and mental experiences, traumas, etc., but also based on our genetic inheritance (see Epigenetics).

They are all directly linked to our cell memory and therefore programmed with a certain set of reactions that ensured our survival (ego). Hence, what most of us perceive as emotions are in fact energetic hard-wires and coping mechanisms based on our or our ancestor's past.

Our True Feelings are not bound to our ego nor our body or mind. They come through an overall sense of well-being, inner congruence and deep inner peace and knowing that we are going into the right direction. Feelings prompted by our True Self are based on non-linear and subjective information and can therefore often not be explained or objectively felt.

The difficulty of discerning inner feelings from emotions can only be resolved if we can learn how to trust in our inner heart's voice. For this we need to set the CLEAR INTENTION to listen to our heart and to allow our True Self to become the navigator for our inner corrections.

Through our inner heart connection we can begin to see unhealthy patterns and implement disciplines that allow us to observe the difference. If we choose to stay unaware of our hard-wired emotional coping mechanisms they will continue to dominate our reactions and keep us from feeling our True Self!

All the best,


ps. Those of you who are spontaneously interesting in working on

adjusting to current energies please check out my Energetic Adjustment Session tonight.

published in our Weekly Energy Digest 2016 Week 52

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