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Learning Effective Energetic Healing and Protection

By jona bryndis, Oct 12 2017 06:42AM

Our energy is a system of fields that is anchored to the physical - minute by minute - by our choices, our karma and the consciousness level that we are at in each moment. And, like any system, there are weak spots, sometimes damaged areas, and parts that flow quite strongly.

As we all have experienced, there are times where our system is weak or low due to lack of water, stress, or simply going through things/processing our emotions. And, as this occurs, our energy body can become compromised at any one point or many, which can show up as discomfort, tension, feeling off, aches and pains, or even illness. When we get sick, we blame it on germs or fate, but the energetic truth of disease is that it is a condition that could be changed by our conscious awareness of how our Energetic Immune System works.

To help heal or adjust these situations as they arise it is best to look at and work with as many systems as we can to help change, shift or let go of the energetic condition that leads to the development of discomfort or dis-ease we now know that there are components of the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social aspects involved, and often more than one.

For most, we seem to forget that it is our own ability to connect with and heal or center our energy from within. Not to say that other methods may not be needed when our system becomes compromised, but by becoming an active part of our own healing, we can enhance our chance of becoming more whole and healthy tremendously!

One of the most simple and effective ways to enhance your energetic perception (and protection) is to get to know yourself and your energy.

Click Here to read more about Energetic Perceptivity.

By learning to feel and work with your own energetic fields as well as going into introspection, you not only begin to feel various chakras and the energetic fields around you, but also can learn to pick up on how you interact with others...as well as learn to feel when your system is off, even developing the ability to clear your system as it goes weak or gets hits from our surroundings.

As this occurs, more information will come in and as long as integrative practices from a heart level are included, we can fairly quickly become aware when, what and how our energy drops. And, we can also learn how to clear and realign our system as we enhance the connection within ourselves.

What also occurs as we continue to have heart-based integration/connection work is an overall shift our energy into faster and faster energetic states that link us to broader fields of possibilities. We all have felt the difference of how we feel and what options are available to us when we are energetically low (say in a state of fear or anger) versus very centered and fairly clear (happiness, joy, and even neutrality).

This focus on enhancing our energetic speed/state leads to a greater level of choices and even ones that we would never have come up with while in our minds or emotions as they are not capable for forging new ways.

As our energetic states enhance/vibrate faster, one other thing occurs that is very interesting. The weak points of our system, the lower vibrational pulls and payoffs lose their grip and their effect on us, which actually enhances our energy system, effectively protecting us from energetic hits, stress and disease as the lower vibrational frequencies cannot stand in the higher or faster frequencies.

If you are looking to add to your ability to heal yourself and handle life more effectively, learn to feel or sense your own physicality and energy. Become aware of the energetic workings of your own system. It is easier than one might think, and can be learned by everyone to some degree. It will lead to a greater chance to release issues, illness and discomfort before they become to intense or even show in the physical at all. And, along the way, you also learn more and more about who you really are as well as learn effective ways to release and center your own energy.

transCODES faciliates a very comprehensive and effective 3-day remote energy intensive consisting of the following three sessions:

Energetic Perception Intensive - How to Read Your Energy

Chakra I - teaches how to connect with the 7 main charkas of the body (click here for description)

Chakra II - works to connect with and feel out the 7 energetic fields outside our physicality (click here for description)

Chakra III (Unified Self) - Powerful process to strengthen and enhance our perception of all fields and how to link them all to the heart, effectively enhancing the strength our entire field/energy. (click here for description)

Click here to learn more or sign up for this event! All sessions can also be booked individually.

Thank you for your time,

Jeff Casper

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