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Learning How To Know & Apply Truth For Empaths, Truth Seekers & Healers

By jona bryndis, Jun 12 2018 08:34PM

Everything we experience, see, feel, emote, think or sense reflects a complex combination of the seen and unseen reality of perception. For the untrained observer life’s experiences are dominated by a Physical Reality. Whether we perceive ourselves as rich, happy, healthy, beautiful or successful are measured by our perception, which is influenced by our consciousness level. The context in which we see ourselves determines our perception. And so, ‘rich’, ‘healthy’, ‘happy’ are all subject to how we contextualize our life.

Living in different countries and cultures allowed me to differentiate these different levels of Truth very early in my personal life. What is considered ‘successful’ or ‘beautiful’ in one culture can be measured completely differently in another. It was the experience of shifting my life’s circumstances that shifted my reality. Each time I was adapting to a new cultural, social, economic, linguistic or spiritual system I made the same mind-boggling experience, namely that all these ‘realities’ are nothing but relative.

Experiencing my own physical reality as empath and the help various teachers and mentors have allowed me to develop a way to pierce through my inner confusion of what is true. It forced me to redefine subjectivity and objectivity, and to learn how to rely on my inner energetic guidance system that could discern truth from illusion. It showed me how to develop Energetic Integrity. Later, this awareness lead me to researching and trying to understand how this human dilemma of not being able to discern truth could be overcome. I dedicated my work into developing practical tools that could help others to pierce through the pitfalls of ego perception, and thus change their life into more abundance of wealth, health and love.

Abundance is The Ability To Know & Practially Apply the Discernent Between Truth From Illusion

Does this mean that everything we are experiencing in our subjective ego perception is not true or real? No! But there is a part in us that can tell us whether what we are perceiving is true to us or not. Due to the current evolutionary state our collective is going through we just haven’t trained that part in us enough yet!

In order to unlock our innate ability to know and apply truth from illusion and therefore becoming able to make choices and decisions that lead us to manifesting our highest potential, there a few hurdles to overcome. We need need to be willing to overcome the gravity of our ego’s way of contextualizing our experience and find access to our inner Energetic Integrity.

Instrumental for the practical application is a clear YES OR NO SIGNAL from our inner guidance system. It requires us to utilize our energetic sensitivity for truth and integrity testing of our own subjective perception.

Those who are willing to learn how to master the delusion of their own ego, transcend the gravity to its attachments and learn how to trust in their energetic integrity more than their ego can learn how to make higher vibrational choices and outvibrate their physical reality no matter what the condition, culture, environment or current situation they are in. 

If this speaks to you and you would like to learn how to connect and practically apply your Energetic Integrity you may want to consider coming to our only in person workshop in Florida, USA 20th-22nd June 2018. Once a year we share our culminated wisdom and modalities to a few handful of people that resonate with this deeper level of consciousness work. The workshop is conducted in a personal setting that allows maximum individual attention and interaction.

In our next year's workshop 20th-22nd June 2019 in Iceland we will discuss, show and teach you how to link in to your inner truth and how to use this sacred self-healing knowledge to manifest a life without dualities.

As a special perk for this year’s participants who are interested we will teach you how to do integrity testing for business or investment ideas, and how this applies to the emerging crypto currency sphere.

If you cannot make to this opportunity to learn truth from illusion in this workshop check out our ongoing online Sacred Self Healing Course or inquire about our personalized Heart Warrior Self-Mastery Program or private Energetic Abundance Coaching or Mentoring Sessions. Also, check out hundreds of articles on this subject in the transCODES blog, facebook or free energy training lessons on our Youtube channel.

Thank you for your time! Hope to meet you soon!



Founder & Energy Coach at transCODES Energy Healing & Training

Empaths, truth seekers and healers have a natural tendency to seek truth in their energetic perception. But this can pose another problem, namely the discrepancy between the way we and the world sees things. As we begin to realize that our energetic reality can be quite different from our physical reality, we are also beginning to see that the aspects influencing our Energetic Interaction with others or outer energies can be very different from how we initially believed. Responsible for this specific problem for empaths, truth seekers and healers is the realization that our ego can filter and distort information. So, in order to navigate through the veil of ego we need to develop a proper functioning internal reference and guidance system.

Energetic Integrity is the pathway that can show us how to match up our subjective perception and energetic reality with our objective physical reality. This can only be accomplished by accepting truth on all levels of existence.

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