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Letting Go - The Art of Making an Offering

By jona bryndis, Mar 23 2015 08:50AM

In remote energy transMISSION work we often experience an alignment of our physical bodies to higher divine frequencies and with it a kick-start to expand our heart field accordingly. For some of us this feels like a welcome opportunity to freely expand our energy and to bliss-out, while for others it can feel more like ‘being asked to give up something or to sacrifice’. How we perceive energetic expansion mainly depends on our inner attitude towards letting go.

While letting go can feel like difficult or even painful at times, it typically feels very liberating after the fact. All that’s needed is an inner shift of inner energy.

However, for this shift to take place, we cannot use our minds or command it through our will. Self-Healing is not about disciplining or depriving ourselves of something, on the contrary; it’s about trust. Think of a lost opportunity or misplacing an item: You can drive yourself crazy trying to find them or beating yourself up for losing it - or you can simply hand it over to your inner power and trust that what seems lost will reappear at the right time and the right place.

If you can see LETTING GO as a handing-over process, as in ‘offering’ rather than sacrifice you can learn that letting go and expanding your heart is one and the same process.

Through aligning ourselves to the voluntary act of consciously detaching we are not only transcending our thought, emotion, pain or judgment about the energy, item or person we want to let go of, we can also begin to break through persistent negative patterns and increase our vibratory rate at the same time.

If it is true to you, it will come back to you!

Letting go in Love means to set free what we are attached to. On an energetic level the true purpose of practicing to let go is to learn how to shift our energy from a state of contraction to expansion. We are willing to detach from our views and pay-offs instead of hanging on to old/programmed beliefs and their restricting energies and behaviors. The practice of letting go allows us to feel and internalize the transformative power of ‘rising above a problem’ first hand.

Whether you are going through a heartbreak, the loss of an item or person, trying to integrate a shadow aspect or reclaim a fragmented soul-part - if you can allow yourself to let go in love, you are beginning to feel the deeper meaning of serenity, connection and trust in your Inner Higher Power!

Allowing yourself to let go activates your inner self-healing powers and invites higher vibrational solutions. In fact, if we would realize that most of our struggles could be resolved by simply letting go of what we are trying to hold on to, we could instantly experience the freedom and endless possibility in the power of letting go!

Thank you for your time.



(exceprt from recent GRACE Manifestation Session Report and STEP 18 of our Sacred Self-Healing Journey)

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