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Liberating Ourselves through Emotional Detachment vs. Dissociation

By jona bryndis, Jan 16 2016 01:29AM

For those of you interested in how to apply spiritual and metaphysical concepts into your practical live I am occasionally sharing so-called Field Reports. They are session reports of our ongoing group transMISSIONS here at transCODES showing how we do this energetic ground-work. In case you have been wondering what Remote Energy transMISSIONS and how they work, these reports allow you to peek in to and feel out for yourself how we work on our inner aspects in groups or individual remote energy sessions. (For more info about Remote Energy transMISSIONS click here.)

These session reports are posted in our transMISSION forum after a session to give all participants the opportunity to compare, comment, reflect and share. Our energy coaches keep a protocol of each attendant’s energy field during a transMISSION, so that they can answer or respond to personal aspects as they arose in context with the session.

This particular session was offered as our monthly FREE Remote Prayer Energy Healing Session called

DETACHMENT, in January 2016. Every participant received a free 60min Energy Prayer MP3 to align to the session energies. These energy alignments are published as non-profit Energy Prayers as individual resonances or subscriptionto support our volunteer Energy Workers in our Remote Prayer Group.

Session Report:

The overall feel of this session was a bit mental, but we were also able to observe very beautiful moments of reconnection, integration and even inner reunion for some of you. There were many physical sensations in this session and just in case you wondered; we kept the field open for almost two hours, as it took us longer than expected to work through everyone’s energy field.

Our energetic state is of enormous significance for our healing! In energy work our mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and etheric energy appear as intrinsically linked. A separated or isolated view of any of these five different levels of our existence is not possible. For example, when we are emotionally down, our physical immune system goes down; if we are caught in a mental spiral our etheric immune system goes down, etc. but most importantly, if we wait too long - all our natural abilities to ward off or self-heal temporary low states of energy dwindle.

The key to self-healing, or ‘turning things around’ as we would say in physical terms, is to liberate ourselves just enough so that we have the extra energy it takes to leave the current state and begin to heal (bit by bit).

If your personal situation right now requires you to act in some way your inner alignment and ability to mobilize the energy to shift or change ONLY ONE SINGLE thing can make a huge difference! This where our session comes in. Our objective is not to ‘heal you’ but to facilitate a vibratory environment that allows your energy to resonate at a higher vibration, so that YOU can make a shift.

Our group healing session today was mostly about reconnecting with our own power to access our inner guidance and to feel out where the cause of our ailment is located. In order to change we need to know when and how to take the leap to leave the old energies that don’t serve us anymore behind.

For some of you this may have been accompanied with getting in touch with your shadow aspects, as they seemed to play a big role in staying where we are. As crazy as it sounds, contrary to our intention or wish, our ego/shadow likes things that are familiar better than things that are inspiring or new. This discrepancy can be a major holdback. Often times we think that we know what needs to be healed, and yet in reality we are in total darkness about what it really is that needs to be addressed. Due to its holistic nature Energy work can provide the missing pieces here; so, if this session was a bit challenging for you, remember that whatever came forward for you as ‘rubbing you the wrong way’ during or right before/after, came to your awareness to show you what it truly is that needs healing!

Some of the aspects in our group healing had definitely to do with our ego unconsciously ‘liking’ our suffering, which is a bit difficult to address here without having the chance to explain in it detail. We call this our hidden ego pay-off, which is a natural part of our ego motivation in all of us. In Shadow-Work for example, we use work with our hidden pay-off to show us our true needs, which also showed here. Most of this session was about finding what we truly need, especially in terms of finding healthy ways to express and release emotions.

There were many critical inner voices pushing in from your mind and a general tendency to dissociate dealing with emotions. This is a common defense or coping strategy for energetically sensitive people, which you undoubtedly are (or else you wouldn’t have been open for this kind of healing work.) However, many of you had enormous amounts of (old) emotional energy stored in your energy field, which indicated that the attempt to separate your emotions from your body, mind and soul isn’t healthy for you.

Please don’t get me wrong – this has nothing to do with spiritual intelligence – it just means that there is a really urgent call for you to find new ways to deal with your emotions! In almost all cases these were linked to unprocessed inner child wounds.

Stored or absorbed emotions cannot only affect your physical condition, but also your ability to manifest a healthier, wealthier, happier and more loving life. Therefore, no matter what is that you need to let go of, don’t continue to cut yourself off from it but try to detach instead! Dissociating is not the same as detaching! When we detach we go into our heart first and feel out what a certain aspect/emotion/thought wants to tell us. We connect with it and accept that it’s there, but ask it to leave us at the same time - without judging or resisting (the same applies to persons).

These were the summarized aspects (complete list in original report omitted) in our healing transMISSION today. Please take advantage of asking personal questions in our Prayer Forum! transCODES offers large interactive self-healing community with energy coaches responding to your posts. Let us know how your session went for you! We are always grateful for feedback!

Finally, I want to express my sincere gratitude for your trust and your openness! Reaching out for help is an honorable thing, and we offer these sessions for just your situations. Each and every one of us knows what it feels like to be caught in fear, lost in grief or temporarily confused about where to go – no matter whether it’s related to trouble with health, wealth or love. Gratitude is one of our most powerful inner healing resonances.

Whenever you feel you need to detach from a plaguing thought or emotion; whenever you don’t seem to see new ways of approaching your problem, listen to the first 10 min of the Energy Prayer you received with this session!

The next FREE Remote Prayer Group Healing will be on Sunday 21st February @ 9AM (MST) check here for your timezome . If you want to register for our free group healing service go here.

Those of you who have subscribed to the Energy Prayers will receive a 10 min alignment version next week.

Much Love,

Jona & The Remote Prayer Group

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